The Last Days of Pluto in Capricorn

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Amanda Walsh and Astrologer Natasha Alter discuss Pluto's transition from Capricorn to Aquarius in 2024.

On this episode, you’ll learn…

🌕 About the transformative shift from Pluto in Capricorn to Pluto in Aquarius, symbolizing a transition from traditional patterns to innovative approaches.
🌖 The significance of personal growth and overcoming individual barriers, or ‘guards’, that hinder evolutionary progress during this astrological transition.
🌗 Insights into how the Pluto transition represents a metaphorical bridge, marking a pivotal change in collective consciousness and individual development.

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[00:00:00] So as I said, this is almost that bridge that we're standing on right now, that bridge that connects the leaving Pluto in Capricorn to the upcoming Pluto in Aquarius is the certain degree of release.

Of the structural and patterns in order to open space for the new, because Aquarius is all about the next something, the, that's why it rules future, right? Do we actually do a favor to those around us by putting brakes on our evolution? Do we really? Or are we enabling and perpetuating the status quo for the sake of what?

Not feeling [00:01:00] guilt? We think we're doing it for them by cutting off our own wings. But we are depriving them from watching our wings spread and thus, even if they are not consciously recording and registering a shift inside of them, it is still an information that they're witnessing that is imprinted in their life experience.

Welcome to the astrology hub podcast. I'm Amanda Poole Walsh, founder of astrology hub and your host for our flagship show. We explore the many ways astrology can support you and your relationships, career, health, and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in.

Amanda: Natasha, welcome to [00:02:00] the astrology hub podcast. You know, I love, love, love when you are on this show. Our community loves it. And whenever I get one of those messages from Natasha, it's always a little bit mysterious, but it's like, we need to talk. We need to do a podcast episode. And so today we're going to be going into this Pluto and Aquarius, the corridor that we're in as we're transitioning between Pluto and Capricorn to Pluto and Aquarius.

The Current Collective Experience

Amanda: So Natasha, let's just kind of start nuts and bolts. What is the time frame that we're talking about here? So we,

Natasha: uh, the reason I decided to do it now, although I have it in my, thoughts for a while already, is because now we are kind of approaching this, this, this bigger corridor, let's say, you know, Pluto already have tipped its toes in Aquarius this year.

And then it [00:03:00] retrieved itself to Capricorn to fetch some unfinished whatever, whatever needed else to be broken. It needed to be broken. So now, as we speak, now it's at 28 degrees, it's gonna go into 29, December. And let's see, we've got, last week of, uh, January we got It's entering, crossing into Aquarius.

So, it just seems to me the appropriate time to just tune in a little bit and feel into what does it mean to all of us, especially on a personal level. Because there is a lot that is being said in astrological, uh, field around, um, the next Pluto generation, the Pluto in Aquarius, and all of that. But, I wanted to address, the personal experience [00:04:00] and, The reason, by the way, how did it all come up?

So in the last, uh, year and a half, two years, um, I started hearing from my clients, from people who come to work this kind of a returning, concern. And this is how it goes. For example, I am ready to launch something new, or I am ready to spread my wings. But there is something that is blocking and I don't know what to do with it or I am ready to go to the next level.

I have it in me. I'm just almost there and yet there is something. What is it I need to release? So, I [00:05:00] started noticing this repeating kind of, uh, energy coming from my clients and from people who work with me. And what I could come up with is that this is like quintessential Almost like the, the, the, the, the transition, the quality, or the energy, uh, and the story behind what the transition from Capric, Pluto and Capricorn to Pluto in Aquarius might mean to a lot of us personally.

literally my clients have been embodying And reflecting back to me the overall, um, theme that a lot of people are working with. So, what does it mean, like, what is Pluto in Aquarius, the next level, right? What is spreading my wings? Ready to [00:06:00] fly, ready to liberate something, ready to express myself in a way, in a new way, ready to launch the project I've always been dreaming about.

I mean, I'm, I have like this beautiful people, healers, artists, you know, uh, astrologers, who've been like closet, I call them closet astrologers. We've been studying astrology and they, it's like the soul is yearning to, um, to move into this field and actually work with that and become and embody that. And yet there is like, oftentimes there is this boulder and what is this boulder?

So, um, of course, looking at the charts and looking. Into the what's going on both in transit level, but mostly on the natal [00:07:00] chart level, we most more often than not, we're coming to the blockages or the impediments that are still hanging in there of the our Capricornian heritage,

right? Whether it is ancestral themes that are. Still kind of active within the psyche. a lot of it is ancestral. I mean, we can have family impact and the messages of the old paradigm that landed into the psyche of the child. And it's when the time is now to kind of fly. out of it and actually self [00:08:00] realize in a new way that those little programmings, those little messages are sitting there and it's like, no, no, no, no, you're not going anywhere, right?

