The Libra Solar Eclipse for All 12 Signs of the Zodiac w/ Astrologer Christopher Renstrom

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Rise by Sin or Fall by Virtue?

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌕 About the tension between Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, delving into the complexities of power dynamics and law and order.
🌗 How Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure’ serves as a lens to better understand the moral and authoritative challenges posed by the Mars-Pluto transit.
🌘 The role of Venus in Virgo, embodied by Isabella’s virtuous yet complex dilemma, offering a nuanced perspective on morality and choice.

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Ready for the solar eclipse and Libra. Next on horoscope highlights.

hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom, and I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on Astrology Hub. And this week, I wanted to talk to you about a solar eclipse taking place in the zodiac sign of Libra. But, before we do, did you know that you could read about transits to your own horoscope sign by subscribing to my weekly newsletter?

Go to astrologyhub. com slash horoscope. Again, that’s slash horoscope to subscribe. Now, let’s go ahead and talk about that upcoming solar eclipse in the zodiac sign of Libra.

Coming off the Heels of Venus Retrograde

A lot of times when we do a weekly horoscope forecast like the one that you’re watching, astrologers will [00:01:00] often talk about an upcoming aspect, something to watch out for or something to be thankful for taking place. It’s usually one of the two. Now this solar eclipse that’s going to be taking place on October 14th, this one isn’t going A one off or an isolated astrological aspect.

In fact, it follows on the heels of the Venus retrograde that took place earlier this year. Why does this solar eclipse in Libra follow on the heels of a retrograde Venus that took place earlier this year, you might ask? Well, the answer to that is because Venus is the planetary ruler of Libra. Every zodiac sign has one, or at least one, planetary ruler.

Some signs have two. But in the case of Libra, there’s one planetary ruler, and that is Venus. So whenever we’re looking at something like a solar eclipse that’s taking place in Libra, and we had [00:02:00] Venus in retrograde take place just a few weeks or months ago, we know that those ideas are going to be connected.

Now, for those of you who might not remember, I know I don’t, which is why I have to look at my notes, uh, Venus was retrograde in the zodiac sign of Leo from July 22nd until September 3rd. During that period of time, Venus being retrograde, would have basically reversed direction or reversed her face, with things that we associate being associated to the planet Venus.

Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. And so there would have been an about face. in the areas of love and beauty. And if you’ve been following, uh, the headlines coming out of People magazine or Gossip magazines or things like that, you know that there was an extraordinary slew of divorces and breakups that took place during the period of time that Venus was retrograde in Leo, which makes a lot of [00:03:00] sense because Leo rules the heart.

And Leo is also a sign very much associated to love and romance. So these are all things that took place while Venus was retrograde in the zodiac sign of Leo, again, from July 22nd until September 3rd. So with this upcoming solar eclipse in Libra, we know that events that took place during that period of time are now going to be, reckoned with or reconciled or even answered during this upcoming solar eclipse in the zodiac sign of the scales.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

So let’s begin with the question. What is a solar eclipse? Technically speaking, a solar eclipse is when the moon passes in front of the sun, blocking its light from, from view. Um, that’s basically a solar eclipse. Uh, its counterpart, which is the lunar eclipse Is when, uh, because the, uh, sun and moon are opposite each other at a full moon.

A lunar [00:04:00] eclipse is when the earth moves between the sun and moon, therefore blocking the light of the moon at night. So lunar eclipses tend to be more visible because they appear at night, than solar eclipses, which aren’t always visible from where we are. Nevertheless. A solar eclipse in ancient times had a bit of a negative reputation.

The moon was doing something that it shouldn’t be doing, which was, uh, blocking the, uh, light of the sun in day. And this was originally associated to the fall of great people, uh, in power. Usually it was kings or queens or great diplomats or great political figures, sometimes even, famous figures.

And so anyone who was a king or a queen or a celebrated figure, Got very nervous during the time of a solar eclipse because they were wondering, am I next on the block? Okay, so, that is basically what the solar eclipse its original meaning was. Since then, we’ve come to see solar [00:05:00] eclipses as actually being rectifications or course correctors. You’re going along in your life thinking, you know, this is the way, uh, this is the way to go. This is what I want to do with my life. Or you might even be thinking, there are other things that I’d like to do, uh, in my life, but I’m, tied to my career or my home or my family.

Family or relationship because of obligations or responsibilities, um, and so I don’t really have a choice. So, so it can either be like I’m going along in my life and I’m feeling really great about it or it’s like I’m going along in my life and I’m feeling overburdened by these responsibilities and obligations.

And, and is there any real Release from this or, or, or relief or, or, or anything else to look forward to other than more of the same. And that’s when a solar eclipse sort of comes on into your life, uh, according to the sign that it shows up in. So you can experience if the solar eclipse impacts your chart in a very, uh, significant or dramatic way.

You can experience [00:06:00] a very sudden and dramatic, uh, change of course, that takes place in your life.

Now this doesn’t mean that you’re going to experience it right on the day of the solar eclipse. Basically we can start to feel the approach of an eclipse, like a month or two weeks ahead of that period of time. So, so there can be this feeling of like, Oh, you know, like I, I can see, you know, that events or developments are unfolding in such a way as there’s going to be a change in the direction of my life.

