COSMIC INSIDER: Clash of the Old & the New

I’ve been laughing at the perfect comedy of the universe as I return to my childhood home…


My plane took off yesterday at the exact moment of the second of three Saturn Uranus squares this year (and as you probably already know, the Saturn Uranus Squares are the background drumbeat of our entire year).


Rick Levine has been emphasizing this energy as “a clash between the old and the new”… 


And I (as my “new self”) am literally venturing into the place of my “old self”… hopefully without too much clashing! 😅


It made me think about how much this old versus new theme is not only playing out in the world, but it is also playing out WITHIN YOU.


Can you see where your old patterns are coming up against the new you that is emerging…


And are you able to release or innovate those old patterns so there’s space for what’s new in you to come forth?


On the Solstice Panel, Ari Moshe said innovation requires “a mind that’s willing to look at the present moment in a way that it hasn’t done before” and that’s exactly what these transits offer…


It isn’t necessarily easy work though! Tom Jacobs underscored that this dance between Saturn and Uranus is asking us to change, but that it can be “really challenging and often frightening to break out of old patterns”.


And Amma Li Grace talked about this “pressure to evolve” feeling like a rattling rocketship before it breaks through the atmosphere!


That’s likely feeling like A LOT… BUT we have the gift of foresight that astrology provides.


As Rick said, “Astrology allows us to have perspective over whatever the pressure of the momentary crisis is.”


Having that overhead view can help you show up with a new level of compassion and awareness that enables the breakthroughs you’re hurtling toward…


And that’s one of the things we do as we work together every single month in our monthly membership community, The Inner Circle!
We’re constantly applying the astrology of the current moment to our own lives and to our own growth as students of the stars.


And in my experience, there’s nothing more helpful than a community of people that you can gather with and bounce things off as you’re going through these intense processes.


So if you are looking for solid astrological teachings and a community full of loving support as you confront your old patterns, innovate your life’s structures, and dream your biggest dreams, we would love to have you join us.
We only open our doors twice a year and they close again this Sunday…


Find out more about the Inner Circle and see if it’s the astrological community you’ve been looking for.


We would love to welcome you.


Sending my best,
CEO & Founder



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