Ep 31 – The Personal and Collective Impact of Eclipses with Master Astrologer Donna Woodwell

“Witnessing an Eclipses is that kind of chilling moment that makes us feel connected to something far larger and mysterious than ourselves than we’re used to assuming in our day to day lives.” – Donna Woodwell.

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Ep 31 –The Personal and Collective Impact of Eclipses with Master Astrologer Donna Woodwell

For ages, Eclipses have instantly ended wars, dethroned kings, and altered the reality of those who witness them. Their energy can carry through generations and deeply stir an individual. The reaction we often have to these energies is simultaneous endings and beginnings, and in their wake, we see a part of ourselves that is often surprising. How can we be more in touch with this energy and move positively with its flow? This topic and many more are in today’s episode.

Tune in to hear how the family of eclipses we are in now is unfolding a story, and where this may lead or manifest around you.

Most memorable quote(s) from the show

“One of the things I’ve been sitting with a lot lately is our human instinct to make an enemy or make the other person bad or wrong, and create contention in order to move on. We have to like have some big dramatic climax in order to have the energy to move into something new. I really think that that’s up to be looked at. Do we really have to do it that way? The word “gracefully” keeps coming to me. Is there a graceful way to say, “You know what, we’ve had a great run. We had some great times together. We created some amazing things. It’s time to move on, and I don’t need to make you wrong. We can move on with love. We can move on with, with respect.  

Amanda Pua Walsh

“No Eclipse happens alone. They always happen in pairs and they always happen in a family that unfolds a story for us to work through. As the story is weaving, as we learn how to appreciate what it means to dig into the shadows and see the parts of ourselves that we don’t want to see, that’s not an easy process. If it was an easy process, we wouldn’t say it was in shadow, right? It’s not like you could just go and look in the mirror and go, “oh yeah, there’s that thing.” It’s something that has to bubble up from deep inside of you and you can’t put your finger on it. You don’t necessarily have words for if you’re even willing to make space for such things to emerge. 

Donna Woodwell

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  1. Tina Riley on June 20, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    Loved this Amanda and Donna. Having taken the Eclipse Mastery course in 2017, I know how wonderful, informative and magical Donna’s teaching is – listening to the podcast tonight has brought it all back to me and I’m going right over to it again now to soak it all up again – fabulous course! Donna, I love listening to/learning with you, you are so inspiring and knowledgeable and your enthusiam is contagious! I was only thinking about you yesterday as I was remembering a meditation you did about being in a garden and going through some woods etc – it was the most powerful meditation I have ever experienced and I actually burst into tears during it – it released so much for me. You had set it to a piece of music – you said played by one of your favourite artists – I think it was a woman playing a kind of wind instrument ? Do you still have this meditation? I would love to purchase it if so. Anyway girls, I’m so glad I listened to this tonight (I’m in the UK) it’s certainly sparked my enthusiam again! Thank you lovely ladies for your gift of just being you Xxx

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