Venus in 2024

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Alchemical Astrologer Sheridan Semple & Amanda Walsh explore the astrology of 2024.

On this episode, you’ll learn…

🌕 The transformative journey of Venus entering the underworld in 2024, offering a unique opportunity for conscious evolution.
🌗 The power of alchemical astrology, inviting you to excavate and transform aspects of yourself for higher vibrational living.
🌘 The importance of daily practices, like essential oils or talismans, in grounding your astrological intentions and transformations.

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Venus is going to go into the underworld again in 2024, right? So that’s the place where Venus passes either between us or on the other side of the sun, which is the, the underworld that we’re talking about here. So, right. Ancient people would see Venus would disappear into the horizon and they would say Venus or any planet has gone into the underworld when we can’t see them.

They’re in the light of the sun. But for me. There’s so many reasons why I’m really excited about this, but part of it is because when we go to the underworld, when there’s the opportunity, when a planet’s going into the underworld and we can’t see, and they’re coming into that alignment with the sun.

It’s this amazing opportunity for transformation, like you were just saying, right? It’s this alchemical cauldron. It’s a time of consciously choosing to go to the underworld, excavate, transform some piece, some part of ourselves. And I feel like when we have those moments of being able to choose that consciously as opposed to kind of just Getting hit upside the head and going, now you’re in it, you know, that it helps us to evolve, come into that higher vibration by choice.



Amanda: Well, hello everybody and welcome to this special edition podcast episode of the astrology hub podcast. We do this prep series every year to help you clue into the astrology for the next year so that you can begin to plan, prepare, create your intentions around the astrological energies. And today we’re going to be here with Sheridan Semple, who is one of our inner circle Astrologers, and we’ll be diving into again, the astrology of 2024.

But before we do that, I just want to make sure that you know, that today, you’re getting a little sneak peek in a 2024, but we’re hosting the much anticipated three. Eighth annual year ahead forecast panel event. So this is something we’ve been doing every single year where we, put together a panel of amazing astrologers to talk about the astrology of the year ahead.

What are the major themes? What are the big transits? What are strategies or ideas that we can take into the year so that we can make it the best year yet with an awareness of the astrological energies? So Sheridan is going to be one of the astrologers on that panel. Also Christopher Renstrom, Rachel Lane. Mark Borax and Clarissa Dolphin.

So it’s going to be an amazing event. And if you want to join us again, it’s free. I don’t know if I mentioned that before, but I’m mentioning that right now.

Amanda: So just go to astrology hub. com slash 2024 forecast to join us now.

And even if you can’t join us live, make sure you register because then we’ll know to send you the limited time replay. If you’re an inner circle member, you do not need to register and you will get lifetime access to the recording. So you don’t need to worry about any of this. Just show up if you can live.

If not, the recording is going to be in your membership portal within 24 hours of the live broadcast. So again, go ahead, open up another browser on your computer or your phone and reserve your free spot by going to

Amanda: astrologyhub. com slash 2024. forecast. We’ll also drop that link in the show notes for you.

Can’t wait to see you there. It’s going to be an amazing event. All right. So a little bit about Sheridan. Sheridan was raised in the mountains, Aspen, Colorado, and through that she finds resilience and wisdom through a deep connection with earth’s natural cycles guided by a calling to help others.

Sheridan employs alchemical astrology and spiritual aromatherapy to lead people toward their authentic selves.

What is Alchemical Astrology?

Amanda: And she is a certified alchemical astrologer and spiritual aromatherapist. So Sheridan, can we start there? Like, what is that?

Sheridan: Yeah, it’s a great question. So Alchemical, right? Alchemy, turning lead into gold.

And so, for me, that’s not this literal thing, but it’s more of how do we transform, right? Alchemy is all about transformation, transmutation, and how do we transform from our kind of lower vibration selves, our more personality, our more just selves. Thanks. You know, here in this middle world kind of place into the vibration of our soul spirit, you know, that type of intention.

