Sagittarius, on the journey into 2024, your free spirit and optimistic demeanor will guide you as you embrace change and growth.

Top Themes for the Year:

• Root level evolution
• Passions and creative adventures.
• Rituals of health and work

As you enter this year, your fiery spirit may feel ready for anything. This mindset will prepare you for Pluto’s return to Aquarius, where your local vibe and communication style prepare for a long-seated transformation. Pluto touched this area of your life in early 2023. Notice what themes around power surface again. Who or what steals your thoughts, and why? Being present will help you answer these questions and help you rebalance power—even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone.

This year’s Libra eclipses on March 25th and Oct 2nd are working harmoniously with Pluto. The shared objective is to turn your gaze inward, to your heart. Seeking approval from others or blending in is not part of the journey currently. Original, courageous, heart-based actions are needed now. The Aries eclipse on April 8th will support this desire. Trust that what leaves and arrives is part of a karmic story you’re navigating.

Another significant energy of 2024 is at the foundational level of your life. Your roots have been a focus of Saturn since early 2023. In 2024, on April 10th, Mars will meet Saturn in this area of your life. There will be an invitation to restructure with strategy and clarity. The more work you do at this point, the more beneficial and accelerating the Pisces Eclipse on September 18th will be. This is a powerful time to release the past and build a future that supports your purpose.

A high note of the year is when your ruling planet, Jupiter, meets with Uranus on April 20th, followed by Venus & Jupiter on May 23rd. This energy can easily support your overall health & wealth. An abundant, unexpected breakthrough could occur around the work you do. Knowing what you want your day in and out to look like will help ensure these opportunities support you long into the future. Jupiter moving into Gemini on May 25th (for the first time since 2012) will build on this opportunity. Your partnerships and overall communication style are in a position for abundant growth that can quickly impact your entire life.

Sagittarius, trust that your wisdom will serve as a guide in 2024. You will likely be in a new world by year’s end.

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