So they’re not Uranian, uh, you know, like, for instance, we’ve, we’ve discussed on previous episodes, Uranian aspects can be like. Out of the blue, okay, and suddenly turn your life around. Eclipses, you pretty much have an idea, or you’re starting to get more of a sense that something is approaching. Uh, it’s kind of like the way animals can sense the seismic vibrations of an, of an earthquake before it actually happens.

They, they, they can sense that [00:07:00] rumbling and so, and so they prepare or flee or, or, or take whatever measures that they need to take. regarding this upcoming event. And so the same thing can happen in eclipse. Now, for some people, it can be like, Oh my goodness. I didn’t know that this was happening. And for other people, it can be like, thank heavens.

This is happening. I needed something to get out of this rut that I’m in. And for others, it can be like, wow, where are we going? Okay. So eclipses are going to impact you in very different ways, but they do carry this idea of course correction. They do carry this idea of. a reckoning, and that basically goes back to the ancient calendar, in order to make sure that your calendar was working correctly.

Um, back in the day, like, you know, back in the day, like, back in the day of Sumeria, okay, like, back in the day of Sumeria and Egypt, okay, what they looked for were two things, the, uh, heliacal rising of planets and eclipses. And if planets, uh, rose at the time that they were supposed to rise, [00:08:00] And if there were eclipses at the time that there were supposed to be eclipses, then that said to the ruler or the astronomer or the astrologer, actually, back then they were all called astrologers, to the astrologers who were working for the king, um, this, this calendar is correct.

Um, if those Heliacal Risings didn’t take place at the time that they were supposed to, or eclipses were taking place at different times than predicted. Then that basically told the astrologer to the king that, you know what your calendar’s off and you better like correct it. So that was also another, uh, purpose that the Eclipse has.

So what we’ve taken, uh, from that into modern Day is really looking at eclipses in terms of correcting the course that we are on. And so with this solar eclipse that’s taking place in the Zodiac sign of Libra, It’s going to be really interesting, because a solar eclipse by its definition is actually very unliberal.[00:09:00]

Okay, and let me go ahead and explain myself, uh, in, in, in two ways. The first thing is that a solar eclipse, will always impact people born under the luminaries. Okay, so if you’re born under Leo, which is ruled by the sun, or if you’re born under, Cancer, which is ruled by the moon, because eclipses involve the sun and moon, you will always respond to an eclipse.

Even if it has nothing to do with your sun sign, or it doesn’t even aspect it, you will still respond to an eclipse, much like People born under Mercury ruled signs, like Gemini’s and Virgo’s, will always respond to a Mercury retrograde, no matter, what sign Mercury happens to be retrograding in. Um, so, so there’s that idea.

Libra & the Scales

But when you think of the Zodiac sign of Libra, which is based on the scales, and as I’ve been talking to you about for a couple of weeks, uh, Libra is the only Zodiac sign that’s not an animal. It’s not a creature, um, in this band of animals and creatures, which make up the [00:10:00] Zodiac. And so, uh, Libra is very much about this.

It’s an instrument. And it was supposed to stand for civilization, uh, civility, law and order, an ideal being higher than the animal or the lower, uh, the, the lower motivated, uh, passions that one feels in life. So, um, this, this instrument, which. people born under the zodiac sign of Libra are supposed to identify with.

Uh, it usually can be this feeling of like having to live up to an ideal. Okay, this instrument is made up of two dishes in which one object is placed in one dish to be counterbalanced with an object in the other dish, and it’s to determine the value. Okay, this isn’t just about balance and finding balance in life, although that’s part of the process.

But if you know scales, and we all know scales, um, they are charged with telling the truth, right? Uh, if you step on your bathroom [00:11:00] scale in the morning and you’re like, oh my god, no way, I was like dieting really good yesterday. Where did these three pounds come from? Okay, we’ve all had arguments with scales, okay, because scales are, are, are given an authority.

All right. And Libra’s, uh, cardinal sign and all cardinal signs, express authority, um, and direction. So, uh, Libra is given an authority in their lives and that authority is to be in judgment, to judge. Um, and the ideal is that a Libra will be impartial. Now, no human being is impartial. We all have our temperaments, and we all have our desires, and we all have our disappointments, and we all have, um, those, uh, chips on our shoulders that we carry from here to there.

Um, so we’re, we’re, we’re human. We’re not impartial. So, um, the, the journey towards becoming impartial is perhaps a wonderful and to be [00:12:00] celebrated journey. But few, if any of us, are really impartial, and even the most mathematical and most removed of minds, still ha harbors some kind of prejudice or some kind of preference, which of course are the preference of the which are, of course, are the flip sides of the two.

Balancing Sun & Moon

So with with with, uh, this idea of the balance, I want you to think of the sun and the moon. , in a full moon, like in a full moon chart, uh, the sun and the moon are equal to one another. That’s why, uh, in full moon charts, if you’re born with a very strong moon in your chart, or you’re born under a full moon, particularly if you’re born with a full moon and it’s a night chart, you may…

actually identify more with the moon than you do with the sun. But that’s a topic for another day. The only thing I want to do is point out that you have the sun in one hand and the moon in the other. The, the sun rises in the day and, and rules the [00:13:00] day and the moon emerges at night and she rules over the night when she is visible depending on what phase that she is in.