Because you're not supposed to, because you can't, because you shouldn't, because this and this and that, whatever the, whatever the tape that has been downloaded, you know, in early on in the childhood, or, and, or, Inherited from the and literally through the DNA messaging, because now we know that DNA is an information holder, right?

DNA is a code and the code is carrying the information for many generations. And what is information about the patterns, about the perceptions, about the belief [00:09:00] systems? You know, that kind of a vibrational code that is running into our blood, you know, and then it's vibrating in our cells for good and for, how you call it, good and for bad?

So oftentimes, as I said, it is passed on, something tremendously limiting That has been passed on through generational, line.

aNd you can quite easily see it in the chart. Sometimes it's hiding, but sooner or later it's still being uncovered. But even in the cases when the parental influence have been very benevolent and supportive, I still find that, the collective consciousness, The collective, [00:10:00] heritage,

which holds the formulas and the programs of the old paradigm are still being absorbed, you know. Or sometimes it can jump over generation, it can, like, kind of, like, reawaken all of a sudden. We have, like, beautiful parents. There is no any restrictions in terms of self expressions.

There's encouragement. You can do anything you want. And all of a sudden, we got, like, these old genes. Hello! I'm your great great whatever. And they are seeping through. So…

So, as I said, this is… Almost that bridge that we're standing on right now, that bridge that connects the leaving Pluto and Capricorn to the upcoming Pluto and Aquarius is the certain degree of [00:11:00] release

Of the structural and patterns and, um, old, Capricorn, Saturn, old, right? It's always old, in order to open space for the new. Because Aquarius is all about the next something. The, that's why it rules future, right? It's everything that comes instead of the old.

Amanda: Okay, I cannot tell you how much this is resonating. Literally, so just so you all know, before we came on, I haven't, I haven't had a chance to speak with Natasha personally since before the last eclipse season.

And during the eclipse season, so much of this was really, really alive for me. And what I [00:12:00] realized, Natasha, is that so much of the, that programming you're talking about those, like, you can't do it because. You have to stay in this box because you are playing this role because you know, all those, all those things.

And I was starting to feel so and I kept saying, and you've heard me say this for years, actually, I feel stuck. I feel stifled. I feel isolated. You know, I feel like, like I need to like, there's a move that I need to make. And I was thinking for so long that it was a geographic move that maybe. It's because I'm so removed from civilization, quote unquote, out here on these islands that maybe I need to move in order to [00:13:00] feel more free and spread my wings and expand my horizons and all those things you just talked about.

Anytime I'd go to do that, it just kept, it's like stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck. You're, you're not like, it's not, it's not flowing. And so finally I had this, Oh my God, I'm keeping myself stuck. Oh, my God. Like I have actually boxed myself in. There is more that I would like to express, but like I haven't really carved out any space for myself to do that.

And what I realized Both by being the sort of perceived oppressor, meaning like I'm playing that role for other people, even though I don't feel it like they, they, they think that that it's because of me that they can't do X, Y and Z. So

Natasha: Africa never feels that they are oppressors. Right! That's what I noticed.

Yeah! They're like, what do you mean, oppressor? I'm just [00:14:00] doing it because, because it's the right thing to do, because it's the best for everybody.

Amanda: Right! Or, or, or literally, no, literally, I'm having things that it's like, no, actually, I don't feel that way at all. Like, you are absolutely free. Like, absolutely, 100%.

You're free, as far as I'm concerned. And so, but, so I recognize it happening, like, to me. So then it made me think, who am I doing that to? Like, who have I made my, quote unquote, oppressor? And there's tons of different, like, people playing that role. Although, I, I actually don't think that they feel that way at all.

I just sort of labeled that as the reason why, you know? And so it's been this massive process of like, Whoa, like that power is absolutely in myself to free myself, to liberate myself, to give myself permission to do whatever it is, this thing that like your clients, like, it's like, there's something brewing.

There's [00:15:00] like, there's an overflow of expression that is just bubbling over and wants to happen. Um, But like, for whatever reason, I'm not doing it, you know, so I like, as usual, you've always been such a muse for me, Natasha, and like, literally, you give words to my experience in such a like, succinct, clear way.

Like I couldn't have said it better, exactly the internal experience that I've been having over the last, I don't know, months, but, but probably years because my, my Capricorn sun is at 29 degrees and my, and my Venus is at 28 degrees. So this is like very personal for me. I know it's personal for all of us.

