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For months, I’ve been telling people feeling stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed with a desire to move forward to have patience and wait until THIS week…


And the incredible Donna Woodwell joined me on the Weekly Weather to explain why the theme of this moment isout of stagnation and into acceleration”.


Donna says there’s a light at the end of the tunnel (and that light is not a train, it’s the exit of these crazy times)!


As the retrograde planets begin to turn direct one by one, there are 88 days coming (which is rare) where ALL the planets are moving forward.


Now, this is going to feel like a rush of relief for those of you who are ready to start moving at lightning speed…


But with no retrograde planets telling you to slow down, it’s also a good time to make sure that you’re careful and don’t run off the rails as the energy rushes in.


As this shift begins, this is the week to clear out, clean up, and get clarity. 


Donna says this is like the moment when the rollercoaster gets to the top of the crest… it’s your last chance to figure out what you want before the ride takes off.


Here are some tips from Donna to work with the energy of the days ahead (EST)


☿️ Monday & Tuesday, January 16-17th: Retrograde reflection.

For the first half of the week, before Mercury goes direct, it may feel worse before it feels better. Spend the last days of the retrograde reflecting on what you want to change in the next 3 months.


🔦 Wednesday, January 18th: Shine light on your shadows.

The Mercury retrograde ends as the planet stations direct. The sun also meets up with Pluto making it a great time to do some shadow work, therapy, or journaling as your personal underworld is illuminated.


🛠️ Thursday, January 19th: Rest & repair.

The moon is “void of course” for 9 hours so it’s not the best day for important meetings or decisions as things won’t stick. A good time to catch up with yourself and fix all the things that broke during Mercury retrograde.


🌟 Friday, January 20th: Let the light in & be open to the new.

The energy is changing as the sun moves into Aquarius, the sign of the ah-ha moment that teaches you to let the light in and connect to the divine spark within. This can be a really powerful time to open new doors and think things differently.


🐇 Saturday, January 21st: New moon & an astrological New Year.

The new moon in Aquarius & the Chinese New Year (the largest holiday in the world today based on an astrological principle – the lunar cycle)! It’s the year of the rabbit which Donna says indicates a kinder, gentler year. Time to bring in the new ideas that will begin to manifest in the spring.


Sunday, January 22nd: Time to do things differently.

Uranus comes out of retrograde. This is a good time to change the way you’ve been doing things, break the rules, and re-write the script. Where is it time to do something totally new?


It’s always such a treat to have Donna on the show, so check out the full episode for even more of her brilliant insights (and advice on navigating this big energetic shift).


Donna is also one of the featured astrologers on our brand-new reading platform Astrologer Connect where you can get a reading with her right now!


She encourages you to keep it simple this week and just think about what you can do right now in the next 3 months to make your life and world better.


Getting that clarity while you cross off those lingering to-dos on your list will make the ride you’re about to go on all the more exciting!


With love,



P.S. Donna says this is the week to get your paperwork and finances in order as a part of that cleanup… 


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