Astrology Hub Podcast Horoscope for the Week of September 2nd – September 8th

Stormie Grace's Major Theme for the Week of August the: Chill out and definitely focus on what's real.

This week is like a celestial energetic game of laser tag. Every piece of our lives is going to be touched in some way by one of these energetic beams that's flying around.  – Stormie Grace

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Week of September 2nd – September 8th

Mind the highs & lows!

The week begins with Labor Day in the US, and the cosmic skies are fit for a social gathering. Remember the higher you go, the further you fall. Mid-week information flows, the question is how much of it is the truth? Are you being honest with yourself, others? Are they being honest with you? Best advice is to stay grounded and observant — doing so will give you less to clean up in the coming weeks!
Tune in to hear Amanda & Stormie’s take on how to work with the tricky energies.

Advice from Amanda & Stormie

“That theme of if deceit is up, it's probably not someone lying to you. I mean, it could be. More often than not is going to be something internally for you to work through. If you're finding yourself being dishonest, the question is why. What are you afraid of? What are you holding back or withholding from another person or sort of bending a little bit or leaving out and then why? I think that's so much more important than the fact that you're lying.”

– Amanda Pua Walsh

“Grounding brings strength. It gives us that energy to get the work done, take on tasks that are kind of complicated or to help us be a little bit more efficient. There are helpers around some of this unclear clouded information. You've got to focus on what's real. And one of the techniques I think is phenomenal for doing that is ask someone outside of you. Typically, especially if you can establish some kind of connection with someone who has no real weight on in your life, they have no investment in your life, they can stand of you and say, this is what I see, this is what I hear. And you've got more of a grounded place to work from.”

-Stormie Grace

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*IC COSMIC UPDATE 9.5/6* Mercury trine Saturn @5:37p + Sun trine Saturn @2:55p (9.6)

A day of lasting gains. The conversations and efforts we make now have the potential to align with a more successful future, as we uniquely define it. A strategic conversation of action taken now, demonstrating maturity, can have us making boss moves up the proverbial ladder.  – Nadiya Shah

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