And it's been really like, like the, the theme. Of my existence for the last, I don't know how long so, but I've just been having some of these realizations that you're saying it's like, and when you were saying some of the things your, your clients are saying, like [00:16:00] blockages, um, there's a blockage, they want to spread their wings.

They want to express theirself in a new way. They want to launch a project. The soul's yearning to move into X, Y, Z field. For me, it's been this. There's like a box that I, and it reminds me of our Saturn Chronicles. Conversations because there's this box that I've put myself in that I'm ready not to just to like feel the edges of but like literally just crush and like get rid of entirely.

So it's so interesting what you're bringing up. Wow.

Natasha: Well, first of all, it's beautiful that you shared it because it validates and it kind of confirms the overall trend. And on top of it makes it even stronger because you are kind of an embodiment by with your last degrees of Capricorn. You are literally like a physical expression of the energy [00:17:00] that is right now, um, dominating the field, the energetic field.

Now, since you mentioned the bots, uh, I wanted to… Yes, this was very, very accurate. So, I just want for fun, I'll take a piece of paper. So, here's the box. So, here's Capricorn, uh, Saturn, right? That's the box. That's our, let's say, imposed or self imposed, which is one and the same thing. Limited perception of our potential, right?

With all the rules, with all the belief systems, with all the distorted kind of, uh, understanding of, uh, what is, you know, possible in this reality or not. [00:18:00] So here outside is, let's put, here's Aquarius, right? Uranus. Okay. So here outside of the box is Aquarius, right? Everybody sees that?

Amanda: I love this visual.

This is so helpful. Yes.

Natasha: This is like my high tech, uh, presentation. I love it. It's like in Aquarian spirit, high tech presentation. Right. So basically what we're talking about is this movement. From here I am here. I see myself here already. I feel myself here already. This is already in me. It's ready. It's, it's fertile.

How do I go here? I'm yearning and I'm [00:19:00] longing to get out of this box,

right? So that's like, this is like a little bit of a drawing of the current, um, process. And by the way, it's a very beautiful process, because it's kind of like on a spiritual level, it's basically, uh, what, one of the things that we came here to do. We box ourselves in so that we can unbox ourselves and that dynamic and that process in and out happens.

Uh, as a, as a, as a, expression of creativity of the universe, it's like a, you know, the ways of creation. So let's just say like this. So this box has guardians at the, here are the guardians. So [00:20:00] they're standing there. At the border, at, at the, at the border, right? They're the border patrol. They're border patrol.

They're like prison, uh, uh, uh, guardians. No, let's not say prison. No, no, no. It's, it's a wrong word. But we can call them guardians of the matrix. Hmm. And they are, of our personal matrix, as well as collective, okay? So they are there to do their job, to preserve. Capricorn, Saturn, preserve the container to keep, to create, to, to hold the continuity of what has been.

That's one of the functions of Saturn and Capricorn, To remind us of the, our limits. in this realm

in the [00:21:00] negative way to block our development and evolution. Now the guards are there. It's like they're neither good or bad. It's like the job. It's simply the jobs they're doing. And so any, any kind of a system that these guards are in will want to preserve itself, especially when it's in Capricorn. It will fight.

to stay, to keep it the way they have been. That's one of the qualities of Saturn, right? Or Capricorn. We are just going to preserve it. No matter, even if it's damaging, even if it's sabotaging, even if it's limiting, but this, the way has been, and this is what we know. Now, who are those guards for us personally?

Where are these? They are inside of us. It's us. When you said that [00:22:00] you, uh, Thought about those people who you labeled as oppressor. This is the inner oppressor, right?

Amanda: A hundred percent. A hundred percent. It, it, it, what's been, what's become apparent is that the oppressor is me. That I've projected it out on other various characters.

If I were to tell them, they'd be like, are you kidding me? No. Like it's, it's like the veil is lifting on the true perpetrator. And the true perpetrator is myself, which is, which is both very humbling, but also very liberating because it's like, well, then I can free myself. I don't need to wait for anybody.

And, and any time when that voice is coming in going, well, what is so and so going to think if you do that? What is, what are they going to react? Oh, oh, oh, actually it doesn't matter because this is between me and [00:23:00] me. This has nothing to do with them. And it's just, it's so interesting to see how many times my wiring goes to get validation from these different characters.

And if I get any inkling of perception from them that they aren't supportive, it's amazing how quickly I will want to shut myself down and be like, see, that was a dumb idea. See, you can't do that. See, this is why you need to just keep it the

Natasha: way it's been. Exactly. Well, they're doing a great job, though.

