With Rick Levine + Founder of Astrology Hub, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh

In this episode of the Cosmic Connection, you will learn …

  • About the magical power of Saturn that allows change within ridged structures and how we are seeing this at work in our world today.
  • How leaning into adaptability will unveil both new and hidden realities that Saturn/ Pluto/ Jupiter are bringing to the surface.
  • Why the upcoming New Moon is punctuating a collective turning point, and how it is inviting you to reorient your inner authority and create a new external world.

Present Tense

The lightning hits; the shift is now.

            I close my eyes and take the vow

To release the future and the past,

            To focus on the present, vast

Extending through infinity,

            Extending far as I can see.

The lightning hits; the sky lights up;

            The waters pour forth from my cup.

The feelings pour forth from my heart

            As from the past my life does part.

The walls of safety tumble down;

            My head goes spinning round and round.

I’m standing high out on a ledge;

            I leap onto the razor’s edge

Where form can split and separate,

            Ambivalence turns to love and hate;

Where unity is sliced in two;

            Choice shows us what we must do;

Where issues are forced, so we must choose:

            Something to gain, and something to lose.

Something feared; something desired:

            The pressure to choose makes one grow tired.

Something we want and something we fear;

            Excitement mounts as the moment grows near.

Time speeds up and my heart beats fast.

            I fear this moment will not last,

But then I remember the razor’s edge

            And the illusion of feeling like I’m on that ledge.

The moment of now is all that exists.

            Create past and future, then something resists

Events in the future that hurt long ago,

            Creating rough water in time’s riverflow,

For time is a river that flows to the sea;

            The storm waves dissolve when we just “let it be.”

When the past and the future are locked in desire

            The rapids do build and the waves do grow higher,

But it’s all in the mind, for the ledge is unreal.

            The fear of the fall is the fate that we seal.

The razor is safe if we stay here and now,

            So I soften my vision and repeat my old vow:

I release unborn futures, letting go of the past,

            And the infinite present grows cosmically vast.


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