Astrology Hub Podcast Horoscope for the Week of September 9th – September 15th

Stormie Grace’s Major Theme for the Week of August the: Evolution moving from what was to what is, no matter how hard it feels to access that power.

I would really suggest that everybody take note of who is on your support team. This is a week of spiritual reality checks. – Stormie Grace

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Week of September 9th – September 15th

It’s always lovely when a week kicks off with a social ‘build this’ vibe. The trick here is that for something to be created, something must be released—understanding this may not be clear midweek (ask an outside source for advice). A dose of courage will lead us into the Pisces Full Moon. If happy or ugly cries are needed—be grateful for what you’re releasing & accepting.
Tune in to hear Stormie and Amanda’s advice on how to cope with the depths of emotions that the seas of Pisces are flowing our way!

Advice from Amanda & Stormie

“I remember a time shortly after I had moved from New York City to Hawaii with this idea that I would create some sort of online business. I remember taking steps towards it and feeling like no matter what I did, it wasn’t working and this feeling of, “God, was my vision off? Can I even trust my vision anymore?” I realigned my intention whatever I need to be doing that’s highest and best for everybody that’s what I’m going to set my sights on. I want to offer that because I think that that can be helpful in times where we’re feeling like things aren’t happening the way we thought they should. The truth is, you don’t know what its suppose to look like and the dead ends are actually leading you to something more aligned with your purpose.”

– Amanda Pua Walsh

“In these times when that level of self-doubt or something feels like something from my past is holding me, I have to offer myself in humility to see the self-deception, to see what the block is, the belief or the action that’s keeping me from my very best. And when I can do that and kind of step back and offer myself in humility, it changes my interactions, my thinking and changes my relationships. Then I’m able to take that more confident step forward.”

-Stormie Grace

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*IC COSMIC UPDATE 9.10* Sun opposition Neptune @12:23 AM 

This can be a day of varying emotions, as the Sun opposes Neptune in the sky. We might find ourselves feeling the lyrics of songs or poetry especially deeply, and compassion could bring us to tears. Let it inspire you towards loving actions, and be patient with yourself as emotions change and flow.  – Nadiya Shah

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