COSMIC INSIDER: Navigating in the Fog

Have you ever taken a walk along a foggy beach?


You can hear the sound of the waves as they lap at the shore, you just can’t see them…


… with all the Neptunian energy coming in, your week may feel a bit like this! 


It might be foggy, your next steps might not be totally clear, but you can trust that the shore is there, guiding your steps.


Neptune is the “imaginal place” where deep inspiration is available to you if you know how to ground into it.


To work with this energy:


  • Open yourself to dreaming, laughter, music, poetry, and childhood things… see what creativity lies in these places. 


  • Focus on the qualities in you that may be lying dormant and are ready to light up… imagine them just under the surface of the earth, getting ready to burst into the sunshine. 


  • Get into your creative space, see beyond your perceived limitations, and tap into the dream you’re building…


As Anne Ortelee said in this week’s astrological weather, now is the time to “Relax into the arms of the universe.”


We’re all entering into new territory. Trust the process.


Enjoy walking through the fog knowing that the skies will clear… and even if you can’t see it, trust that the shoreline is there to guide you.


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New Moon at 23 Pisces: Initiating energy around emotions or feelings and very fertile and creative. This New Moon is like the first whiff of Spring.


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Pallas Athena enters Pisces: This ingress into Pisces is very emotionally intuitive but may not have words. This is another beautiful space for creative thinking.



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