COSMIC INSIDER: What is Your Why?

Anne Ortelee called this a “Uranian week,” good for activating changes and innovating the way you do things.


One of the things we discussed on this week's Weekly Astrological Weather, is the importance not only of knowing what changes you want to make, or even how you're going to make them…


… the most important thing to know is why you're making the changes. 


By tapping into the heart of it (whether the change is seemingly forced on you or obviously chosen) you're honoring both the Uranian impulse to innovate and the Saturnian invitation to create LASTING and SUSTAINABLE change in your life…


Because anything you're doing from a place of conviction, aligned with your deepest values, will endure the most tumultuous and unpredictable of cosmic tides.


So as you find yourself adjusting this week, and perhaps experiencing some frustration or irritation in the process, take some time to remind yourself of your bigger “why,” and think about the seeds you're planting for the long term.


If you're looking for more cosmic wisdom as you do this, we have some great episodes of the Astrology Hub Podcast chock full of practical guidance…


🌟 Get the full scoop on this week's astrology from Anne Ortelee on this week's Weekly Astrological Weather.


Here is a quick breakdown of this week's planetary movements…


Mars trines Pluto (February 24) and these powerful planetary energies want you to express yourself and take action. 


Venus moves into Pisces (February 25), the sign of her exaltation, bringing in some softness and compassion.


We have a Virgo Full Moon (February 27) that asks you to pay attention to what your body is telling you. 


And this earthy, nurturing, forward-moving energy is even more highlighted with Ceres entering Aries (February 21) starting a new 4-year cycle about how you take care and take action for yourself.


The Moon has some difficult closing aspects this week, so if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and emotionally unsupported (as I’m sure many of our Texan friends do during this time), remember that these are transits and they will pass.


Here are some tips to help you navigate it:


  • Honor your feelings. It’s a good time to lean into those feelings and Do Your Saturn.


  • Get clear on your WHY. If it’s time to initiate change in your life, knowing the WHY is key to motivating it from the heart. Check out this TED talk by Simon Sinek if you need some inspiration.


  • Assert yourself. If you see that there is a better way to do something, it’s a great time to make a strategy and say, “Let’s do this!”



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🌟 We have two under 20-minute episodes of Seeds of Light for you this week answering questions from parents! Astrologer Dominique Jaramillo tackles the question, “I’m considering homeschooling. Can astrology help me decide if it’s right?”



🌟 And Astrologer and Herbalist, Cameron Allen gives holistic insights on the query, “My child has nightmares every night. Can you see that in her chart?”


If you’re are a parent who has a child struggling with bad dreams, here are some ways Cameron says you can help your little one clear their bedtime space:


  • Activate the imagination. Have your child wear their favorite color to protect them or cast that color around them in a bedtime ritual to help clear their dream space. Try before-bed bathtimes or have them wear something on their crown.


  • Stay curious. Ask your child questions about their dream. What was it telling them? Stay out of analysis-paralysis and fear-mode. Engage and invite something deeper to unfold and understand that their nightmares may indicate their gift for receiving insights from beyond the veil.


  • Make a special mantra. Take inspiration from the sign on their 12th house cusp and any planets there to create a custom mantra for your child. Or keep it simple and remember the words, “Everything is fine and you are safe.”



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