Capricornians, the army, you know, they're in

Amanda: full force. Yeah. Yeah. They're armed and ready. And the slightest, the slightest perception that, that it's unsafe to go in the direction that the soul is calling me towards. is enough to be like, Ooh, well, maybe I shouldn't go. Maybe it's [00:24:00] too dangerous. Maybe it's, maybe we're all going to get hurt.

The Guards of Fear, Judgment, Guilt & Survival

Natasha: So what you're mentioning, the words dangerous, you know, all of that, this is purely Let's, let's, let's talk a little bit about the Saturn and Capricorn, the classical kind of a traditional perception of What is one of the things that come, if we're talking about, uh, the, the lower expression or the more kind of denser expression, or let's say they call it negative, but it's not really negative.

It's just, you know, like the lower vibrational qualities. How does it come through? Fear, right? What will happen if I do that? What's another thing those guards, mental guards are saying? What will they think? What might they think if I do that? So a lot of people who are sitting in a certain [00:25:00] reality that they have created for themselves, which they have adopted at some point in life or early on in a lot of them are now ready to get out.

Of the very reality they have created, right? While at it, we've created a big context. We've created families, created friend circles, we've created Work, I don't know, colleagues or associates, the world around.

And so what happens when, we want to transition to the next level? The capricornian question of what will they think immediately comes in, what, what is, what is it based on? Where is it coming from? Capricorn, Saturn is about judgment. Okay, so that's the next, we mentioned fear. [00:26:00] So the next, quality to address is judgment,

the fear of judgment,

but as you rightfully said, It doesn't matter. It's between you and you. However, it matters for a lot of people.

Amanda: Um, you know, and there can be potential actual ramifications. So some of it is perceived.

But then there is some reality to what will they think, because when we do break out of boxes, and especially if we built a whole entire world around the box that we perceived ourself to be in before, when we uh, escape the border and go through that border patrol, there is an element of, of potentially leaving certain people behind.

If they're, you know, if they're accepting of [00:27:00] that, you know, venturing into new territory, if it threatens them in some way, if, if they were really cozy and comfy with the way it was, and now they don't like. So there's, There's both the perception of kind of kickback or, or, or pushback from, from venturing into that aquarium territory, but then there's also reality.

And, and I know you've, you've had this happen before, and I've had this happen before

Natasha: that when you

Amanda: do, you know, change and evolve and grow and, and go in new directions that certain people might fall out of your life. Certain people are going to judge it, you know, so, but again, it comes back to, well, it's between you and you and that, that portal, that corridor can be challenging to navigate.


Natasha: yes, however, when we, tell ourselves it between it's between me and me, we forget that people that we've called [00:28:00] in and invited into our lives. Whether it's family or close friends, there is a certain agreement on a soul level. There is a reason why these people are around you. There is a reason why you happen to be one of the group.

Whether it's a family, um, Uh, group, you know, or, or some other circles where you happen to be the one who is like the black sheep or becoming somebody who is wanting to step out. So we forget that we are all interconnected more than we And people who are karmically walking this life with us. Our partners, our parents, our children, they have signed in to watch and [00:29:00] witness the growth and evolution in us in this Which means the evolution in them,

although indirectly, and it feels like we are leaving them behind. The truth is, when we start, when we change vibration, when we relax into the truthfulness, and of who we are without hurting or accusing or judging those who might not be, um, moving as speedily and as fast as us, we're actually taking them with us.

Morally. Ugh. So there is this common kind of, I'm hearing so much of, there is a guilt. A lot of people, it's a natural reaction. What if I go off in this [00:30:00] direction, how can I, you know, people who knew me this way, for example, and I no longer show up that because we all bring, you know, we create roles for people, our old identities, the Capricornian identities, like they know me this way and all of a sudden I'm going to show.

There is guilt. There is guilt when one is in a relationship, partners, there is guilt with, you know, mothers,

Amanda: mother, you know, what, you know, is this, if I go after what's authentic and true for me, and that disrupts them, then there's that mother guilt for sure.

Natasha: So, do we actually do a favor to those around us by putting brakes on our…

Evolution. Do we really? Or are we enabling and [00:31:00] perpetuating the status quo for the sake of what? Not feeling guilt, which is pretty narcissistic,

Amanda: right?

Natasha: We think we're doing it for them by cutting off our own wings, we are depriving them from watching our wings spread and dance. Even if they are not consciously recording and registering a shift inside of them, it is still an information that they're witnessing that is imprinted in their life experience, which is going to embed it, be embedded in their, you know, earthly memories because we are just, you know, we, so if we exemplify.