So for me, astrology, that’s what it offers to us is that ability through looking at our natal chart and, you know, like the transits that. We could be going through in 2024 and collectively we’re all going through in 2024. How do they help us evolve, grow, and come into greater resonance with our soul, right?

That that’s the path that we’re Trying to walk through our whole entire life, right? That’s what alchemical astrology is to me is that transmutation process. Wow.

Amanda: I was just exploring the definition of transformation and trans being to go beyond and form literally being to go beyond the form. And I love what you just talked about because the chart really does show us like kind of the form that we came into, but it also shows us that higher octave.

Of the quote unquote form. So I love it as just it’s a blueprint, and it gives us so much information about you know what we came here to become. So I love that emphasis that you have on the alchemical process that astrology enables for us. So, as we approach 2024, and we’re doing this event, like two months earlier than we usually do.

But just wanting to give people as much time to prepare for 2024 as possible.

2024 Transit to Look Out For

Amanda: What would you say is the one astrological event that you are looking forward to the most? And why would you say that?

Sheridan: So for me, this choice is super personal because, I’m in a Venus return, which happens for any of us every eight years.

And, um, Venus is going to go into the underworld again in 2024, right? So that’s the place where Venus… Passes either between us or on the other side of the sun, which is the underworld that we’re talking about here. So, right, ancient people would see Venus would disappear into the horizon and they would say Venus or any planet has gone into the underworld when we can’t see them.

They’re in the light of the sun, but for me. There’s so many reasons why I’m really excited about this, but part of it is because when we go to the underworld, when there’s the opportunity, when a planet’s going into the underworld and we can’t see, and they’re coming into that alignment with the sun, it’s this amazing opportunity for transformation.

Like you were just saying, right? It’s this alchemical cauldron. It’s a time of consciously choosing to go to the underworld. excavate, transform some piece, some part of ourselves. And I feel like when we have those moments of being able to choose that consciously as opposed to kind of just getting hit upside the head and boy, now you’re in it, you know, that it helps us to Evolve come into that higher vibration by choice.

And then I feel like it helps us to navigate those surprising transformation times. Those surprising underworld times that come and come to all of us. I feel like it helps kind of give us a leg up because we’re like, Oh, I can do this. I’ve done this, right? So I’m really looking forward to it because I was born in this cycle and I was born while Venus was in the underworld.

So it’s something that’s very near and dear to my heart of when. Venus is close to the sun. And I feel like, you know, it’s just really, it gives me an opportunity to kind of take things to that next level. But I feel like it offers all of us that ability around the divine feminine in particular, which is coming back online more and more and more, right.

We’re finding that energy rising and, and helping to bring the masculine into more healthy balance as we go. And I feel like this. Particular Leo Venus cycle is really encouraging that that self love and stepping into that fierceness of it all. And this underworld Venus cycle, I feel it gives us an amazing, like alchemical opportunity to do that even more consciously.

So are

Amanda: you seeing that we because Venus will be in the underworld and I want to ask you like if there’s any chart positions that make this especially potent like I know it’s potent for you but also are there other ways that people can look at their own chart and see if this will be particularly resonant for them but basically you’re saying there’s this opportunity to go into the underworld and Sort of excavate the way I’m hearing what you’re saying is that we’re having this opportunity to excavate some aspects of ourselves And take back some of that power within ourselves.

It’s already there, but maybe it’s occluded from our awareness for whatever reason. We can go back in, find it, and embody it even more fully as we move forward. And that a lot of the themes that are associated with this are going to be around the True feminine power, like the true feminine power,

Connecting with the Divine Feminine

Amanda: I would love to know how you define divine feminine because it’s a term that gets thrown around quite a bit and, and I don’t want to take for granted that people know, you know, that everybody thinks of it the same way.

So when you say it, what

Sheridan: do you mean? So I think of it like an easy way to kind of think of it is like the Chinese symbol of the yin and yang, right? And it’s like the two halves that make up the whole, the unity, the yin aspect and the yang aspect. So it’s the feminine aspect and the masculine aspect, right?

