Libra, in 2024, your graceful balance and knack for harmony will be called upon as you weave through dynamic phases of introspection and interpersonal connections.

Top Themes for the Year:

• Personal transformations, becoming your anchor.
• Engaging in relational dynamics, navigating through harmony and conflicts.
• Facing deep emotions and their impact on your growth.

Early in the year (January 20th), Pluto will return to Aquarius, highlighting your 5th house. Pluto is a deep energy that recognizes the power you have, the power you surrender, and the balance between these points. Its objective is to help you reach your purpose and remove what may hinder this process. Make it a point to notice subtle themes that surface around power and your creative energy. Engaging early with needed changes will clarify your path.

The eclipses in your sign on March 25th & October 2nd are in harmony with Pluto’s lessons. The objective is to release anything that's bringing dis-harmony at any level of your life – within or without. Trust that what leaves or arrives in your life has a karmic lesson. The Aries eclipse on April 8th will frame themes of self and others, prompting reflections and courageous adjustments in navigating relationships. To gain new solutions, you must follow a different pattern.

Speaking of patterns, your daily habits and work are a current focus of Saturn in Pisces. Mars meets Saturn in Pisces in 2024 (on April 10th), so your discipline in these areas may be tested. This will be a time to lean into courageous, strategic, long-term change. On September 17th, there will be an eclipse in this same area of your life. The opportunity for rapid, karmic changes is there for the taking. The more precise you are on what you want your overall health & wealth to look and feel like, the better.

A highlight of the year is on April 20th when Jupiter & Uranus, followed by Venus & Jupiter on May 23rd, meet in an area of your life that supports soul-deep transformation, intimacy, legacy, and growth. This energy will empower you to let go of what’s holding you back and reach for the connections that feed your soul. You feel like you are stepping out of the darkness in many ways. Jupiter’s transition into Gemini on May 25th (for the first time since 2012) will enhance this theme. Your clear invitation will be to expand your horizons.

Libra, in 2024, your desire for harmony will be both a gift and a challenge. Often, you will be asked to lean into the ebb and flow of personal transformation and relational dynamics. Trust that your gracious and open heart will help you sail smoothly through 2024.

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