Like a roller coaster about to crest over the top of the highest hill in the course, the first week of January 2019 brings eager anticipation…

…And perhaps one last thought: “what did I just sign up for?”

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Major Theme for the Week

Embracing Change

Week Ahead Forecast

Near Year’s Eve roars into action as feisty Mars returns home to fiery Aries. Don’t be surprised if parties turn out a little rowdier than usual, especially when there’s alcohol is freely flowing. Stay safe everyone!

New Year’s Day launches the New Year on a serious note as the Sun meets dour Saturn in the evening hours.  The Moon’s also void of course from the late afternoon until the early hours of Jan. 2. Taken together, perhaps a quiet night at home for sober reflection is what’s needed to start the new year on solid ground.

But fear not, optimism is back is in full force on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You might eagerly get started on your the new year’s plans.  It’s a good time to head back to work or school, and get a jump on the coming months, behind the scenes at least, before the rush starts…

Weekend Forecast

And the rush certainly starts this weekend!

This year’s New Moon in Capricorn is also a solar eclipse. And Uranus stops to change direction, which begins a long stretch without any retrogrades to slow down our actions…

Both of these are major turning points in the year — and it’s especially telling they both happen on the first weekend of 2019… So let’s look at them both.

Starting with the Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Jan. 5/6… (For more details, check out our Capricorn New Moon article).

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Not to be outdone, the ringleader of the cosmic change circus — Uranus — stations direct this Sunday, Jan. 6, ending his five-month-long retrograde. But that leaves us with NO planets retrograde for a whole two months. Which is a very, very, long time in astrological terms.

No retrogrades mean everything flies full throttle. That’s an epic sensation if you’re feeling balanced and on top of things…

But if you’re not, it’s like being dragged down the street by the big dog that just saw the squirrel…

In other words, if ever there was a year that, right from the gate, in which we need to bring some extra consciousness to what we are doing, this one is it.

Because, well, have you ever heard the phrase “instant karma”? That applies here. What you plant will sprout before your eyes. If it’s not what you intended, pull it out fast and try again, before things get out of hand.

Advice from Amanda & Donna


Take Amanda’s words to heart,

There are always opportunities to transform and transmute in our lives, and it always begins with love and compassion. And usually, love and compassion for ourselves.


I’m preparing to have all of this planning done in advance so that I can take advantage of all of that momentum and  knock a lot of things off of my list, especially the things that felt stalled because when things are retrograde, they can feel a little stall your life and you know, because you keep reviewing and revising, but there’s nothing slowing you down now. So I’m looking forward to it, but it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

Donna Woodwell

Memorable Episode Quotes


We love the quote that says, “you know, you’re working with a real witch because she knows how to turn shit into fertilizer.” That’s exactly what this New Moon is saying is learn how to take all of your inner darkness and turn it into a fertilizer that can be real rich material for you to transform into something amazing based on your truth, but don’t let get caught in the illusion and do the actual work.

– Donna Woodwell

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*IC Cosmic Update 1.2*  11 Cap. Sun Conjunct Saturn @12:49 am ET
Your personal qualities and performance become a focus. Who are you trying to be? Are there skills you need to develop? Look for the opportunities. Today, you can build a better you. – Tashi Dos Santos

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