The wonderful thing about the Jupiter/Pluto trine on June 2nd is the fact that you can't succeed unless others succeed as well.

This is very different from Jupiter/Pluto trines in other elements which can bring material gain, personal fame, or creative control. These are things that can benefit one person but not necessarily everyone else.

Because an air sign's fortune is tied to the fortunes of others, people born under Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius must ally, partner, or collectively bargain in order to get what they want. Indeed, an air sign's greatest resources are their human resources.

Now one could coax, cajole, or even dupe to secure others' cooperation, but that won't work under Jupiter and Pluto's watch.

Jupiter subscribes to the axiom that good begets good and nothing else will do while Pluto, named after the Roman god of the dead, is quick to ferret out the snakes in the grass.

In other words, this is the time to listen to the better angels of your nature because heeding your baser impulses will only choke off your air supply.

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