So from that Perspective, it’s more of the like, the heart, as opposed to like the young is more of the mind right, it’s more of the receiving, as opposed to the action, it doesn’t mean that the divine that the feminine can’t be active, or that the masculine can’t be receptive, but it’s more on that side like the place where.

We tune into our intuition and we sit with, we let things come to us. There’s a magnetic quality to it. And that no matter how we identify by gender, we have these two halves, right? I identify as a woman, but I have a divine masculine half component to me. And it’s always about bringing those into greater balance that I think we find that unity.

And I feel like. That feminine piece is the place of like, you know, like I recently read this book called rest is resistance by Tricia Hersey, and it’s about like rest as a revolution rest as resistance right the pushing back on the constant like doing doing doing doing doing which is sort of the. You know, what is the word like the shadow side of that divine masculine, the more being kind of a place where we do allow ourselves to rest and come back to ourselves and ground in center.

That to me is some of the major aspects of the divine feminine when I say that. Wow.

Amanda: Yeah. It’s, it’s about learning how to value those things again, right? Value the intuition, value the rest, value the sitting and, and trusting in the timing. And it, I’m finding it more and more essential because, and, and maybe the future was always uncertain.

It’s just very Obviously uncertain at this point, you know, so there is more of that needing to trust in the intuitive guidance and step by step forward where like you don’t necessarily have the full vision or master plan laid out in front of you. You just know what the next step is based on your intuition, how it feels in your body, you know, those kinds of things, but I feel we’re all being asked to practice these.

Like on a daily basis in a way that I, at least in my life, I don’t remember it being put to the test as much. Are you experiencing that too, Sheridan?

Sheridan: Absolutely, and I think you put it beautifully, like, that’s it so much, right? It’s not being like on our head, figuring it out, we can’t make a plan. I mean, yeah, of course you want to make plans and have intentions, but it’s like going with the flow.

Being okay with like the not knowing. Letting it unfold, right? Being present, right? Being present is like in this moment. It’s not in the next moment. It’s not in the last moment, right? And that’s the only place that we actually really live from. But that, that energy feels so feminine to me, right? That’s what’s changing, that being kind of a place.

So I’m excited for this Venus Underworld because, right? It’s like this opportunity when we get to. Pick something that’s like not really serving us. So it can be really mundane, like, Oh, I’m watching too much Netflix and TV. And I, that’s preventing me from coming into a higher vibration. And it blocks me from connecting more into my intuition and trusting in my soul and spirit, right?

That’s the thing I’m going to choose when I go to the underworld is to stop that for that. Three months or reduce it or something and then see what fills into that space, right? Because it’s like, I’ve got these things in the shadow that I’m doing that are taking up this energy. But if I free that, then I can come back into me just like you had said originally, what are the

Amanda: actual dates?

So we can like mark this out on our calendars. And I love this idea because you’re essentially, it’s almost like we’re making an offering. And, and Venus going into the underworld is the Anana story, right? It’s, she does, she takes off her robes, she takes off her jewelry, she, she goes naked into the underworld.

And we can, we can do this symbolically as well. We can say, okay, I’m going to take off my reliance on Netflix in your example. Or I’m going to take off my, you know, comfort. Scrolling through social media before I go to sleep like that’s something that I’ve gotten used to to sort of lull me into sleep.

Okay, I’m gonna I’m gonna offer that as I step into this underworld event.

Venus’ Visibility in the Sky

Amanda: So please tell us what the dates are so we can like actually work with this.

Sheridan: Yeah, so roughly I use a 10 degree or but it’s a little bit varied. So give or take these dates April 27th of 2024 we’re talking about to July 10th. So it could be a little before or a little after.

It’s really when you can’t see Venus in the morning sky anymore, which will vary depending upon where we are on the planet and our horizon line. And I love that about it, that it’s not this firm date because One, I think that encourages us to go out and see the astrology in the sky and connect with it, which I feel is so important.

And same thing on the other side, right? So when Venus rises into the evening sky on or around July 10th. So I like having the dates to be loose so that you can tune in for yourself. Even if you can’t always go outside and see, but like, it doesn’t have to be this like exact firm moment, right? But around those dates.

