Astrology Hub Podcast Horoscope for the Week of July 29th – August 3rd

Stormie Grace’s Major Theme for This Week: Abrupt Changes, Uncertainty & Excitement 

“We’ve got a very lucky New Moon happening in Leo this week–motivated to begin new things in light of the drama & upheaval of the week!” – Stormie Grace

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Week of July 29th – August 3rd

Astrology Hub is Extremely Excited to Welcome Astrologer, Stormie Grace to the Forecast Episodes!

We’ve fallen in love with Stormie’s vibrant energy (we know you will, too!!! )

Her forecasts are motivating & full of down-to-earth advice you can use to empower your week—life!

“Astrology is a bridge between questions and answers.” ~ Stormie Grace

In perfect Leo fashion, this week will undoubtedly put on a show! As the week begins, heightened intuition will inspire you to question meaning & purpose. With the arrival of the New Moon in Leo midweek, expect the unexpected and take in the wisdom you sense coming from these new sources. Bold passion crowns the end of the week—this kind of excitement can be derailing or empowering…

Tune in to Amanda & Stormie to hear how powerful the Leo New Moon is & tips on when to act, and what to expect!

Advice from Amanda & Stormie

“During this last new moon phase, I had a dream goal for a podcast. The Crescent Phase comes about and I had tons of fear & doubts. The First Quarter comes and I get a little bit more confidence. I start talking to my friends about this idea. The Gibbous phase comes,  I started to research. During the Full Moon, I had a conversation out of the blue that led to a hypothetical interview, to do a podcast. The realization hit me that, “Oh my God, this might really happen. I might do a podcast.” Disseminating phase arrives and I started to share the information that “hey, the interview went well and I think I’m going to do a podcast.” The fourth quarter comes on Tuesday and I have actively achieved the position because here I am. There’s this little internal shift that’s happened for me and I’m able to ask for the support that I need, let go of the beginning vision of just maybe doing a podcast and now I’m working on the reality of actually doing a podcast.”

 – Stormie Grace

“Remembering that when one door closes, another door opens, if you’re in that in-between phase tap into that sense of excitement and faith that it’s actually gonna happen. This week is very much about looking at old problems and coming up with new solutions to those problems. This is an opportunity to break free. We also have the New Moon – a great time to plant seeds of intention. I highly encourage you to journal because that helps you retroactively look back and see how things have played out.

– Amanda Pua Walsh

Key Astrology Dates from this Lunations Inner Guide

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*IC COSMIC UPDATE  *IC Cosmic Update 07.31* New Moon 8 Leo @ 8:11p PT This lunation invokes substance over style, reminding us that authentic leadership is inclusive and requires the courage of a tender heart. Soften into your sovereignty to connect with your inner radiance. – Adam Gainsburg

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