So what you have going on with the solar eclipse is that the moon. is obscuring or moving in front of the sun’s face or the sun’s light. So instead of these two dishes that are trying to balance one another, oh my goodness there’s Christopher like doing a sail dishes balancing one another, okay, instead of these two dishes balancing one another, The moon is over here in this dish.

So it’s, by definition, imbalanced. Okay, there is no balance here that’s taking place. Now, if you’re born under, like, you know, a sign that’s very opinionated and very direction oriented, you know, like maybe an Aries or Leo, you know, you’re You’re going to work with that idea. That’s, you know, like I get to go after what I want or, or something along those lines.

But if you’re born under a sign that’s trying to take into account other people’s thoughts and [00:14:00] feelings, an eclipse in that sign can be difficult. And it’s particularly difficult for Libra because by definition, it throws the cosmic balance of the sun and moon. Outta balance. The other reason for why this could be a very imbalanced or perhaps challenging time is because the sun is in fall, in the zodiac sign of Libra.

Okay? Sun is at home in domicile, in in Leo. That’s where it wants to be out there. Sun bathing. Okay. The sun is in detriment, not at home, in Aquarius because Aquarius in the northern hemisphere is cold and chilly and you can’t really go out there and show off your abs on your suntan because it’s cold and chilly and you’re maybe even pale because you haven’t had much sunlight unless you’re using bronzer.

Okay, and then Aries, the sun is exalted. This is the beginning of an agricultural season. And in Libra, the sun is in fall. This is the end of the agricultural season. So all of those wonderful fruits and vegetables and summer [00:15:00] vacations you were taking are all over by the time the sun goes into Libra. So there’s already kind of implied a time of reckoning.

with Libra. This is the time of year where you have a balance between, uh, Earth and night. It’s an equinox, but night is becoming more so. Uh, the sun is setting, uh, sooner, the shadows are growing longer, and the air is getting chillier during the time of Libra.

Libra Solar Eclipse: What is Fair?

So Libra, as we know, is the zodiac sign of law and order. Uh, Libra is associated with promises and Libra is associated with pledges. The big question for Libra is what is fair. And that is going to be the big question for all of us as we experience this solar eclipse in the zodiac sign of Libra. So if Libra is about law and order, and it’s about, emphasizing pledges and promises.

In other words, if you pledge something, you have to fulfill it. [00:16:00] If you promised something, you have to keep it. These are the chickens that are coming home to roost during this period of time that we’re going to be experiencing the solar eclipse in Libra. Now, if you look at most figures of justice, right, you will see that she is blindfolded, okay? Uh, that is to show that she has neither prejudice or preference. Uh, she’s holding scales, okay, and so the fate of someone, whether they’re going to be seen as innocent or guilty, hangs in the balance. But there’s another object that she’s holding, too, and that…

is a sword. And sometimes this gets forgotten when looking at the, uh, emblem of Libra. Okay, so there is this, uh, scale, uh, that is balancing or determining the judgment of what is right or wrong or what is innocent or guilty. But then there’s also this sword, which is going to enforce it. All right. Um, so whatever judgment is [00:17:00] being rendered is also going to be enforced.

Um, that puts me in mind of one of the earliest images I ever had of justice was, uh, the depiction of, of Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden. You know, Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, and they lived, you know, in peace with, with God, and Eve was tempted by a snake, and she in turn tempts Adam, and they eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and the next thing you know, there’s an angel brandishing a flaming sword.

casting them out of the Garden of Eden. So they lived in a time of innocence and now they are full of guilt and they are cast out of Eden and there begins the history of humankind in the western world. Uh, so this sword is there to enforce the will of justice. Um, another image that you see associated with Libra, we’ve talked about Anubis, the god of the dead in Egyptian mythology.

Another image is Saint Michael, [00:18:00] um, in the, uh, Christian church, uh, holding the scales and also holding the sword in the other hand. Um, and what’s fascinating about that, um, as you can tell I had a Catholic upbringing, but what’s fascinating about that is that Saint Michael’s feast day in the Western church is September 29th, uh, which is during the days of Libra.

So Saint Michael’s basically, I guess for an angel, a Libra, and he is the image of Libra. His name in Hebrew is Mikael, um, which translates as who is like God. So Michael’s name in Hebrew is Mikael, and that means who is like And this is one of the bazillion things that I love about, uh, Judaism is these wonderful questions, you know, because who is like God?

And the answer is no one, of course, you know, and that leads to all sorts of reflection and, and, and analysis and [00:19:00] speculation and questioning and, and just, I love it. Okay. So, um, who is like God? Obviously no one is like God, but, Librans are expected to live up to an ideal, the ideal of judgment and the ideal of fair judgment.

Now, is judgment always fair? No, not at all. You know, um, judges we know are, are easily corruptible and laws can be, uh, worded in such a way as to, um, as to favor one people or one side over another. I mean, look at Jim Crow here in the United States of America. So, um. So we know that the law is not always fair or good or the people dispensing it are not always fair and good.

But we’re also talking about the way that we dispense judgment in our lives. Are we being Fair and good, you know, and what is our relationship to being judged and what is our [00:20:00] relationship to doing the judging puts me in mind of this, uh, 19th century painting. I’ve never been able to find it again. I think it’s French.

