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Ep 30 – Combining Astrology & Tarot for Ultimate Clarity: An Interview with Astrologer & Tarot Practioner, Lisa Salvatore

“Everyone will have their own relationship with their cards. That's the key. It's 80% intuition and 20% the cards – Lisa Salvator

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Throughout the ages, Tarot has beckoned the interest of everyone, including the skeptics…
What the cards hold is something everyone wants to ( and doesn’t want to) know!
But HOW does the magic work?

Today’s guest, Lisa Salvator, is an Intuitive Tarot Reader & Astrologer.
Tune In to hear her story, how she helps her clients, and best of all – to listen to the Podcast’s Tarot reading!

Most memorable quote(s) from the show

“A lot of times we don't realize when we're hanging on tightly to someone or something, we're actually blocking their growth, too. And by releasing them, we're helping them. I know, at least in my life, it's so hard, but then yeah, do it and then you, you tap in with them or you tune into them later. Like they're flourishing. They're good. Like it was hard at that moment, but it's okay…  

Amanda Pua Walsh

“It's funny what you say about feeling indebted because. Two of those cards are Major, which are karmic. So that explains that indebted feeling… Almost like they've expired… I've had it happen basically with friends that I love. I will always love them. But at this point on my journey, they're not serving my growth and I know that and I'm probably not serving theirs any longer, either. It doesn't have to be a fight. You just have to move forward. It's time.”

Lisa Salvatore

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