Astrology Hub Podcast Horoscope for the Week of Week of June 10th-16th

Donna Woodwell’s Major Theme/ Suggestion for the Week: “A good mantra for the coming week: Find common ground. When the center can no longer hold and things feel like they may fall apart, the best place to start is finding the common place where we all stand together in order to begin again.”  – Donna Woodwell

Week of June 10th-16th

“A good mantra for the coming week: Find common ground.” – Donna Woodwell

This upcoming week will have you wishing upon a bright star (Jupiter). Twisted in a tug a war between emotions and common sense — followed by the high probability of projection before ending the week in a deep state of soul searching. There are fated seeds planted now!

“Compassion flows, Aloha flows, when you recognize the emotional needs of others and can communicate how you feel with them…”

Tune in to Donna & Amanda to know where this cosmic path is leading and how you can work with the energies and not against them.

Advice from Amanda & Donna

“We always get the best results when we maintain the highest vibrations. Individuals who bring a lot of conscious awareness to their charts, into the transits – individuals can listen to podcasts like this and find out what’s going on and change their responses…until we have that collective level, it’s up to each of us to raise our own vibrations and hold the energy net up for everyone.

– Donna Woodwell

“I honestly feel that the best way is to not get too attached to any one perspective and treat each person as a vantage point of God. We’re all seeing the world the way that we see it, and that doesn’t make anyone right or wrong. It’s the way that we see it. At Astrology Hub, it is about celebrating those differences and also knowing that not every Astrologer that we feature is going to resonate with everyone. But the point is that there’s going to be a lot that does. There’s no judgment in that..”

– Amanda Pua Walsh


Key Astrology Dates from this Lunations Inner Guide

*IC COSMIC UPDATE 6.9* Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces at 18 @10:17 pm PT  

Feeling the call of the creator from within. Today you will be psychically tuned in with sharp intuition. Learn to trust your heightened senses and give yourself permission to accept these gifts. You may notice where the flow of energy is getting stuck in your body and receive divine instructions on how to clear the blockages. – Meru Matu

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  1. Jacqueline R Saari on June 9, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    Loved this podcast! I felt like it really hit home on this idea of “truth”. What if we all let go of the idea that our truth is the best? And simply accept that ALL of our truths, are exactly the truth that we choose, at this moment, for our eventual evolution. I LOVE that this is taking place. It’s a good reminder for me. If the Universe is paradoxical (which I see at this moment being a unification of opposites), then all truths are truth, which dictates that also none of those truths can be true.

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