I’m pretty sure it’s French. It’s French. Um, that shows like. You know, it’s the Ministry of Justice or something like that. And on one side, there are two men who are, like, leaving, you know, the courthouse, strolling along the boulevard, feeling very, you know, maybe there’s a cigar or something. Okay, at this point I’m adding to it.

Okay, but, but they’re strolling along the boulevard, and they’re very happy, and they’re very satisfied with themselves. They’ve obviously met with good judgment or, or, or the law favored them in whatever case was being pled. And then on the opposite side shows this woman in tears and she’s holding her children and she’s leaving, leaving the, uh, the courthouse in tears, clinging to her children and the children are looking sullen and diminished.

And so clearly the law did not favor her. So what’s happening [00:21:00] with the scales and what we’re going to be experiencing with the solar eclipse is Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Um, did you come by right rightly or wrong wrongly? Um, and, and, and what does that mean to you? What does judgment mean to you? It will obviously bring up Also, the question of balance, because, you know, this is what Libra does.

It holds things in the balance. It’s holding two ideas at the same time and trying to render a judgment. But remember, it’s an eclipse. So the sun and the moon are on one side, and it is not balanced. And it is up to us to figure that out for ourselves.

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For Libras

I want you to reflect upon that idea again. No one is like God. And this is something we all need to keep in mind as we go through this period of time with the solar eclipse in Libra.

If you were born under the zodiac sign of Libra, This means that the solar eclipse will be taking place in your sign.

And what it’s going to do is that it’s going to make you very affirmative, and it’s going to make you very assertive. It’s going to make you something that Lebrons are often, described as not having, which is decisiveness, okay? It’s going to make you very decisive about the things that you want and the things that you do not want in your life.

So, as a Libra, you’re going to feel like you are, uh, stepping forward, uh, maybe stepping forward into the spotlight, maybe [00:23:00] stepping forward into the breach. You are stepping forward and you are rendering a judgment with great conviction and great resolution. Maybe that’s because you really, that’s what you really feel inside, or maybe it’s because this is what circumstances are forcing you to do.

So you’re going to be stepping forth, uh, with great decisiveness during this period of time that there is a solar eclipse in your sign. And on one hand, you’re going to feel like, wow, this is really great. I really, I, you know, I could get used to this. I love being decisive and affirming myself and asserting the things that I want.

You know, and, and so there can be a sort of like, you know, and, and that should be celebrated. This is a good thing. However. Remember, there’s the other dish, and so what that’s also going to happen as a result is you’re going to have to live with the consequences of that. In other words, whenever you make a decision, or whenever you make an action, there are [00:24:00] consequences to that decision, and there are consequences to that action.

This is what history is all about, which is recording the actions and the consequences. How we thought we had everything together at one point in history, only to see it fall apart at another. Or how we thought we were barring the door against something that was evil and wrong in history, only to realize, Oh my goodness, this is something that should have been, uh, uh, admitted into our civilization or a society.

Something that should have been celebrated instead of being reviled. Okay. So these, these swings are the story of history. So when you make an action or you make And what you have to remember Libra is even if you choose like, okay, I’m going to dodge this one. I’m not going to make a decision. Okay. Not making a decision at this time of the solar eclipse is an action.

Okay. So it’s either you take action or make a decision, or if you do not take action, if you do not make a [00:25:00] decision, that is still an action. You chose not to act. You chose not to speak. You chose not to decide. And that will have. Consequences. Okay, so it’s, you know, whatever your relationship is to that, you know, maybe you’re ready to make this decision.

You’ve you’ve had enough time, you know, balancing the two sides of the thing, or maybe you balance the two sides of something for so long that it’s like any action is better than no action at all. Anyway, during the solar eclipse, you will be taking action, making a decision, and there will be consequences to that.

And I think that if you enter into this. With a fair mind and an open heart, you’re going to be happier with those consequences rather than if you were dragged, kicking, and screaming, um, and forced into a situation where, you know, you didn’t want to make a decision or didn’t make the decision altogether.

Better to stride forward boldly and with conviction.

For Scorpios

Now, if you are a [00:26:00] Scorpio, what do you have to look forward to with a solar eclipse in the zodiac sign of Libra? Um, this is taking place at a very sensitive angle of your horoscope. Um, it is the sign that precedes yours. And so what this is about is very much, um, Taking care of old business is what I would say is what Scorpios are going to be dealing with right now.

Now that old business could be, um, getting around to settling debts or disputes or organizing materials or, or, or, or writing back to someone, you know, it could be that sort of a thing. But taking care of old business often has to do with psychological baggage or even spiritual. baggage. And so during this period of time, when the moon has come in front of the sun, in this very sensitive part of your horoscope, you may find yourself going through the skeletons in your family [00:27:00] closet.

Um, on one level, this might motivate you to, you know, maybe visit, uh, one of those ancestry, uh, sites to, to research about what’s come before. But I think this has more to do, uh, with taking care of. unfinished business, uh, unfinished topics, unbroached subjects, uh, taboo, perhaps, areas that have been passed down through the family, through the generations, in which no decision was made, or maybe a bad decision was made, and everyone had to live with it.

And so, At this point, what you’re being asked is to either rectify the decision that had been made, um, or, or to, to, to act justly to make up for something that was unjust. This could be towards a member of your family, uh, this could deal with business issues, uh, this could deal with your own life. Um, but it’s [00:28:00] about redressing the balance, uh, and perhaps this is coming down through intergenerations of your family.