If we

Amanda: were going out to the sky to time this ritualistic event for ourselves. We would be watching Venus as she becomes less and less visible in the morning. So she’s visible and we’re going to see her sort of getting closer and closer to the horizon and then eventually we can’t see her anymore. And then we’re going to wait to see when she arises again.

At the in the evening sky in the sunset time,

Sheridan: right? Yup, exactly. Okay. So from the eastern sky, morning sky to the western evening sky. Exactly.

Who Is Venus’ Underworld Period Significant For?

Amanda: Are there any specific chart placements that will make this Venus underworld period more significant for people?

Sheridan: Yeah, so Venus goes into the underworld in Aries and comes out in Cancer. So you could, one, look at those signs, right? Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer.

Um, it’s having an impact there as well as… You could look at some of like the cardinal signs if you have like big cardinal sign because then you’re obviously going to be in a conjunction or an opposition or square to it and we won’t I won’t get too worried about like all the little degrees because I think that can get overwhelming.

Um, but I would say too, if you are turning a Multiplication of eight during this Leo Venus cycle. So if when Venus is going into the underworld, you’ve turned, you know, 8, 16, 24, right? That, um, then you’re in a Venus return. So it could be before the underworld. It could be after the underworld, but around that timing, then this whole Venus cycle carries a greater weight for you because you’re, um, Taking that feminine expression to the next highest octave for yourself, right?

So that will have a bigger impact the entire cycle.

Amanda: Okay, so putting that series of events on your radar for 2024 and thinking about what, what is it, what is the thing that I’m putting on the altar that I am, like, ready to release because I know deep down that it’s kind of blocking me from my goal.

Um, essence, my own, you know, being able to listen to my intuition or, or, or be more led by the, the feminine aspect of myself. Yes.

Sheridan: Yes, exactly.

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Common Misconception about Astrology

Amanda: Sheridan, what would you say is the most common misconception that people have about astrology? That you love. Like if you could wave a magic wand and have this cleared up as we head into 2024, what would that be?

Sheridan: I would say it’s like the idea that we’re victims to it, right? That it’s doing something to us. And I don’t want to say that like the planets and the solar system don’t have an effect on us, right? You just go out in the sun and you can feel the effect, right? So it’s not that there’s an effect, not that there’s a lack of effect, but that it’s like.

We’re at the mercy of it. We’re victims to it, right? That we’re powerless for me, the astrology, the solar system, all of the things that are happening. It’s like, it’s all about growth and intention and evolution and opportunity. Right? So we’re not powerless to it. It’s how is this thing helping me grow?

What is the intention behind it? Right? Like, Mercury retrograde is such a perfect example. It just gets such a bad rap. We blame everything on it. And it’s not to say that you can’t have technological difficulties or communication difficulties. But I think part of that comes from how we’re so attached to that.

Do you, do you do go, go, go. Right. And that mercury retrograde is this amazing opportunity for this growth to like be and Step into the other half of our hemisphere of our brains and like Do something artistic, right? Like grow in another way that doesn’t have to be so linear and so focused. So I would just say, don’t be afraid of any cycle, any transit.

It’s always has a gift of growth evolution. It’s just, we just have to figure out what that is. And then like. Get on board as best we can, and that doesn’t mean you don’t have hard times, you do, but that’s part of that growth process.

Amanda: So that lens of life, the planets, my chart, it’s happening for me, not against me, and not to me.

It’s designed with a certain level of conscious intelligence.

Sheridan: Yes. Yes. Absolutely.

Advice for 2024

Amanda: All right. If you could give one piece of advice to our community as we enter into 2024, based on the astrology, what would that

Sheridan: be? I would say like tune in, just keep dropping in, right? Cultivate practices that. connect you to your intuition, help guide you into that being aspect more, whether it’s like grounding or meditation or doing ceremony, you know, things like that, that just like help bring you back into what really, really matters within right, the our connection to our soul, trying to live that path.

