Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse: Resolutions & Shadows

The “Resolution Moon”that’s astrologers’ nickname for the annual Capricorn New Moon, this year on Jan. 5/6.

Since it usually falls at the beginning of January, it’s an excellent time to get serious with your New Year’s intentions and habits.

But this year’s Cappy New Moon is an even more intense than usualit’s also a Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipses occur once every six months as the Moon’s disk passes directly in front of the Sun, hiding some (or all) of its light from view. And so, naturally, it’s become a visible symbol for the Shadow in our lives.

Consequently, eclipse intention-setting requires us to engage with our Shadow selves — to face our inner demons or other things we don’t want to see about ourselves.

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In other words, to achieve our intentions during this lunation we might discover we must release or befriend these demons that block our path forward.

Along the same lines, bookending the Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse are powerhouses Saturn and Pluto, also in Capricorn. A rather stark, no-nonsense pair, Saturn urges us to keep two feet on the ground, Pluto to explore what lies beneath it.

Both demand you take a hard look at reality as it is, not as you wish it to be. In this pair, you may see your demons reflected or your own protectors as you face the Shadow within.

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Jupiter square Neptune: Holy Illusions

One of 2019’s signature aspects a challenging square between optimistic Jupiter in Sagittarius and illusive Neptune in Pisces— occurs for the first time just a week after the Capricorn New Moon/Solar eclipse.

Together these two “dream big”.. And refuse to recognize anything beyond their own illusive reality.

In the best of times, Jupiter uplifts us, inspiring us to align with our “better angels” and magnanimously work for the betterment of the whole. Neptune softens our hearts and gently urges empathy and selflessness. Hope and compassion win the day.

But in the worst of times, Jupiter’s self-righteous ideology leaves little room for compromise. And self-pity and delusion are no stranger to Neptune…

(Yeah… “What is reality?” is actually a theme for the year. Prepare yourself.)

At least this eclipse — and the upcoming Blood Moon total lunar eclipse on Jan. 20 — take us firmly by the hand. Demanding a reality check before we get too carried away. Consider it a gift best learned now.

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Mercury square Mars: Hands on the Wheel

The final piece of this New Moon puzzle? Another point of tension, this one between Mercury in Capricorn and Mars in Aries…

Mercury scribbles lists and mind maps of what’s needed to make concrete progress in the world; Mars strains to just DO something, with little concern for the outcome.

To encourage them to work together, slow down just a little. Let Mercury make the lists the night before, so when you wake up, Mars has his jobs all lined up for him. Otherwise, you may find yourself throwing out what you realize a few days later you actually needed.

New Moon Advice from Amanda & Donna

We have an opportunity to work with the element of ourselves that we may not be super excited about. It might be the parts of ourselves that don't feel or seem attractive or worthy of love. We have an opportunity to really transform those things and transform our relationship to those things this new moon.

Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh

For many people who are working through their New Year's resolution, they're going to feel resistance in a way that may be much more in your face. You might have been able to ignore these in other years, but there's something about the truth-telling of this year that makes you realize, oh wait, they're just me finding excuses. I'm the one who needs to make the change here.

Donna Woodwell

Instant Karma… whatever you do comes back to you immediately. This is one of those times in our lives where we're going to see the results of our actions very, very fast.

Donna Woodwell

Inner Circle Wisdom for the Capricorn New Moon Lunation

Theme: Evolution

Affirmation: Change is the doorway to my becoming. I embrace change with grace.

Journal Prompt: In what ways is the Universe conspiring on behalf of my evolution? What do I need to surrender or let go of to embrace this even more?

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