COSMIC INSIDER: Is this the Age of Aquarius?

“If something comes to you twice this week, you should pay attention to it…”


This is some of the guidance Anne Ortelee gave us on this week’s astrological weather… 


And a “double-take” is precisely what happened for me when Divine Harmony, one of our 2021 Inner Circle Astrologers, reached out to me and asked if I would listen to her webinar on, “Anchoring the Age of Aquarius.”


I had already heard from Rick Levine via our show, Cosmic Connection, that we still have over a hundred years to officially enter the Age of Aquarius, so I politely declined her invitation.


But Harmony was insistent!


Upon her second invitation to listen in, I remembered what Anne said about things coming to you twice, and I decided to give it a try.


Planning to give the webinar 10 minutes just to get the gist, I was delightfully surprised to find myself RIVETED… I ended up listening for over an hour…


Harmony presents a well-researched, scientific AND intuitive explanation (that’s also backed by several other respected and reputable astrologers) for why the time we are in NOW is very likely the actual birth of the Age of Aquarius…


She covers this very thoroughly and also answers the questions of why this matters… and how you can work with this new energy. 


As the Astrology HUB, we love to provide multiple perspectives on some of the debated astrological topics… and let YOU decide what resonates for you.


So after watching her presentation, I texted Harmony and asked if she would do a free, special airing of the webinar, just for our Astrology Hub community… and she said YES!


If you’re someone who senses that we must be in the throes of a major shifting of ages, and if you’re feeling that this time is hugely significant, you don’t want to miss this webinar! 


Click here to join the FREE webinar, “Anchoring the Age of Aquarius” this Friday, March 5 at 5:30 Pacific/8:30 Eastern, with Divine Harmony. 


*register even if you can’t join live so she knows to send you the replay. 


You’ll learn how you can embody this new age with presence and personally contribute to the collective shift that is unfolding. 


And as always, we have a stellar lineup of shows for you to tune in via the Astrology Hub Podcast!


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The Sun squares the lunar nodes on March 5th. This may bring people in or out of your life and it challenges you to try something new. With the north node in Gemini and the south node in Sagittarius, we are called to leave the know-it-all behind and get curious. 



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We’ll dive even deeper into the astronomical roots of our astrology in our upcoming  Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers course! Enrollment opens soon… 


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