Something, it [00:32:00] means that the ones near us are already almost doing it with us, although in a linear time we might not see it in the lifetime. Hopefully we do, and oftentimes we do, right? So, here, we just talked about, like, this is one of the guards that we just worked through. The guard of the guilt, the guard of the fear of judgment,

What will any, what, what they will all think now, what else can be a blockage when we talk about this Capricornian kind of a transition, uh, into a new realm.

Amanda: Survival like basic survival. Exactly.

Natasha: Exactly. How will I make it? Yeah. Exactly. And this is actually one of the biggest, uh, thresholds [00:33:00] that a lot of people who are Already, you know, their soul is living somewhere else.

I mean, I often meet people who are living double lives, literally. I mean, their soul is somewhere else and they are like, you know, living in that realm for themselves secretly or in the spare time. So that is the survival fear that clearly is one of the most difficult ones because It has to do with the system that we were born The current system, the current matrix is very tight. So it doesn't really allow too much of a development in terms of, well it does, let's say, it does. But with a trick. It's like, to get there, there needs to be a lot of inner [00:34:00] release and inner liberation. You see, we, it's not that it's impossible, it's just a tighter,

Amanda: it's just, it's like a tighter little opening that we have to navigate

Natasha: through.

Yeah, because our survival is so tightly now, most of people dependent on the financial, income. The physical survival equals money nowadays that this is like becomes a very, very tight hole to squeeze through when the other. Inside of this hole, there is like the whole space, so I can do it.

Not only I can do it, it's possible to create and there will be people coming to it because I'm gonna magnetize it as long as I'm in truth and following my dream. So, but that, to pass through that little, you know, hole, little, to pass that guard [00:35:00] is not an easy Work, however, it is a very important work right now, you see, because, Pluto in Aquarius is waiting for those, awakening souls to join the, the, the, you know, the army and the, the, the teams are going who are going to create UFOs. um,

It changes when Pluto comes into And! you know, preparing when Pluto goes into Aquarius. Oh, sorry. It's into Aquarius. Yeah. And preparing the ground for the coming, of course, Aquarian So all of that is So that's why that, that door is so, so important right now in this transition we're now to work with and to, [00:36:00] uh, find the to that And for each person, the key might be different. Yeah. Because every person has a different, uh, let's say energy field and the receptivity. to different, let's say, modalities of healing, of releasing, of transmuting, you know, there are a lot of ways to work with a stuck energy, especially when it comes to stuck belief right?

Because it's nothing but the mental, um, frame, format, thought form, you know, that is blocking the bat. passage. sO yeah, I highly encourage everybody who is sitting there on the edge of ushering themselves [00:37:00] into a new, more truthful, more liberated, more authentic, more, uh, vaster, you know, paradigm to do this work right now, to pay attention so that we can optimize this and use it in the, in the, in the most efficient way.

Why? Because see Pluto in Aquarius, let's, let's say, let's put it this way.

Out With Capricorn In With Aquarius

Natasha: Pluto in Capricorn, so Pluto is, is the, the, the, the churning, transmuting, transforming, unearthing kind of energy, right? Like a plow. So it has been in Capricorn from 2008. So what is the field and the ground it has been, Pluto has been working It's, a lot of it is our societal [00:38:00] governmental matrix structures, right? A lot had to be broken down. A lot had to come to the surface so that everybody could see what is Rotten and what is not working right on the personal level we've been looking into where is it? We are not rising to inner authority, right?

And uh, not taking responsibility for our not becoming that,, the leader of your own reality. So when Pluto goes into Aquarius, we have a new field where Pluto is going to play in, and that's Aquarius, which is what, I mean, there is a lot to say about Pluto and Aquarius. It's like there are beautiful astrologers who are doing an amazing job, [00:39:00] um, breaking it all down on many different levels.

However, for the sake of continuity of our conversation, let's just… I would like to focus on the personal and more kind of relevant, piece of it. So Aquarius is consciousness.

Aquarius is our higher mind. Aquarius is where our local earthly mind connects to the infinite divine mind. It's that antenna that is given to us to, to rise up outside of the box. And Aquarius is, of course, anything which is outside of the box. Anything which is unconventional, new, revolutionary, and so on.

But I would like to focus on the consciousness side of it, because when Pluto moves into [00:40:00] Aquarius, what is going to be, as we said, plowed through? And… Used as a power source, used as a transformational source, used as a, field of growth or downfall, as it always is with Pluto, it's a realm of consciousness.