That’s what I would say is really just Tuning in, tuning in, tuning in. You go unconscious, tune in again, you know, cultivating your own personal connection and trust in your intuition and your connection to spirit. I’ve

Amanda: been playing around with that a lot Sheridan, and one of the things that I’m loving is creating structure that makes that easier.

So to me, it’s sort of like the combination of masculine kind of idea of like, there is structure around this process of tuning in, which feels more feminine, right? So using the rhythm of the day. Using a very clear, distinct period of time in the evening, using the rhythm of the lunar cycle, using the rhythm of the equinoxes and solstice, you know, just like using, and to me, it’s like using the cosmic structure that’s already there.

Like we don’t even have to reinvent the wheel. It’s just, it’s there, but using that to actually be little like built in reminders of like, tune in, tune in. What are you here for? What’s the point? What’s life all about what’s your life all about, you know, but just using those built in already there for us moments that are very astrologically based in order to do that.

And that’s one of the gifts I feel like the inner circle offers and some of the things that we, we have even some of you I know I’ve ritualized like tuning into the podcast, you know, that’s your, your opportunity to tune in to remember who you are and why you’re here and just. Check into a different level of, of yourself.

So I, I love that you’re bringing this in and this theme seems to me to be a theme that we’re, we keep touching back in on is this intuitive aspect. What do you do to, to support yourself in that process? Like, what are the things that you do Sheridan that help you to like, okay, I’m back in, I’m remembering who I am, I’m, you know, I’m, I’m less asleep or at the mercy of the

Sheridan: world.

Yeah, um, one of the big things I like to do is I like to meditate when I first wake up in the morning and Often I’ll go outside And see Venus right now in the morning sky and sit in meditation Outside with Venus right or just sitting in meditation anywhere Even if it’s like freezing cold and I just go into my like little room and sit at my altar So meditation is one of the big things For me, because I feel like it just sets the tone of the day and sometimes it’s really short.

So it’s not like, Oh, it needs to be this like 30 minute really elaborate thing. You know, even sometimes it’s just a few minutes, like a, let it just be what it is. Right. What comes to me sometimes it’s long. Sometimes it’s short. I’ll often, like, pick a couple of cards to kind of, like, help me connect in to my intuition.

Write a message that’s coming from this card that I can understand. Um, and I will write gratitude lists in the morning as well. I feel like that’s another thing that really, like, helps. Just set the tone ground and connect me like, I’m so grateful for this. I’m so grateful for that. And I let it change. I don’t say the same thing every time.

I mean, those are just some, but I also really. Like eating cleanly really helps me just energetically and vibration and be able to like run energy through my body. So, those are a few things that I try and do really on a regular basis, imperfectly don’t always do it. Right. But yeah, those are some of the practices.


Amanda: like doing my gratitude list at night. I think it’s awesome that you do it in the morning. I do it. I mean, I wake up and say, thank you. You know, like, thank you for, I’m alive, there’s a new day, like, thank you for my life. But I do my little list at night. So, that just shows you, you can do it either way.

But, but, both of us taking cues from what? The sun. From sun, like, for you, it’s when sun’s up. For me, it’s when sun’s going down. But it’s still, that’s still astrologically based on some level, right? It’s still in tune with the rhythm of nature. The other thing I was just learning about Sheridan is how Essential.

It is for our eyes to see the sunrise and sunset because of what it does to our hormones it like when we see the lights in the morning, it cues our body to stop producing melatonin and to kick in the hormones that give get us active for the day, cortisol and things like that. Right. And vice versa at night.

And so there’s all these ways of getting in rhythm with nature, which again does feel feminine to me. This feels like a feminine way of moving through the world. It’s also good for our physical health and our body and our sleep and all those things, you know, just getting back to the natural

Sheridan: rhythms.

Yeah. Oh, I love that. I love learning that. And also it’s like, it connects us into like our DNA. We did that for so much longer than we’ve been doing this modern world, right? So it’s like when we click into that, even though it can feel foreign to us now, there’s like a knowing and a remembering and a like, Oh wow, this feels right.

