Ep 005 – How to Make Your New Year Intentions Come True with Astrology

“…we crest over the top of the rollercoaster and run screaming down the hill with nothing to stop us.” 

Doesn’t that sound like a fun way to begin a New Year? Do you want to keep building the momentum of 2018 in 2019 or change the tide—either way, you have the ultimate power to DO IT!

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Today Donna & Amanda discusses the power of intention and the best times of the year to act on the growth you want to manifest. It’s simply elemental…

“you realize that all moments in time are not created equal and that the corridors actually have their own energetic signature to them, their own elemental signature to them, and those are based on the Zodiac signs…”

It all comes down to elements. Fire—your divine spark, the idea! Air—your mind. Earth—your physical being. Water—your emotions!

When they’re all in alignment, that’s when we feel like we are in flow. That’s when we feel like we could touch the divine and we can plan that with astrology because astrology speaks that language.

Tune in for tips on how to move in rhythm with each element an so much more!

Links and tools mentioned in the Show:

Inner Circle: http://summit.astrologyhub.com/ic-open

Astrology Hub Marathon Event: http://www.astrologyhub.com/2019-astrology-forecast-marathon/

Timestamps for segments:

  •      Setting Intention for the Year: 4:54
  •      Basic Elements: 11:28
  •      Earth Element: 17:28
  •      Fire Element: 18:43
  •      Air Element: 20:43
  •      Water Element: 21:21
  •      Putting it all together 25:42

HOSTS: Amanda ‘Pua Walsh and Donna Woodwell

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