How Astrology Helped Illuminate Her Path

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Amanda Walsh interviews Author & Inner Circle Member Shelby Bach on her journey with Astrology

On this episode, you'll learn…
🌒How astrology can serve as a self-tending practice, transforming the way you perceive and interact with life's challenges.
🌔The power of community in the journey of learning astrology. You'll discover the benefits of being part of a group of astrology enthusiasts, where you can share information, learn from each other's experiences, and gain a deeper understanding of astrological archetypes and transits.
🌘The practical ways astrology can impact your life, providing a sense of direction and clarity.

📚Every day, spiritually-oriented people around the globe turn to Astrology to find Inner Peace & fulfillment, gain a deeper understanding of themselves & others, and navigate the tricky & complex world around them. Join us on the Inner Circle

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