Astrology Hub’s Horoscope for the Week of December 24th – 30th

Is your shopping list done & done? If not, early in the week the tense convo in the skies between Mercury (commerce) & Neptune (illusion-fog) may stress you down here on earth! Christmas is looking brilliant…mostly. The REALLY juicy… or as Donna put it lovely, luscious evening comes before the weekend gets here–make plans now!

Tune In for tips on how to balance your week and a quick heads up on 2019—to steal Amanda’s words…there’s an ‘in-breath’ on the horizon… 

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“We have this lacuna, this brief respite where we get to realign ourselves with what we want to see the future look like…” – Donna Woodwell

Timestamps for segments:

  •      Main themes of the week: 0:43
  •      Weekdays: 00:49
  •      A quick look at 2019: 7:09
  •      Weekend: 12:53

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