Demystifying Harmonic Astrology w/Clarissa Dolphin

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Cutting Edge Astrology: Discover Your Life Purpose Using The Power of Harmonic AstrologyCutting Edge Astrology: Discover Your Life Purpose Using The Power of Harmonic Astrology

In today’s episode, we’ll explore harmonic astrology’s profound impact on personal growth, uncover hidden aspects of our astrological charts, and learn practical ways to apply these insights in our everyday lives.

The beautiful thing about astrology is that it’s layer upon layer of ourselves and the Universe. It’s a way to make sense of ourselves in a much deeper way. Harmonic astrology could be the missing piece you’ve been looking for all along! 

What is harmonic astrology, you ask? A practice that fills in the gaps we didn’t even know we had. The most direct access point to our energy current. A fast track out of the programming we experience in this third dimension. A way to make math finally make sense. 

Harmonic astrology is a way to expand ourselves and what’s possible. It could be the path to the a-ha moment you’ve been seeking!

Clarissa Dolphin is a Harmonic Astrologer, and the perfect person to give us an essential primer on the practice. Can you learn it on its own, or do you need the foundation of traditional astrology? What’s the easiest way to start?

In today’s episode, we’ll explore harmonic astrology’s profound impact on personal growth, uncover hidden aspects of our astrological charts, and learn practical ways to apply these insights in our everyday lives.

In this episode you’ll learn; 

🟧 Harmonic astrology and the significance of symmetrical distances, shapes and geometry 

🧮 Why you don’t have to be a math whiz to understand harmonics 

〰️ How to discover your highest harmonic and how it guides you to your energy current

🎼 Why harmonics are a way out of the conditioning of this third dimension 

🧲 Who would love harmonic astrology and who wouldn’t 

🌊 What harmonic astrology can reveal about you at the deepest level 


Guest Bio 

Clarissa is a Certified Astrologer, Shamanic Healer, Tarot Diviner, Reiki Master, Writer based in LA.


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Clarissa Dolphin: [00:00:00] There are a lot of things in people’s highest harmonics that they would write off. Um They’re writing them off as like just hobbies or just interest, but actually that’s your life path. That’s your highest goal. And so it’s, it’s internet energetic is to do that. So to actually be able to work with strangers, cause I don’t know my clients and whatever, and, and just be like, Hey, you know, this is the energy.

In these harmonics and they’re like, oh my god, i’ve been that’s my My soul desire for 37 years and I can’t you know, whatever that’s what I really want to do But I thought blah blah blah blah. It’s like It’s, it’s access to getting on your actual life path, you know, so you can get out of your head or whatever and really embrace your energy.

Amanda Walsh: Welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast. I’m Amanda Poole Walsh, founder of [00:01:00] Astrology Hub, and your host for our flagship show. We explore the many ways astrology can support you and your relationships, career, health, and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in.

Clarissa Dolphin: Well, hello

Amanda Walsh: everybody. Welcome to the astrology hub podcast.

Today, we are going to do a very deep dive into a fascinating realm of astrology called Harmonic Astrology. We have with us the multi talented Clarissa Dolphin, who is also an upcoming Inner Circle Expand

Clarissa Dolphin: Guide.

Amanda Walsh: And Clarissa’s expertise has been recognized by the New York Times. And as a certified Harmonic Astrologer, Shamanic Healer, Tarot Diviner, Reiki Master, and Writer,

Clarissa Dolphin: Clarissa

Amanda Walsh: brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective.

To the astrological table in today’s episode, we’ll explore harmonic astrology’s profound impact on personal growth. [00:02:00] We’ll uncover hidden aspects of our astrological charts and learn practical ways to apply these insights in our everyday lives. So get ready to discover how the subtle yet powerful influences of harmonics.

can bring transformative change to your journey. Clarissa is also teaching a harmonic astrology mastery class in our inner circle, expand membership. So I’m excited to introduce these concepts here today. So our inner circle members can get very excited about what’s to come very soon in their membership.