It may be, let’s say it’s a psychological issue. Maybe there’s something that you do that’s counterproductive, maybe even self sabotaging in your life. So this is the time to make that right, to turn that around so that it no longer haunts you or no longer dominates you. Now it could be something very dramatic like, you know, um, Jacob wrestling the angel in the night in the desert, you know, or, or it could be simply a sense of letting go of what’s been a very long held grudge or feud in some way.

Um, this is the time of year of atonement, um, this period of time of, of Libra. So it’s, it’s, it’s atoning for, for things that have taken place in the past and making a very deliberate effort to do that. And so that might be something [00:29:00] that many Scorpios are facing during the solar eclipse in Libra.

For Sagittarians

The solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

actually looks to be quite wonderful, okay? And I’m going to go ahead and say that. The solar eclipse in Libra for Sagittarius looks to be quite wonderful. Why am I, uh, yelling that from the rooftops? Why am I trumpeting that from the rooftops for Sagittarians? Because Sagittarians have been through so much crap for the longest period of time, you know?

Everyone’s like, oh, Profligate Sagittarius, you know, you had to learn these lessons. Don’t be the grasshopper. Be the ant. Don’t eat through your fortunes and good luck, you know, learn how to save and conserve. Sagittarians have been given a raw deal for like a very long years. Okay, it could be even argued a decade or two.

So it’s high time that the solar eclipse be taking place in a good place for Sagittarians. And it does. Uh, this is a period of time where Sagittarians may actually [00:30:00] experience justice in their life. Like, finally, you know, uh, the judge sided in my favor. Finally, good things are happening to me. Uh, this is also a very aspirational time for Sagittarians.

Um, a lot of times Sagittarians can sort of get, like Pisces, there’s a tendency to sort of. get involved in the life that isn’t being lived. A little bit of a Walter Mitty syndrome there. And for Sagittarians, a lot of times that could be connected to escape or how do I get out of this? And I think Sagittarians have kind of learned at this time that escaping, uh, is, kind of makes things worse.

You know, kicking the can down the street makes things worse and it’s better to just sort of like, if you’re going to live the life you’re living, live it. And, and, and, and, and absorb it and, and embrace it. So this is something that’s going to be very much confirmed with the solar eclipse in Libra. It’s going through a part of [00:31:00] the solar chart that deals with hopes and wishes and friends in high places.

So, um, this is very aspirational. There might be people in your life who can help you, uh, get to the next. level in your life or who promote or mentor you in some way, um, who, who champion you in some way or who make introductions, but you’re being invited to share your vision and your aspirations, which is really, really wonderful, except What is your vision?

And what are your aspirations? You have one year to figure that out. Okay, so in other words, Sagittarius, this isn’t about people just turning to you and saying, let’s just shower you with good fortune. This is about people being very receptive to your view of the world. So what do you have to say? Which means, um, you have to come forward with a vision you have of the world, or a brilliant idea, or, or a sellable pitch, or something that people can sign on for.

So [00:32:00] you’re going to have a lot of people who are ready to sign on for things with you, but you better have something that’s worth signing on for. And so this is something that’s going to be very much. on your mind, um, as the solar eclipse takes place in the zodiac sign of Libra. If you can answer that question, you elevate.

If not, well, it’s not bad, but you’re not going to elevate as quickly. So go through and rummage and, and, and go with your, your boldest idea, your most exciting, adventurous vision, um, and then see what other people have to say about it and be open to their input and be open to a creative collaboration and process.

For Capricorns

If you are a Capricorn, this, uh, solar eclipse in Libra is going to be impacting your career. Um, and of course, that gets the attention of any Capricorn. Career, career, what? What’s going on with the career? Okay. Um, and, and that’s there, but there’s a bit of a rub [00:33:00] to it. Uh, Libra is the zodiac sign of partnerships.

And, um, it’s about working with someone else. Okay, which leaves a Capricorn going, huh? Working with someone? You know, Capricorns are either I work for or people work for me. Okay, so Capricorns are either like on top people work for me or they work for a supervisor, a person in authority, they can sleep at night knowing that someone is in charge and they are a good governing, patriarchal, or matriarchal, or supervising figure.

Okay, so Capricorns are very comfortable with that idea. The idea of working with someone is very challenging to a Capricorn. Capricorn and Aries have a lot of things in common. Um, they have more things in common than not, actually. Um, but one of the things that Capricorn and Aries do have in common is this feeling of going it alone.

Um, that, that no one but me, I can’t rely on anyone [00:34:00] but me. It’s not like Aaliyah or Sagittarius, which is no one but me can do this, you know, or no one but me can be so fabulous. Uh, no, what Ares and Capricorn have in common is, I can’t rely on anyone but me, okay? And so that’s the going it alone. So they’re going to take on the challenges, they’re going to wrestle with the obstacles.

on their own. So what the solar eclipse in Libra is going to do is introduce some kind of partnership or collaboration where you have to learn to rely on someone else. In other words, Capricorn, you’ve gone as far as you can go on your own. And this is really about listening to what other people have to say and entering into some sort of partnership or collaboration with someone.

