Astrology Hub’s Horoscope for the Week January 14th – January 20th

Major Theme for the Week: Living at the crossroads.

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Week Ahead Horoscope

You know you should listen up when the forecast starts with “don’t be scared, but this week is a doozy!”

Take the space you need on Monday; the First Quarter Moon can bring some edge to the energy. Midweek calms down with a nice ‘in the zone’ vibe. Venus & Mars bring sizzling magic to Thursday (date night!). Friday, the Sun & Uranus may have you wishing for a change, check your reasons before your impulse takes over! The week finishes with a Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse…

Tune in for a podcast full of insightful advice to get you through the crossroads ahead.

Advice from Amanda & Donna

When you see difficult aspects coming up, really start asking yourself the question of “is this relationship or this, fill in the blank, important to me.” And if it is important to you–in order to weather complicated aspects, you have to know that you’re still committed before you throw it all overboard…

Donna Woodwell

One of the things to keep in mind for Thursday is this is an opportunity for us to practice being in the flow. It’s not something that most of us do naturally. There’s an opportunity for us to practice it and to cultivate that skill of this trust.

Amanda Walsh


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