The Biggest Week of the Century!

Cosmic Insider | The Biggest Week of the Century!


It’s a big week…


And the star of the show is Pluto moving into the sign of Aquarius, which it hasn’t done in 248 years!


This is especially interesting because it triggers the same point as the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in December of 2020 (which hadn't happened in 800 years)


Wendy Stacey joined me on the Weekly Weather to talk about this historical moment for human evolution and social change on every level you can possibly imagine.


If that sounds dramatic, that’s because it is!


What you do for jobs, how you work, how you sleep, how you eat, what kids learn at school, what families and communities look like… all these things will drastically change!


Now, this isn’t going to happen overnight, Wendy says this week is about ushering in the beginning of things. And changes will continue to unfold for years to come.


In her words, “We enter the Star Trek era, that’s what we’re about to do.”


Are you ready?


Well, here’s what Wendy says you can expect for the week ahead so you can feel prepared:


🎊 Monday, March 20th: Happy Astrological New Year!

It’s the Spring Equinox when the Sun moves into Aries! This will feel like a fresh start and the next three days are wonderful for doing something new, spontaneous, and innovative.


🌚 Tuesday, March 21st: Get it started

The New Moon in Aries brings in more high energy. This is a good time to put things into fruition that you just couldn’t get started or do something you’ve never done before.


📝 Wednesday, March 22nd: Write it down

The Moon conjuncts Jupiter making it a great time to put things in motion. The planets in Aries are ruled by Mars in Gemini, so journal and write things down.


🌎 Thursday, March 23rd: Entering the new era

Pluto moves into Aquarius igniting themes of freedom, equality, and humanity in a global society. The Moon moves into Taurus encouraging a healing time to be creative and use your hands to make things.


Friday, March 24th: Be inventive and think outside the box

The Moon conjuncts Venus then Uranus creating a contradictory energy where the sensuous and comforting mixes with the more electric and eccentric. 


😌 Saturday, March 25th: Take a gentle pause

Mars moves into Cancer and trines Saturn in Pisces. This is a softer energy great for reflecting, strategizing, contemplating, retreating, doing rituals, deep inner work, meditation, or just taking a gentle pause.


Wendy has so much more to say about this radical shift that will absolutely blow your mind, so tune in to the full episode of the Weekly Weather here!


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In it, we’re going to be covering both global, collective transits (like the ones this week!) and personal transits that we all go through throughout our lifetime


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And while there are BIG changes underway, Wendy adds this beautiful reminder:


“We need to make sure there is heart and play in the new Aquarian world.”


So I hope that you enter this new era with joy. 💖


In gratitude,



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