Scorpio, in 2024, your foundations, relationships, and inner mastery will be invited to transform. Hidden patterns and desires within and without will be a compelling mystery you’re well equipped to solve.

Top Themes for the Year:

• Evolution in the realm of family and ancestry.
• Relationships and alliances.
• A spiritual and subconscious exploration, facing the hidden.

The year opens with Pluto’s return to your 4th house on January 20th. Here, topics of home, family, and foundational roots are invited to transform. Who holds the power at your roots? How does it impact your life? Noticing subtle power struggles or restless energy will help you see what needs to change and the path between what is –and what will be.

The Libra eclipses on March 25th & Oct 2nd will invite you to go deep inside and do the inner work to recognize what’s out of balance and ready to release. The Aries eclipse on April 8th will offer the courage to forage a new path when it comes to your overall health & wealth. Remember that finding harmony in the mind & body is the key to success in all areas of your life.

A notable focus this year will center on what you’re passionate about. This is an area that Saturn has been working on since the spring of 2023. On April 10th, as Mars meets Saturn, you may need to use action, courage, and strategy to enhance what you love without condition. Though challenging, your work at this time of year will set you up for success later during the Pisces Eclipse on September 17th. Sudden, needed – karmic – shifts are possible.

A highlight of the year will center around your one-to-one connections. Jupiter & Uranus will meet on April 20th, and Venus & Jupiter on May 23rd. These periods could quickly bring abundance, breakthroughs, and sudden enhancements. Knowing who you want at your side and why will help you manifest swiftly and accurately—the sooner you’re clear here, the better.

Soon after, on May 25th, Jupiter will move into Gemini for the first time since 2012. Topics of legacy, shared wealth, transformation, and deep intimacy will be able to grow abundantly in your favor. Remember that Jupiter enhances what you focus on—this is when you want to face the shadows with the intent to resolve and grow through them. You’ll be well-guarded and rewarded.

Scorpio, in 2024, your ability to go deep within and connect to your powerful instincts will guide your rebirth and growth.

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