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How to Work with Solar Returns

Join Rick Levine and Amanda Walsh in our latest podcast episode, as they unravel the cosmic mysteries of the month of May 2023.

The duo delves into the astrological forecast, touching upon the intriguing effects of Jupiter moving into Taurus, the dynamic Uranus transits, and the power struggles linked to Pluto. They emphasize that change may not be a walk in the park, but it’s essential to alleviate the pressure intensified by Uranus transits.

Rick and Amanda also shed light on the practical nature of Jupiter in Taurus, potentially leading to an expansion in material wealth. To truly grasp the influence this transit may have on your life, they suggest examining where Taurus is situated in your natal chart. The podcast wraps up with an exciting discussion about the upcoming NORWAC astrology conference.

This captivating episode explores the underlying themes of change, practicality, and power struggles in astrology. It offers valuable insights into how these elements may affect individuals personally, based on their natal charts.


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