So it means that when Pluto comes to Aquarius, our consciousness, our thought, the content of our minds, It's going to be that much closer to the manifested reality.

So the veils, if the veils were thinning already for many years now, they're going to be thinning even more. I mean, the distance between your intent and your thought and then actual, uh, reflection of it [00:41:00] will get, uh, uh, shorter.

That's why. You know, the, the state of consciousness and the quality and the content that we come to with this transition into Pluto and Aquarius will have a tremendous significance for the reality that we manifest. it's beautiful. It's, it's beautiful.

Amanda: What we're experiencing right now is like this cleanup, because we don't want to be taking this stuff with us into Pluto and Aquarius. It's, this is the perfect time,

Natasha: like you said. Now you understand why I wanted to have this talk and why I felt that it's really, uh, timely.

Yes. Yes. Yes, it

Amanda: actually it would be very detrimental to take these old things in with us and this and so tell us the time frame that you see where we're still in this cleanup [00:42:00] mode and and we're going to be becoming more and more aware of these limiting guards at the edges of our boxes.

Natasha: Well, we are in, in it right now.

We're in it. Okay. As far as I'm concerned, we've been in it for the last like two, three degrees of Capricorn more and more. Yeah. For example, you see what's happening in the in the outer world out Do you see how this like this, this, this, this wars, how the energy is just getting like more and more ominous, how everybody's in a hurry to grab the control of wherever they can.

You see, like, that's the, that's the good image of those guards who are fighting for survival. Mm. For the control. Mm. In that case of the planet, mm, our personal case, control of our, old paradigm mindset, which [00:43:00] fits and serves the old paradigm out there, mm, without our acceptance of this inner kind of like control system, there wouldn't be an external one.


Doing “The Work”

Amanda: Do you believe. that doing this inner work right now is actually the most important thing we could be doing to help resolve some of these external things in the world that none of us like to see happening?

I find that, I

Natasha: find it an important work. I don't know about the most important work because Every soul will have their, let's say, focus points in the lifetime to work through. However, it is the great work, as they call it in, uh, what are, what Are they, [00:44:00] alchemists who call it Or I don't remember.

It is the great work of transcending, transmuting, transforming our consciousness. It is the big work. It's an important right? Because that changes the whole, uh, uh, vibrational, everything we vibrate out through our through fears. Through our love, through the expectation of either collapse or, scary things versus the bright, positive, creative reality.

So all of that builds the world around us. That's why We need to do it on an individual level, [00:45:00] but I would say not for, first of all, for the world, it's for us, because we are it. You see, there is really no, uh, division or no separation. If you, if you think it's fun to, to do it because, oh, uh, the world is going to be a better place, sure.

But, uh, the macro is in micro, as always. As within. So without. So each of us who is uh, transgressing and moving over to this new reality, inner reality and inner identities, like about the whole new identity is doing the work of contributing what the collective vibrational field will be in a few [00:46:00] from now.

Balancing the High Bar of Capricorn

Amanda: But we've talked about the guard of guilt. The guard of judgment, the guard of survival. Are there any other ones that you have seen up for people or that you, that you've experienced yourself or any other guards that we should be aware

Natasha: of? We talked about guard of fear. Well, there is a lot of good Capricornian guard.

Uh, am I good enough Self doubt. I have it in me? Yes.

Do I qualify


Amanda: Oh gosh, these are so

Natasha: do I have, did I study enough? Mm-Hmm. . Are my paintings gonna be liked or not? What if they

Amanda: hate them? Do I, do I have the authority to

Natasha: do, I have the authority to go out there and [00:47:00] assert like, this is what I have to offer. So we are talking about Capricorn High Bar. Now that high bar is an excellent quality, right, because Capricorn does produce excellence because there is a striving for high level of performance, of knowledge, of you know, you know it as a Capricorn, however, that very energy can turn as a paralyzing And I have witnessed a lot of people who come with that paralyzing self doubt, and that's, that's one of the other guards that I can mention. I, I, I'll tell you and everybody who's listening that I've seen people who've studied astrology for years [00:48:00] the closet. Who've read more books than probably I've ever done, who've, who are so, tuned in a perceptive.

When we work with their char when I work with their charts, the responses, the feedback, the intuitive kind of understanding, the subtleties. I mean, people, some people who are way more qualified than as far as I'm concerned, some others might be. And yet. There is that inner voice uh, uh, uh, uh, am I

Amanda: This is bringing up the guard of logic, the guard of intellect, I mean, in this to me comes into, and I know Capricorn is a is a feminine sign, and there's been such a repression. And a [00:49:00] undervaluing of the qualities that you just brought up. So these, these, these individuals are studied, they are practiced, they are, you know, intellectually they're, they're probably where they need to be.

