Buckle Up and Enjoy the Ride

Cosmic Insider | Buckle Up and Enjoy the Ride


Remember how last week we were at the crest of the roller coaster right before the drop?


Where we were encouraged to take care of business and tie up any loose ends before the ride began…


Well this week, the roller coaster is taking off! 🎢


And Astrologer Wendy Stacy joined me on the Weekly Weather to talk all about why “this is a week to buckle up for”.


Not only did Uranus just go direct, but Mars (after a very long retrograde period) is also coming out of its shadow. But that Mars is “out of bounds” and a bit maverick. 


So while things might get a little crazy and unpredictable as we accelerate forward, it’s also a really exciting time full of action, inventiveness, and discovery.


And Wendy says the sun moving away from Pluto gives a release from the intensity we’ve all been experiencing for so long.


So she encourages you to take a deep breath before taking the leap into the next chapter of your life.


You’ll need to be brave to take the plunge, but once you do, you won’t look back… 


Here are some tips from Wendy to work with the energy of the days ahead (EST)


💰 Monday, January 23rd: Time for friends & finances.

The moon in Aquarius joins Saturn and Venus. It’s a great time for social engagements and being with friends and community. Money is also highlighted and it’s a good time to consolidate your finances. 


And if you’re feeling question marks around your finances and would love to know what the astrology has to say about it… 


Check out the Quarterly Financial Outlook series with Financial Astrologer Mitchell Scott Lewis! This is the last week to get the promotional pricing, so click here to learn more and get access to this quarter’s insights and predictions today.


💭 Tuesday, January 24th: Let yourself dream & imagine.

The moon in Pisces moves towards its conjunction with Neptune making for a dreamy, quiet, slow, and imaginative day.


🔥 Wednesday, January 25th: Have courage & get things done.

The moon goes into fiery Aries and joins Jupiter. If you’ve been having trouble starting something or getting a project off the ground, this is a great time to initiate and take the leap time.


Thursday, January 26th: All systems are a go!

Today’s stellium in Aries may feel like a reboot for your system. After the recent Mars retrograde period, this is a welcome energy of forward motion.


☺️ Friday, January 27th: Peace, creativity, and the joy of just being.

The moon moves into Taurus ruled by Venus (now in Pisces) creating an energy good for compassion, being with nature, eating good food, making art, being creative, and doing nothing at all (just being)!


Saturday & Sunday, January 28-29th: Flashes of insight.

The moon meets up with Uranus (trine to Mercury in Capricorn). Your mind may be busy over the weekend and it’s a great time to record your thoughts and ideas. You don’t have to develop them yet, just get them down. 


For more of Wendy’s insights on the busy week ahead (and find out which signs may feel it the most), check out the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


If you’re feeling afraid or nervous as the metaphorical roller coaster descends, remember that there is a lot of fire and courage available to you right now.


So be brave and enjoy the ride!


With love,



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