One of Capricorn’s greatest nightmares. Okay. Why? Okay. Uh, this is what it puts me in mind. When I was a wee thespian, uh, going to acting school, we used to have something called, and it used [00:35:00] to like, I would break into a cold sweat. Okay. We used to have something called. The trust exercise. Okay, where you would stand in your acting unitard.

Okay, we all had to wear these black acting unitards. And you would cross, you know, your head, and you would have to fall back, you know, into the arms of your co actors who are going to catch you. Now, theoretically, you knew that they would because you’re an acting class and they have to, they’re not going to let you fall to the floor.

But it was always like, And that’s the big thing for Capricorn with this kind of a challenge. It’s like, is anyone going to catch me? Is anyone there? Okay, and that’s what Capricorns will be dealing with.

For Aquarians

If you were born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, this is something in which the recent, retrograde of Venus and Leo is going to impact you very, very, Powerfully.

Um, Venus was retrograde in your opposite sign of Leo. And so what you went through in that summer period was a great question [00:36:00] of trust. We’re kind of picking up the issue from Capricorn. Uh, Capricorns just don’t trust. So it just goes like that. Okay. But with Aquarius, you had put your trust and faith in someone, or you had represented yourself as a figure of trust.

And faith. Um, and that went south, okay, with, with the Venus retrograde. It might have gone south because someone that you, uh, thought you trusted, you found out that you couldn’t. There was a betrayal or this person was being treacherous. Or you may have, uh, presented yourself as a figure of, of, of trust and faith and circumstances may have forced your hand so that you couldn’t.

keep that trust or faith. So this, like, as I was saying earlier, this is a period of time where the chickens are coming home to roost. Um, if you, uh, were presented yourself as a figure of [00:37:00] trust and faith and you weren’t able to keep that, uh, this, this eclipse, I can assure you is going to be very, very difficult.

If you had put your trust and faith in someone else, um, Dealing, uh, Aquarians are kind of, Aquarians when they’re dealing with something like a betrayal or a treachery or something like that, they’re enough air that they can regard it impartially, but what can happen is because they do the thing that must be done in the moment.

Okay, which is, okay, this person let me down, but I have to continue, or this person let me down and I have to work with them, or this person let me down and they’re just like out of the picture. You know, it’s usually something very absolute, um, and, and cold. Uh, what happens is that the emotional, um, flavor to that, the emotional reaction of that sort of, hangs out in suspended [00:38:00] animation, you know, and so Aquarians almost have a delayed emotional reaction to a situation and that will be coming back very strongly.

And that feeling, it will be a real question of, am I trustworthy or can I ever trust anyone again? And, and so this will be the big thing that Aquarians are grappling with, uh, during this, this period of time, where there is an accountability. I could easily see a situation in which you are being forced to make someone else accountable.

Maybe it’s the person who had betrayed or, or, or, or not kept your trust. And Aquarians are a little reluctant to that accountability, but there may be something in which you. have to hold the person accountable, or you perhaps even have to work with this person in some way, and then afterwards you can, you know, excise them from your life or something along those lines.

But that [00:39:00] question of accountability, of trust, and faith is very, very strong. One of the things that you’re going to experience is actually this freedom, this release, this connection to a higher purpose in your life. It’s not you being a higher authority. Always remember the question during this time is, you know, who is like God?

No one. Okay. But there is a higher purpose. And so you may find yourself, um, Given the assignment of what is the higher purpose of this situation, or what is the higher road to take in this situation, or even embracing your own higher purpose, maybe leaving behind a situation that wasn’t working out, or stepping into a position of authority that you were reluctant to take on, or reconnecting to it in a more profound way,

For Pisces

if you’re born under the zodiac sign of Pisces, What you’re dealing with with the solar eclipse and Libra is the idea of debt, debt, D E [00:40:00] B T, debt, and this can be financial debt, or this can be karmic debt.

Um, Pisces and Sagittarius both share a ruling planet, and that’s the planet Jupiter, and Jupiter is often um, associated to being prodigal or profligate, uh, because it’s the sign of good fortune. People born under Jupiter or with strong Jupiter in their chart feel like that fortune is going to last forever, you know, and no fortune, unfortunately, lasts forever.

And so what can happen with Pisces is that they can sort of accrue this in, in, in, in what can be a sort of like, I’m living my life and going with my emotions. They can kind of accrue this indebtedness, um, to, uh, people that were left, to, uh, things that were left unpaid or to things that were done, you know, that they went on and, and, and didn’t, you know, ignored or were explained away or something along those lines.

Yes, there [00:41:00] can be that kind of side to Pisces. It’s not always, um, studying its navel and, and, and, and being reflective. It can, it can have a prodigal son side to it. And so then what becomes the question here is the idea of penitence, you know, and, and this is the scales of justice, right? So it’s the idea of penitence.

It’s swinging around. You’re being asked to answer for, but what’s interesting here is that this isn’t about shame. or shaming you into something. It’s about the wisdom that comes through penitence. You know, were there things that you did in your life that were frivolous and silly, you know, and you’ve answered for them, or you’re in the process of answering for them, but the gift that you have to give someone else right now isn’t, I’m ashamed and penitent and I should never have done that.

And, you know, that’s not, The gift here. That’s not the thing with the gift that you have to share [00:42:00] with someone yourself, as well as another close to you is wisdom of having gone through that. Um, and that’s the thing that’s being asked. Paying back the karmic debt isn’t I learned my lesson. Okay. Um, that’s not what it is.

