An Electric Week of Epiphanies

Cosmic Insider | An Electric Week of Epiphanies


It’s the beginning of the beginning… 


And this week we have an electric energy of change meant to bring you epiphanies that lead you toward your destiny.


Astrologer Taylor Shuler (making her Weekly Weather debut!) gives the rundown of the planets making connections in the sky to give you a jolt of insight as you begin this next chapter of life.


As the “pandemic chapter” that began in 2019 comes to an end, it’s a good time to look at how much your life has changed… 


What are your needs now? Are they being met? What still needs to change?


Taylor says that in 2023, you now have a truth that you just can’t hide anymore and it’s time to shine your light.


Here are some tips from Taylor to work with the energy of the days ahead (note that transits are in EST)


😴 Monday, January 2nd: Take it slow today & rest.

All the aspects today bring an energy of shake-up that, after the holiday, could feel like a lot. Venus moves into Aquarius changing up the way you relate, Mercury sextile Neptune invites you to dream, and the sun trine the North Node connects you to your destiny. All under a moon that goes void of course encouraging rest.


💬 Tuesday, January 3rd: A pleasant & talkative day.

The moon in Gemini begins to go “out of bounds”and you may have to do things twice. A pleasant, talkative day where you might feel some emotions start to bubble up as we get closer to the full moon.


🔥 Wednesday, January 4th: What feels good & fires you up?

Venus sextiles Jupiter (which is more pleasant energy) then trines the moon inviting you to think about what good feels like. Pay attention to the people you meet and what fires you up and gets you talking.


🏡 Thursday January 5th: Homey vibes & a moment of epiphany.

The sun trines Uranus which Taylor says is one of this week’s moments of epiphany. As the moon moves toward Cancer, Taylor invites you to feel your feels, get homey, nurture yourself, your home and your family.


🌕 Friday, January 6th: Full moon feels.

The full moon in Cancer invites you to think differently, deal with your feeelings and how you communicate with others and it may bring a lot of emotions to the surface.


🦁 Saturday, January 7th: Courage to stand in your truth.

Mercury moves into “the heart of the sun”  where you can make magic and say what you need to say to get where you want to go. The moon enters Leo lending you some courage to stand in the honesty that the full moon brought up for you.


Sunday, January 8th: Another jolt of inspiration.

Mercury trines Uranus bringing you another jolt of inspiration and epiphany. A good time for ideas and putting words to your thoughts. Look back to the week of Dec 17th (when this happened before). Did anything coming up again?


To get more insights from Taylor on the week ahead, watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


It’s a good week to remember that rest is productive. So keep things simple so you can focus in and realign with your mission.


May you find the radical rest you need to electrify your life.


With love,



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