What do you REALLY want?

Cosmic Insider | What do you REALLY want?

For the last six months, a story about authentic desire has been unfolding in one specific part of your chart and life…


That's because of Mars's retrograde cycle in Gemini, and this week is the thrilling conclusion!


Joe G. is an A-Team Angel, gifted Hellenistic Astrologer and Astrological Magician, and this week’s Weekly Weather guest – and he brought along some fantastic practical exercises to help you navigate the week.


The big theme is “Closure,” but he also talked about the disorienting influence of Neptune and its impact on Mars…


Sometimes, desire can get confusing, especially when you get the things you thought you wanted and find that you still feel unfulfilled!


What do you do in that situation?


Do you keep searching around for more things that might satisfy that desire, or do you take a step back and let things go?


In the episode, Joe offered some incredible strategies to illuminate what you really want, and to invite that energy of sweetness and satisfaction into your life!


Here’s what he highlighted for each day of the week:


😴 Monday, March 13th: Dream Magic

While Mars squares Neptune, take your quest to the dream realm. Fall asleep with the intention of going on a hunt for what will truly fulfill you.


📔 Tuesday, March 14th: Write it down

When you wake up this morning, take some time to journal about your dreams. Make a list of all the things you can set aside for now in order to focus on what you found to be most important.


🌞 Wednesday, March 15th: Doing by not doing

Neptune is cazimi today in the decan of Pisces ruled by Mars, so this is a day to take inspired action based on what you discovered Monday and Tuesday. Let go of what isn’t working, and move in the direction of your real desires.


🌥️ Thursday, March 16th: Speaking without words

Today, Neptune and Mercury conjoin, meaning your language skills might be on vacation. Don’t count on words to communicate. Instead, take a step back, go for a walk, and let go of the search for answers, for now. Let it be.


🌹 Friday, March 17th: Venusian blessings

It’s Venus’s Day! And this is the first time in years that Venus is in its home sign of Taurus without squaring Saturn. That’s a reason to celebrate – nourish yourself with sweetness, adorn your home & body in pleasing ways, and allow yourself to enjoy all the things that make you feel good!


🪐 Sunday, March 19th: Get used to Saturn’s new vibe

Today will be the first time that the Moon conjoins Saturn in Pisces, so this could be a good day to check in with the new Saturn transit and especially how it feels in the body. Meditate on it and tap into any discomfort that comes up, but don’t expect easy answers! Saturn’s lessons will unfold over time.


To get the full scoop and detailed instructions for Joe’s recommended practices this week, watch the Weekly Weather!


Joe specializes in Astrological Magic and Electional Astrology, so if you want more insight about the ideal time frame for your next big project or how to build closer relationships with the planets in your chart, book a reading with him now on Astrologer Connect!


I’m personally so grateful for his guidance and concrete suggestions about working with the energy of this week. 


Letting go isn’t easy, but sometimes it makes room for something really sweet. 🍯


See you in dreamland!


In gratitude,



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