But even more powerful is their intuitive knowing, their perception, all these things you just said, they're plugged in. Those are all, those are all intangibles that cannot be measured. Exactly. And we have so undervalued them. Yes. That it's like, no, I need more courses. I need more because those are the things that have been valued in society and yes, yes.

And yet these feminine qualities that are not measurable, you're not going to get a diploma for your intuition. Exactly. But they are, it's part of this more internal work that we're still doing to liberate that aspect of ourselves too. And to internally value it just as much as we value the other things.

[00:50:00] And that. That mountain, I don't know about you, I don't know about our listeners, but that has felt steep for me. Like, that has felt like, like I have to come back to it, come back to, no, there's value there. There's value there. Just because it can't be measured, just because you can't quantify it, just because you can't even sometimes verbalize it.

You can't even put words around it. It has just as much value, if not more sometimes. And so it's, it's, I feel that's part of this quarter we're walking through and it's, again, a very individual, no one's going to do it for us. No one's going to be like, oh yes, feminine qualities. You are just as valuable as all these other things.

We have to each understand, know that in ourselves. Express it and and then who can't then come what may, you know, there's the so I wow that's interesting you brought that up because that does feel like another Capricorn guard at [00:51:00] least for me individually.

Natasha: Well, you know, we we don't want to discard the baby with the water right.

So whenever we go from Capricorn to Aquarius, you know, Aquarius is like, Eh, down with the old, let's just get rid of all of that garbage, it's outdated, it's old paradigm. Well, let's, we, we're still in the box, remember. We need both. So we don't want to discard the beautiful qualities that we gain through that Capricorn, um, long Capricorn experience.

And, but we can take that same principle of high bar and look at it from the positive side and say, well, Or self judgment, or fear, you know, what I [00:52:00] see often, or I, what I can testify myself with the Capricorn self, humility, because Capricorn limits everything, wherever it comes, Saturn, right? The beautiful side, Of, of, of that energy is expressed through humility you see, there is a difference between somebody who feels, Oh my God, I got it in me. I'm like this highly spiritual being, let me just get out and I'll make a podcast or I will tell what I think about the universe. And that can stem also from narcissism.

So there is a balance.

Amanda: So where does, so the question would be, where is self doubt just a paralyzing limitation versus. [00:53:00] a humble acknowledgement of where you're at. And I mean, it's tricky. That's, that's tricky because, and I, and I know what you're talking about. I know what you're talking about. The, like, I took a weekend shaman workshop and now I'm a shaman, you know, there's like, there's that extreme.

Um, my guess is the people in our audience are on the other side of the spectrum. Where they're more than ready, they're more than capable, they're more than, they have an, an abundance of things that they could be offering the world, and they're, the humility has tipped over into that crippling self doubt, or the, you know, the, the like, Am I good enough tape and storyline and yes, I agree.

I totally agree with you that and and and it's interesting as a Capricorn that [00:54:00] bar of excellence. It just keeps raising you never get there. So at what point are you ready? You're you're going to get there. It's just going to keep getting higher and higher. So it's it's an interesting dance.

Natasha: Well, that's where the inner where the that's where the introspection comes in where that's where the.

discernment of where is it the fear that holding me back and where is the true, calling coming from my inner wisdom that I would like to gain a little bit more of, uh, experience. You see, that's everybody's walking that individually. And also, you know, it is working with the universe. It's also offering and seeing the feedback.

It's um, navigating that. Saturn [00:55:00] likes experience, practice, It's, practicing it's, uh, um,

I don't even know how I don't have words for that movement, but offering yourself to the universe and setting that intention with a good heart, uh, in the, in the pure, uh, spirit,

Amanda: know, and making sure that the reason isn't based on, um, some of the old. Yes. Paradigm of, I want to just make a bunch of money, or I just want fame, or I want everybody to love me.

I mean, really, I think when we're honest with ourselves, we can, we can check those motivations and we can make sure that they are coming from that pure, authentic, you're bringing that word that you brought that word in the very beginning, authentic expression. And some, some people may need to do the weekend workshop [00:56:00] shaman thing and think that that's their authentic expression, only to realize that they've created a box for themselves that they can't, you know, that they don't want to be in.

So, I mean, even if they do go in that path and it isn't quote unquote right, there is no real right, they're going to be getting whatever experience they need to get also. yes. Yeah, we

Natasha: said the pure intent and intent to serve. Yes. To contribute. Yes. To share. Yes. Your gifts, knowing that it is the collective effort.

