Astrology Hub Podcast Horoscope for the Week of June 24th – June 30th

Donna Woodwell's Major Theme/ Suggestion for the Week: “Savor the stillness while it lasts.” –  Donna Woodwell

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Week of June 24th – June 3oth

Despite being in eclipse season, this week may feel like a cosmic vacation—much lighter than recent days. Pretending' nothing happened' will be easy….although, not recommended. The circumstances you've worked through will reappear, in one form or another, in the coming weeks. So, how should you prepare? Can you manifest a new direction?
Tune in to hear Donna & Amanda's insight on how to harness your power this week!

Advice from Amanda & Donna

“Power is one of the themes of the eclipses coming up and being able to recognize that you have it. And it may not be the kind of power where you've got a weapon to flog people over the head with. It's the kind of power that comes from embracing the spiritual path and recognizing when you do the magic happens because magic is power. 

– Donna Woodwell

“It's really amazing to realize that we have that much power. We really do. Our thoughts, our ideas, our visions, they will manifest, and sometimes there's so much time between it that it's hard to draw the correlation. Right now I'm drawing the correlation and it's happening fast. I'm realizing I need to take even more responsibility for my thoughts, for the things that I'm calling in because they're going to come…”

– Amanda Pua Walsh

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*IC COSMIC UPDATE 6.26 PT  Moon in Aries square Pluto RX in Capricorn at °22  @3:42 pm

Feelings become intense today as to does the need to resolve issues that are setting behind the sense of your situations. Manipulation is very possible in many ways so be sure not to become the victim or support lack consciousness in self or others. Habitual patterns are calling for your loving attention to transmute inner darkness into light.

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