Ep 006 – How to Work with the Moon’s Cycles to Change Your Life – An Interview with Health Coach & Astrologer, Jennifer Racioppi

Donna Woodwell said it best after hearing Jennifer Racioppi’ survival story that ultimately introduced her to astrology.

“Namaste, the divine within me smiles & winks at the divine within you. I feel like we’re soul sisters connecting for the first time on this podcast.”

On our darkest day, the personal pain we carry can feel like a punishment. Those who face the pain and search for solutions become heroes & healers to those still battling. Jennifer’s motto ‘success isn’t a race, it is a rhythm’ reflects the path she took and how she teaches others to set intention and work with Lunar Rhythms.

Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle Members are so thankful to have Jennifer Racioppi as their Lunar Guide this month & are looking forward to Jennifer’s Master Classes on Electional Astrology!  Tune In and find out why…

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Links and Tools Mentioned in the Show:

Timestamps for segments:

  •      1:01 Jennifer’s journey into Astrology
  •      7:10 Setting intentions with the Moon Cycle
  •      15:15 Connecting with the Moon
  •      34:32 Electional Astrology

GUESTS: Jennifer Racioppi

HOSTS: Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh and Donna Woodwell

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