Mm hmm. Uh, when you have a pure intent, uh, which is not coming from the need to be validated or, or, praised or, um, listened to or be famous or whatever that is, when that intent to… Serve, whatever word you can use here, comes stems from the [00:57:00] heart that is always authentic and sincere and it will always result.

In beautiful, um, transmissions, even if your bar might be, you know, or by the way, another guard comparing yourself to other, which has to do with the previous one we just talked about. Am I good enough? This is all comes together in a bundle. Yes, it's a very

Amanda: cool package.

Natasha: People get intimidated, you know, they listen or see somebody and they perception through their filter of self doubt results in the idea.

That they are always

Amanda: Oh,

Transformation & Letting Go By Way of Pluto

Amanda: okay, Natasha. Well, we're coming to our time. I would love if there's anything you want to leave us with as we're navigating this tight corridor, as each one of us is doing our own internal work to become aware of these guards in [00:58:00] ourselves, to, to, I mean, what is it? Do we, do we hug the guard?

Do we trick the guard? Do we, do we, do we just say, guard, screw you, I'm going anyway? Like, what's the way through beyond the guards?

Natasha: You see, the guard is us. Right, so, uh, we talk to that part of us. Yeah. We, uh, my dog is having a dream and he's barking in his sleep. He's barking at the guard.

Amanda: Oh, he's so sweet.

He's working for us. So, you see,

Natasha: those guards are, are, Those just servants, those little soldiers that we took with us through generations, through incarnations. And so we talk to them with kindness. We don't trick any, you can't trick the guard, know, because he's going to [00:59:00] trick you back. He's smarter than you.

He's older than you, by the way. He's ancient. That's awesome. You're smarter than me. You talk to them, you have a conversation with them. Those parts of you that landed into your system, whether through inheritance, ancestral, downloads, through collective pressure and impressions from children, you talk to them.

you talk to, uh, you know, a friend who is, uh, uh, or who's somebody you want to, you, you see, Pluto is about transmutation. So you make them work And they move their arm and open That's

Amanda: the

Natasha: process of Pluto. You transmute it. You know, Carl [01:00:00] Jung said once, We don't really heal. we just let it go.

I don't, I'm not sure, I'm not sure what does it, what it means to fully let go because it's still a part of you. You see, what we do is our chemical process of transformation. We take those parts and we talk to them to serve And we, we took them in to serve for us. We turned that, that, um, stone and turned it a diamond.

You know, we, we healed the ancestral grief and pain and fears passed on by, by showing all of these People behind us who were [01:01:00] not capable of spreading the winds, we show them this is how it can be done. You see, we don't cut or cut off or let go in the sense that, um, this is foreign now to All of that is us.

Yeah. So by embodying something new, we actually heal the guards themselves.

Amanda: Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful. Much earlier in our conversation, I starred the word way shower because when we are, when we do this work, it's, it's what you were talking about. It's not that we let people go. It's not that we let the guards go.

It's that we actually pull them with us. And the alchemy can begin to happen within them. And then we're all moved up. I don't want to say up because it makes it sound hierarchical, but you know, we all move into that Aquarian realm.


Amanda: And, [01:02:00] uh, this has just been so good, Natasha. Thank you. Thank you for your way showing.

Thank you for your very authentic. Transmission and I know it's going to help a lot of people. I really like it. There's a there's a well, it's already helped me. So it's absolutely helped me. I know there's so many people in our audience in our community who are just. It's, it's like you said, you're meeting them.

You're meeting them for your readings. You're, you, you know, you know, what's collectively up for a lot of us who've been doing this work, whatever you want to call it. We've been aware for a while. It's like, okay, it's go time. Like it's time to step up into the next, whatever. Yeah. Okay. You're amazing. I love you so much.

Thank you. Thank you. It's just so [01:03:00] much fun. And I even got to give you a little bit of my update even through the podcast, which is great. I was thinking we'd have to have a second conversation, which we still do. But, um, yeah. All right, everybody. Thank you so much for being here. It's been so amazing to share this space with you to explore these topics with you.

Please leave in the comments like what things are coming up for you, which guards are the most, like, heavily armed and active on duty right now. Uh, and and and also if if there's any anything that you. Any reasoning or conversation with yourself that you've had that's helped to transmute some of these so that the, the armor is dropped, the door is open, and then that becomes fuel, you know, I was thinking of the word compost that becomes like compost that comes fertile soil for.

Whatever it is you're doing next. So thank you everybody for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of our community. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. And I cannot wait to [01:04:00] connect with you on the next episode. Take care, everyone.

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