And Clarissa, welcome back to the astrology hub podcast. I’m so happy you’re

Clarissa Dolphin: here again. So thank you so much, Amanda. It gives me body chills to speak to you and the astrology hub community every time. And I just want to thank you for, you know, being so open and really on the cutting edge of astrology. Um, I appreciate being here.[00:03:00]


Amanda Walsh: I mean, if we think about astrology as something that is, is leaving, living and breathing and responding to us as much as we’re responding to it. expanding our awareness of what’s possible with an astrology. It seems really important, right? So let’s that brings us to harmonic astrology for those out there who don’t know what that is, can you please give us an, uh.

an understanding of what Harmonic Astrology is and how it’s different than traditional or modern

Clarissa Dolphin: astrology? Absolutely. Harmonic Astrology, I think for, for the purposes of our discussion today, really there are two main things to consider in terms of like what it is and how it differs from other astrological schools.

One main, uh, thing to consider is actually the time period that we’re existing in now. So harmonic [00:04:00] astrology is very modern, which I’ll explain in a second. Um, I think the, the other concept is actually very ontological, really the, in terms of historic and, and other astrology schools, um, up till now, really for very many hundreds of years.

Astrology was restricted to higher classes in the court. And so it was very much used and applied for political and social reasons. Like this is when this person’s going to become king, deliver your army there. This guy’s a robber, he’s a Scorpio, you know, and things like that. The Harmonic Astrology ontological kind of purview is completely synonymous with quantum mechanics and quantum physics.

But beyond that, and really in that kind of mind frame, it is, [00:05:00] we’re, Harmonic Astrologers were not dealing with the social and or effects, um, political effects. of planets. We are directly experiencing the origin of all being. Like, literally. Energy. Like, physics. So it’s like the different type of consciousness, it’s a different type of being.

Um. And also in terms of like modernity and what, like how it kind of actually works like in real life and application, uh, harmonics have been around also for thousands of years, particularly through the Vedic astrology tradition. So the Navamsa and the Saptamsa charts from Vedic astrology, Navamsa chart is the ninth harmonic, um, and the Saptamsa chart is the seventh harmonic.[00:06:00]

Um, and, and, uh, however. We, in terms of just actually being able to use harmonics, it really expanded and blew up in the 1970s when we had computers to calculate things. It takes forever to calculate a harmonic, right? So, Anyway, so now we’re in, like, a very modern zone, it’s 2024, where we have equipment where we can actually look, calculate, in an instant, any type of number of harmonics, because our harmonics are infinite, harmonics take it a step further into the quantum realm, with things like You know, and these are all 20th century breakthroughs, things like the double slit experiment, where, you know, waves become light, and etc.

The way that we detect these quantum subatomic [00:07:00] movements and particles and effects and forces. Through harmonic astrology is very much connected to things like the Higgs boson, which is the, the God particle, but particularly the Higgs field, which is this concept in quantum mechanics of every single thing in the universe being connected through the Higgs field or something like it, which is this giant thing.

sense or whatever, long story short, blah, blah, blah. It’s all symmetry. It’s symmetrical. So in harmonic astrology, it’s very much the symmetry, the symmetrical, uh, distances, the angular distances, the shapes are aligned. They reverberate, they carry waves, they carry frequencies that we can detect and spot and experience and feel.

So I hope that that was a good [00:08:00] summation. I’m curious,

Amanda Walsh: you have a lot of Harmonic Astrology students, who are the type of people that are attracted to this particular practice of, of astrology? And who are the ones who are like, no, that is not my jam. Can you sort of help us understand who this is great for and who it’s like, if you’re like this, you’re probably not going to really enjoy this study.

Clarissa Dolphin: Ooh. Oh my god, that gimme bodge has made my heart warm, so exciting. So I think generally the people where, you know, harmonic astrology is your jam are probably general empaths, people who are intuitive, people who feel first before they go to rationality. I think that, you know, there, if, if you want to just explain everything and you’re not comfortable in the unknown, if you’re not comfortable in spaces beyond intellect, Harmonic [00:09:00] astrology isn’t going to work for you because you’re not going to be able to read it, uh, very well.