Paying back the karmic debt is absorbing what went down and being able to sort of pay it forward in the wisdom and the advice and the counsel that you give someone else. And of course, in that same moment to show mercy. to yourself, um, which is actually the true meaning of, of, of penitence.

For Aries

If you’re born under the zodiac sign of Aries, this is going to be a very dramatic time, this, the solar eclipse in Libra, because it deals with relationships and the dramatic transformation of relationships.

So as an Aries, you may suddenly find yourself in a relationship with someone, okay, after being single for years, okay, and it’s kind of like, I’m in a [00:43:00] relationship with someone, you know, and loved ones and friends might be like, wow, that’s a weird thing to get used to. You’re always like on your own or by yourself and, and as an Aries, you may be rushing towards being in a relationship and, and this is the thing that’s going to do it for you.

Um, a relationship that comes together under a solar eclipse like this in Libra usually has, has, has legs. Okay. Believe it or not, I’ve seen a lot of relationships come together when there’s a solar eclipse in this, uh, type of, of, of, uh, angle. If you are in a relationship as an Aries, you may be faced with the idea that, you may be faced with a partner who doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

And so, um, What would be important is finding a way to let that person go without robbing yourself or harming yourself emotionally. You know, if someone doesn’t want to be in a relationship, you can’t make that person be in a relationship. One of the worst things you can do is make someone be in a relationship that they don’t want to [00:44:00] be in.

And whether you think it’s good or bad, or whether you’re hurt, or whether you’re relieved, um, what you want to do is actually work to Bring that relationship to an end and to a closure. The final thing that you might be dealing with with a solar eclipse in a partner sign like this Ares, is that there may be things going on in your partner’s life that are very dramatic, um, and very life changing, and you may actually have to put your partner, uh, in front of you, um, and help them or be in a more supportive position.

For Taurus

For Taurus, the solar eclipse takes place in an area of the chart that deals with work and health. And so this is all about how can we make things better. And so, um, here, uh, in, in the area of work, for instance, you may have a set way of doing things and that’s how you do it. And you’re not going to change that no matter what, you know, and so you might be asked to change it.

You might be called in by HR, uh, during this period of time. Um, yeah, one of the things you might have to [00:45:00] change at work might be your attitude or the way that you deal with other people. Um, but, uh, I, I think mostly it may have to do with updating your skills or refreshing your skills and abilities. The other thing with a solar eclipse like this taking place in this part of your solar chart is health matters.

You know, Taurus is one to say like, oh yeah, no, I, I know I should make these changes, but I’ll get around to doing it one day, you know. This might be the day when you have to do it, Taurus, during the solar eclipse. So this isn’t something that’s going to be like, oh, I have to like now do that. You may be forced to adjust your diet.

There might be a dietetic or physical issues that, that enforce having to change the diet. You may have to deal with your relationship to your body, uh, like like balancing it. If it’s been too stringent, you need to be more relaxed. If it’s too relaxed, perhaps more disciplined, uh, the Libra. Um, but, and also if anything comes up [00:46:00] physically that might be of concern, this is the time to take care of it.

Okay. The wonderful thing about eclipses is that they will show something in it stages when you can nip it in the bud. So if there is a health concern or something that you’ve been bothered with or whatever, check in with the physician or a nutritionist or whomever you consult in situations like this.

And if you do discover something that might be, you know, red flaggy is ish, uh, You will be assured that, uh, taking care of it in a timely fashion. That you will be able to nip it in the bud. This is one of the wonderful things about, um, eclipses taking place. You get the forewarning ahead of time and not, and not when it’s too late.

So, so this is a good thing to pay attention to.

For Gemini

If you are a Gemini, This eclipse, uh, is taking place in matters of the heart, all right? It affects, arts and entertainment, it impacts children, or grandchildren, or, or children that you relate to in some [00:47:00] way, but it’s basically dealing with joys and pleasures according to the heart, and so this is a wonderful position for the eclipse to be taking place in.

However, Geminis do have to account for that recent Venus retrograde. Um, did you, play games with someone? Uh, if someone showed you attention, did you deflect it? Um, did you not honor? a pledge or promise to someone. Uh, did you find yourself in a dilemma, um, in which it was morality versus justice, or whether it was convenience versus, uh, what would have been very inconvenient?

Okay, the, this is a time of reckoning for you, um, and in order to enjoy the heart, uh, you may have to atone. There may be people you need to answer to or to talk to, um, and things that you need to be accountable for, [00:48:00] um, if, if indeed you gave someone short shrift or you, um, you, you, you played with something without really taking into account what another person’s feelings were.

So this is kind of a little bit of coming clean. in order to enjoy, the promises that are being held there for you with the eclipse and Libra. So in other words, if you did anyone wrong, this is the time to go and talk to them and to apologize. Not to explain, not to come up with an excuse, not to list all the horrible things that were going on in your life.

If you did someone wrong, Gemini, in order to cross over the threshold into enjoying. matters of the heart, which look quite, look quite fruitful and lovely, then this is a time when you have to basically talk to or confess to anything that you did that might have been a [00:49:00] bad idea, sorry, or might have been, you might have done wrong, to another person.

