Astrology Hub Podcast Ep 37 – The Journey of Your Soul: A Guided Tour of the Lunar Nodes 

An interview with Evolutionary Astrologer, Sabrina Monarch

“Astrology is about loosening up some of the more stagnant patterns that we keep repeating, and often patterns that repeat themselves or perpetuate the very consequences that we don't want to have.” – Sabrina Monarch

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Astrology Hub Podcast Ep 37  The Journey of Your Soul: A Guided Tour of the Lunar Nodes, an interview with Evolutionary Astrologer, Sabrina Monarch

You're not part of a powerful evolution.
You ARE one. <—Truth!

Have you ever considered your natural gifts, or how you use them?
Where do they seem to lead you?
Today's Topic will lead you to ponder all of this and SO much more!

Evolutionary Astrologer, Sabrina Monarch shares her unusual path into Astrology, as well as how deeply defined your soul's journey is reflected by the lunar nodes in your birth chart

Tune in to hear Sabrina share traits about each position of the North & South Nodes, and how they may be manifesting in YOUR life.

If you're an astrology newbie learning your Lunar Nodes is a simple and elegant place to start uncovering the beautiful evolution within you.

And if you're more seasoned in astrology… it's always interesting to hear another astrologer's perspective on the lunar nodes and what they mean!

Most memorable quote(s) from the show

“My first astrology reading, which brought me into the whole world of astrology was from an evolutionary astrologer, Natasha Alter and understanding the South and North node is like discovering a backdrop to my entire life. It's so helpful to be able to look at the Nodes and see where I  attach to my independence, and where I view life as a fight? How can I bring more harmony and teamwork and partnership in and how will that expand my life experience? It's such a beautiful focal point in terms of growth throughout our lives…”

Amanda Pua Walsh

“A lot of people that I work with are people who have a relationship with the unseen or maybe they have some kind of clairvoyant ability that is just starting to show itself. Definitely, someone who has had experiences that maybe are not considered normal or mainstream. I think that evolutionary astrology draws in people who want to dive deep and who maybe want to know how they can alter their life. It's not a matter of when is this thing going to happen for me, but how can I resolve some of my deep subconscious blocks to help move forward in the way that I would like to… “

Sabrina Monarch

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