Ep 008 – Tuning into the Rhythm of Eclipses and the Power of Transformation

Eclipses are new and full moons on steroids—they’re extra intense... Donna Woodwell

Enchantment and fear of Eclipses have touched every age. What is within the darkness? What do we do when we have no choice but to face what’s there? Spoiler alert: its empowering to reclaim what is hidden in your shadow self!

In the busy modern world, it’s possible NOT to be aware that we are currently in an eclipse portal. However, often, it is not possible to avoid the impact eclipses have within us & our lives.

Donna Woodwell has a stunning way of teaching both the technical and the soul work opportunities we have with the energies at play. Tune In to hear Donna’s tips as well as an enlightening insight Amanda has about an experience she calls, ‘The Dark Night of the Soul.’


Most memorable quote(s) from the show:

It’s important for us to be aware & make space for recognizing, embracing and working with the shadow elements. During the eclipse season, we have a unique opportunity to see more.

Amanda Pua Walsh

Our mind is like a river that keeps flowing and circling. In moments where we have been traumatized by life, whether it’s this life or some previous life, what happens to that soul energy? Imagine a rock or divide in the stream–two paths flow simultaneously. Neither stream has access to all of the energy. This is where we set up the process of creating shadows…. the healing work comes from being able to reclaim those parts of ourselves.

Donna Woodwell

It’s an otherworldly experience & an opportunity for us to tune into the themes and the patterns that are happening in our lives. 

Amanda Pua Walsh

A lot of people are experiencing things that have to do with the heart, opening the heart,  relationship issues. Or feeling this deep purging of these heart-centered wounds that we have experienced in the past trying to find healing by clearing out that kind of energy. And it’s happening in so many places.

Donna Woodwell

Links and tools mentioned in the Show:

Timestamps for segments:

  • 3:00 Eclipse Introduction
  • 13:00 Why Eclipses are a focus for Astrologers
  • 34:00 The Shadow & Magic
  • 41:00 Practical Tools to work with

HOSTS: Amanda ‘Pua Walsh and Donna Woodwell

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