You need to take responsibility for that. Um, the heart doesn’t get to enjoy what it wants. blemish free. Okay. And, and whenever, uh, we fall in love with something or someone or something like that, that’s a wonderful time. We’re feeling so munificent in our hearts and in our souls. That’s a wonderful and perfect time to go back to the people, who you might’ve let down or, or not been the best friend to, and to go ahead and to make amends.

For Cancer

If you were born into the zodiac sign of cancer, you are dealing with work home balance during this period of time. Uh, what might have happened is that there might have been much too much emphasis on work, and now you need to go and pay attention to home in some way. And, uh, that might be what you’re facing right now during this period of time.

So, uh, there might be, uh, property issues that you’re dealing with, [00:50:00] or remodeling or refurbishing issues that you’re dealing with. Um, there might be family members who have felt neglected in some way or are going through a troubling time that you need to go ahead and be there for. Again, the nature of this isn’t, , to make you feel ashamed or bad or like you have to make up for lost time.

The nature of it is to really reconnect to your roots and reconnect to the things you cherish and to the people you cherish during this period of time. And they may need you in some regard. And again, what’s kind of nice about this eclipse is that you’re being called upon at a time in which you can help them out.

It’s not a fait accompli. You’re not going to be bailing them out of something. You can actually help them and you’re, and you’re receiving. Um, this plea for help at a time in which you can be of service and you can help them out. Uh, the purpose of the eclipse is to reconnect you to your roots and to reconnect [00:51:00] you to the people that you work so hard for or that you provide for.

And so this is, this is a very, um, resonant period of time for you and it’s very much a rebalancing. Thank you. perhaps spent too much time away or too much time preoccupied with concerns that were outside of this area of your life, and the eclipse is asking you to come balance and to come revisit.

For Leo

If you are a Leo, uh, it’s a little similar to Gemini, okay?

Um, there was a Venus retrograde in your sign, and, were you… the one who was let down, or were you doing the letting down? Okay, which is the great question. Um, if you were the one who was let down, this is a period of time where you, may be in a sort of judgmental place with the person who let you down.

And so, The tables have turned in some way, so now that [00:52:00] you’re in the better position, are you going to show the compassion or the support that should have been shown to you, uh, when the tables were reversed? That would be the great dilemma, the predicament that you may find yourself in. Um, Or, um, if you were the person who did the letting down, you may be asked to answer, you will be asked to answer for that, because again, Libra is the reckoning, um, and you have to, if you didn’t, you act in a truly leonine manner, um, you have to make up for that right now.

Um, now that’s, that’s not only a morally good thing, but what you get as a result is sort of like new rules, a new playing field here. And what many Leos are experiencing in their life is this influx of new rules, um, where they have a chance to begin again. And so this is something that’s very, very [00:53:00] strong with Leos right now.

And again, the best way to do that is to make amends. If you were the one who, uh, uh, didn’t act as well as you should have.

For Virgo

And finally, we get to Virgo. Virgo is involved in a dilemma over finances, during this period of time. Uh, there, uh, Venus. Right now is in Virgo and it’s forming in an opposition to Pisces and that will occur just days before the eclipse.

So with Virgo, there’s definitely a feeling of being in 1 dish and you’re looking at a partner who’s in the other side of the dish and you’re really questioning. whether to continue your partnership, whether it’s a romantic partnership or a financial partnership. Um, and, and if you dissolve this partnership, what will be the financial repercussions of that?

And so this is something that’s very much , on the minds of Virgo. Uh, there may be a feeling that you can’t [00:54:00] accommodate anymore or that you’re angry for having accommodated, um, and so there’s a lot of emotion that’s coming out during this period of time, but what you’re really being asked to do is, uh, if you are bringing a financial relationship, um, and if it’s a marriage, marriages can have financial covenants, okay, if you’re bringing a financial relationship to an end, that you do it fairly, okay.

Okay, that you not try to, you know, screw the other person and nor allow yourself to be screwed, you know, so, so, um, so this is something that Virgos are very much dealing with right now. Um, oppositions usually draw a line of summation. Um, and so I would imagine there’s a line of summation that’s being drawn.

So, if it’s a work thing, you may be discussing severance packages, or, or how you move on to another, uh, situation. Uh, if it’s a relationship thing, it’s about, separating what [00:55:00] was once held together. Uh, this can be very volatile, and this can be very triggering, and this can be very difficult, which is why it’s very important to be both dispassionate and…

compassionate, okay? And so this is what the Libra Eclipse is asking you, in this perhaps separating of ties, to be both dispassionate and compassionate at the same time, and of course, in dialogue with the person who’s on the other end of the seesaw from you.


So, that’s what to look for with this, uh, uh, uh, round of eclipses in the zodiac sign of Libra.

Remember that it takes one year, uh, for an eclipse to play out, so, uh, mark this date down in your calendar and check one year from now and see how much of it worked for you, how much of it worked against you, and, uh, how you worked with trying to reconcile what can feel like being pulled in two opposite directions.


As you know, I talked to a lot of astrologers, and they all seem to be saying something similar. That we are in the midst of big, collective changes with Pluto moving in and out of Aquarius. Deep and radical transformation. New technologies emerging that bring with them both opportunities and challenges, and the continued breakdown of our old systems and structures.

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