This feels calming to my nervous system. This drops me in. And there’s a. a place that like our body knows the dna knows and it takes us back to that right that connection to our ancestors all of those pieces just by watching the sunset or watching the sunrise

Other Significant Transits

Amanda: sharon and i know that you’re bringing in this aspect of the astrology of 2024 because of the venus Going into the underworld.

Is there any other astrology that’s like corroborating on behalf of these types of, of, of, of inviting people to prioritize these types of practices and this type of approach

Sheridan: in their lives? I mean, I would say definitely that this, uh, solar eclipse coming in 2024 as well, right? Because eclipse, eclipse season, again, it’s that same kind of like quick transformation.

Venus will pass through, the underworld will take longer than the eclipse season lasts, but it’s that, that shadow over the light, back to the light, right? It’s a quicker kind of alchemical process. And so I feel like. That eclipse season. It’s like we have the eclipse and then Venus goes into the underworld.

It’s like all that is like, same, same for me. Right.

Amanda: Okay. Awesome.

More Uncertainty in 2024?

Amanda: Do you feel like we we’ve been navigating a lot of uncertainty? I mean, again, it’s like maybe the uncertainty was always there. It’s just, we’re way more aware of it. But since 2020, I know for myself and so many people in the audience, it’s kind of like, whoa, like.

Where’s this thing going? There’s just a lot that we can no longer rely on as as a given for our futures. Is that highlighted in 2024 like it has been this sort of uncertain future, the sort of curveballs that might be thrown our way. Or is it a little bit more of a steady year? Like how, how would you

Sheridan: gauge that?

I think it’s still going to be more on like the curveball side of things. I think we’re going to be riding that wave for a while still. You know, we have like Jupiter going into Gemini for a while Pluto moving into Aquarius, you know, I think that um, I think part of the uncertainty and the unknown and the stress and all of that that comes with it is part of the growth of what you’re talking about that keeps bringing us back to I think it’s like the collective growth that’s like Bringing us back to what’s actually important.

Our spiritual connections, grounding, being present, you know, all those things is like, that’s the gift that I think it’s really offering. And I don’t think we’ve like fully arrived at the evolution yet. So I think we’re going to still be in that energy for a while still. Yeah.

Amanda: Yeah. Okay.

Importance of Daily Practices

Amanda: And in terms of one astrologically based tool or practice that you feel people could adopt for 2024, is there anything that you want to offer?

I mean, I know you do a lot with your aromatherapy. Is there anything that you think would be really helpful for people to support them? Yeah.

Sheridan: Yeah. Like along those lines, I think. I think it’s really important to find some kind of a physical thing that, like, helps ground you into the energy and helps bring you into the vibration of the energy, right?

I like aromatherapy, but you might like herbs or you might like earthing or whatever. You might like, you know, like Joji was just teaching a course about like talking about like talisman in the inner circle, right? Like creating a talisman that connects you something that’s like, are you like crystals or stones or whatever it is, but something that’s like a concrete.

Thing that you can use on a daily basis is like that touchstone, right? Like if it’s the Venus in the underworld, it’s like, okay, here’s my intention. But something that like on a daily basis, that’s physical, like you hold a crystal that’s helps you remember the thing that you’re doing, the intention. So it’s not like we set these intentions and then they’re just gone and you forget and you remember maybe later.

Or not at all, you know, but something that’s like a daily practice that’s very physical that grounds you into that intention, that vibration, the direction that you’re going, right? So I like to use essential oils on a daily basis that are like, please help me with this intention. Help me remember, bring me into that vibration.

But it could be a number of things like whatever speaks to you and your intention, but something that’s a daily practice. That’s physical that you can like touch and hold and connect with. Well, we have,

Amanda: we have a couple months to gather whatever this physical thing is. And I love that. I mean that people can either carry it or wear it or put it on their altar or have it in the car or, you know, whatever it is so that I love that physical, tangible reminder of, of the intention that you’re holding.

