How this Virgo Season Can Help You Embrace Your Unique Talents, an Interview with Astrologer, Nadiya Shah

“I think that astrology, it affirms that connection to each other. It affirms that connection to everyone and everything..…” – Nadiya Shah

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How this Virgo Season Can Help You Embrace Your Unique Talents, an Interview with Astrologer, Nadiya Shah

This is fortunate energy. Whatever you’re doing consistently, putting in your hours, that is where you can experience remarkable leaps into a more harmonious & exciting future for yourself.  – Nadiya Shah 
Virgo is one of the hottest topics in Astrology this month. Nadiya Shah is The Inner Circle’s guide during this lunation cycle & today’s guest. Tune in to hear her speak about the sacred archetypal energy of Virgo and how you can connect with this authentic energy
Trust us—there is so much more to Virgo than mastering the to-do list!


Favorite Quotes 

“The millennials, it’s sort of becomes this very powerful microcosm to what we’re all going through every generation, which is that our lives are increasingly removed. They’re increasingly digital. We’re increasingly online. And it is the millennials that have been the first generation to really grow up online to exist in that space of you’ve got your life, but so much of your life is in a virtual realm. And I think what that does is it creates a disconnect. It creates a sense of you not really being you and feeling like you, but not really knowing what that is.”

– Nadiya Shah

“Grounding brings strength. It gives us that energy to get the work done, take on tasks that are kind of complicated or to help us be a little bit more efficient. There are helpers around some of this unclear clouded information. You’ve got to focus on what’s real. And one of the techniques I think is phenomenal for doing that is ask someone outside of you. Typically, especially if you can establish some kind of connection with someone who has no real weight on in your life, they have no investment in your life, they can stand of you and say, this is what I see, this is what I hear. And you’ve got more of a grounded place to work from.”

– Amanda Pua Walsh


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