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I have a confession to make…


Even though I’ve been hearing repeatedly from the astrologers that this is not the time to push things forward… I’ve been trying to anyway.


And guess what? Instead of seeing the progress I wanted, I’ve realized how much energy I’ve wasted trying to swim against the cosmic tides!


So the Weekly Weather with Astrologer Claire Moon was exactly the message I needed…


This week, her theme is “untangling knots” gently and carefully. It’s about working through the current challenges slowly and methodically.


Why? Because with Mercury’s ongoing retrograde and Mars standing still, we’re just kinda stuck in place. 


It isn’t the time to push forward, it’s time to get things in order, plan and strategize.


There’s big momentum coming soon… so be patient. This week holds the opportunity for you to uncover solutions so you can set sail when the tides are right.


Here are some tips from Claire to work with the energy of the days ahead (EST)


💬 Monday, January 9th: Good energy for thinking & talking it out.

Venus trines Mars in Air signs creating the potential for working with others really well and playful flirty banter. You won’t be able to take a lot of action, but it’s a good time to think and talk about things.


🪢 Tuesday, January 10th: Untangle your knots slowly & don’t rush.

The moon is in Virgo which brings helpful and practical energy for untangling things methodically. As things come up, ask yourself: Is this really something that needs to get done NOW? Do we need to actually rush? And see if you can slow down.


📝 Wednesday, January 11th: Helpful energy for details and solutions.

The moon in Virgo connects with Mercury retrograde which is helpful and expansive. Do the Virgo fine details and problem-solving while keeping your mind open for solutions that are unexpected or out of the box as the moon trines Uranus.


Thursday, January 12th: We’ve been waiting for this…

Mars stations direct today! But remember that does not mean we’re moving forward just yet (Mars is parked at 8 degrees of Gemini until January 24th). Have temperance and be slow and steady. 


💞 Friday, January 13th: Great for a date night or charming conversation.

The moon in Libra invites more diplomacy, charm, and conflict navigation. This is a good time to have constructive conversations. And as the moon is moving toward its trine to Venus, it creates a lovely trine good for connecting and sharing ideas.


💡 Saturday, January 14th: Breakthroughs & more information.

Venus squares Uranus and brings a sudden breakthrough or realization with your values. And Mercury is now rising in the morning sky (becoming visible) so it might be easier to talk about things. If there’s been information you’ve been waiting on, those details may come in around this time.


♟️ Sunday, January 15th: Time to process and strategize.

The moon in Scorpio allows for emotional processing and feeling into what you’ve learned from Mercury. What actions do you want to take now that Mars is direct? Now is a good time to strategize.


I just love how tangible, useful, and clear Claire is in her breakdown of the week ahead, so check out the full episode for even more insights (plus her fascinating story of moving from the science world to astrology)!


Claire is also one of the featured astrologers on our brand-new reading platform Astrologer Connect!


Astrologer Connect will be open to the public soon (!) so I highly encourage you to get on the waitlist now so you’ll be the first to know when you can get readings from Astrologers like Claire! 


She invites you to remember that even if this week feels a little “crunchy”, the potential to uncover solutions is high.


So be patient, be kind to yourself and others, and remember that slow and steady wins the race.


With love,



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