Sheridan’s Focus for the Forecast Panel

Amanda: During the forecast panel.

What, what astrology will you be focused on? We’ve got, I love that. We got to like do a little bit of like an excerpt deep dive with you here. But what will you be focusing on during the forecast panel event?

Sheridan: I definitely am interested to talk about this solar eclipse that’s coming up, especially because it’s so, it’s visible here in the United States, where I am.

And then also, um, you know, I want to talk about Jupiter dipping into Gemini for a little while. And of course, like Pluto moving back into Aquarius again, right? It’s a little bit more time before it’s just permanent, but that starts to happen, right? So, um, those are two that, um, I’m really excited about coming into

Amanda: Lots of themes that we’ll be exploring around those topics. It’s one year where I feel like the astrology is relatively clear cut, meaning like some some years we have tons of different types of angles we could we could pursue. But as far as what I know about 2024 right now, there’s, there’s just some, there’s some big astrology that’s like pretty obvious that we need to talk about and we need to be ready for, and there will be really clear ideas around those.

Those astrological events, which is, I mean, the last time we had the visible solar eclipse in the United States, talk about a game changing moment. I mean, that was a huge game changer for me, for astrology hub, for the entire team. That was like a part of an event that we did right around that, that we, it was the great American eclipse, right?

It was called the great American eclipse. And it was, it was like a pivotal moment in time. So I’m kind of like, Oh, wow. Like, what’s that going to bring this time? Because it was just, it was very, very big

Sheridan: for all of us. And we’re just about to have another one and then the one in 2024 as well. Wow.

Amanda: Amazing.


Amanda: Okay. Well, Sheridan, thank you so much. For any of you who are interested in working with Sheridan and getting more in depth on your personal astrology for 2024. Getting more insights on maybe what is that sort of physical, tangible thing that would really match your personal astrology for 2024. What are some practices?

What are some specific aromatherapy practices you could incorporate into your life? Any of those. And also, even if you’re really interested in this Venus cycle work and how it pertains to you. Highly recommend booking a reading with Sheridan. She is offering a 20% discount on her year ahead readings, but you have to book it this week.

You don’t have to have the reading this week, but you have to book the reading this week. And when you do use Code Sheridan 24, so Sheridan, all in caps, s h e r i d a n 24, and you’ll get 20% off that. Your head reading with Sheridan. Um, you can do that at

Amanda: astrologyhub. com slash connect and then find Sheridan.

Make sure you use that discount code. We’ll put the details for that in the show notes for this episode. So it’ll be all there. You don’t have to scribble it all down. But, um, Sheridan, thank you for offering that generous discount on your readings for the year ahead. And for any of you, again, if you’re interested in getting four more perspectives on the astrology of 2024 and really being a part of the discussion around the 2024 astrology, make sure you sign up for that forecast event.

That is totally free. That’s at

Amanda: astrologyhub. com. dot com slash 2024 forecast. And those are, that’s like my favorite event of the year that we do just because the discussion between all of you astrologers is always, it’s like a big unknown, you know, where’s it going to go? It’s very organic. It’s very like in the moment.

So hopefully you all will decide to join us for that and shared. And I can’t wait to connect with you on that forecast panel. If you missed it, if you’re watching, this is a recording. And the replay is still available. You can just go to that link that I said, register, and you’ll have access to the recordings right away.

Sheridan, anything else you would like to say to our community as we

Sheridan: close up here? Oh, just thank you. It’s so nice to be a part of the community and I’m so excited to share and talk about and just help us all use the astrology to like, become better connected in our worlds.

Amanda: Love it. Especially with the way The world is going.

It feels like that connection to self connection to each other. All of these, these things are more and more and more and more important. So thank you shared and I love all the reminders. I love the practices and the, you know, the opportunity that you’re presenting to all of us for this year ahead.

Thank you for that. And thanks to all of you for tuning in. Thank you for being interested. Thank you for being curious. Thank you for asking the questions. Thank you for being a part of our community as always. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. I can’t wait to connect with you on the next episode

take care, everybody.

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