It’s, it, it speaks to, I think, Amanda, probably my shamanic training in some capacities where, you know, my experience through, in shamanic dimensions. Is that the human mind goes last, like it’s experience first, right? And then it kind of trickles down so you can filter it out and think about it. Um, I don’t think, even though it is, so I was like as minus in math.

remedial math my first year, uh, in college and stuff like that. Now I’m like math master, right? So I can get how like the appeal of the math of astrology could turn off some people when we’re talking about harmonics and all that kind of stuff. Um, but I don’t think you have to be a math expert. In fact, I’m so grateful that I found this because [00:10:00] now I see the divinity in math.

And so I, I’m really glad that

Amanda Walsh: you, that you shared that in college, you were a mediocre at best math student and that now through this lens, because you’re understanding the context, I mean, that’s what I found. Like I, I also was, I had to take calculus as a psych major and it was. the hardest thing on the planet for me.

It was so hard because the entire time I was like, I just don’t understand why does this matter? Where does it fit in? Like, what the heck am I ever going to do with it? It didn’t make

Clarissa Dolphin: sense, you know, but it sounds to me like you’ve found

Amanda Walsh: the thing that makes math make sense to you. So now you can actually understand it because it has a context and it has a point.

Clarissa Dolphin: What do you see is the biggest

Amanda Walsh: benefit to this? Like, how does this help someone live a better life? How does this help someone understand themselves better? How does this help someone choose their life path or get direction or [00:11:00] answers in their life? How does it help

Clarissa Dolphin: people? Well, it’s beyond accurate.

There are no words to describe the levels of accuracy that are found in the analysis. Um, it’s mind blowing, so it helps to be seen on such a precise level, um, and particularly, like, so, there are things in my chart, like, so, for example, I’m a Sun Cancer, I’m very Cancerian. I hate it, but it’s true, right? But there’s some things that I can’t, like, understand.

about the cancerian archetype that I’m making. It’s kind of there, but it’s not there. With harmonic analysis, it’s all there. It’s like, boom. It’s like, oh my God, like. You know, um, I think that other ways that [00:12:00] particularly harmonic analysis really helps your life path, like for example, my, some of my highest harmonics, I didn’t have dreams for, but I’m doing them now.

So, what’s one of my highest harmonics is the 19th, it’s a 19th harmonic octave. I never dreamt of being involved in organizations, um, on any capacity, but now I’m the president of ESAR, right? So anyway, like, it helps me understand, and I’m also a high 11th harmonic person, and if you look at my first harmonic, you can’t really see how busy I am.

You can’t see how much energy, how, you, this is hilarious. Because a lot of my, like, 11th harmonic students and clients, a lot of us were ravers, like, in the 90s. And it makes sense, right? Like, there’s so many things that you can’t see in your natal chart that are so prominent and so [00:13:00] resonant in your 11th, in your harmonic analysis, that explain everything to the T.

It’s very precise. It’s very, um, and, um, Like, basically, long story short, just to wrap it up, you are, without harmonics, you are unable to detect, I would say, at least 20, uh, 80 percent of the actual things going on in your life and your being. Period. Wow. So you, for, from

Amanda Walsh: your perspective, this fills in. It’s almost like it fills in a gap that we don’t even necessarily know we have.

And what I’m hearing too is that it expands our potential and it expands possibilities that you wouldn’t even necessarily consider. If you were only interpreting your chart a certain way, or maybe even only in tune [00:14:00] with yourself in a certain way, astrology aside, you know, if you, if you only understood yourself from one dimension, this is bringing in other dimensional aspect of yourself that enables you to expand yourself and what’s possible.

Clarissa Dolphin: Oh my God. Body chills. Like, so glad I have water so I just don’t pass out from excitement. Yes. Yes. So, and to that point, Amanda, like, honestly, and this actually, uh, is making me a little bit emotional. I’m really moved by it. There are a lot of things in people’s highest harmonics that they would write off, um, for themselves.

They’re writing them off as like just hobbies or just interest, but actually that’s your life path. That’s your highest goal. And so it’s, it’s interest, energetic. is to do that. So to actually be able to work with strangers, cause I don’t know my clients and whatever, and, and [00:15:00] just be like, Hey, you know, this is the energy in these harmonics.

And they’re like, Oh my God, I’ve been, that’s my, my sole desire for 37 years. And I can’t, or whatever. That’s what I really want to do. But I thought blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s like, It’s, it’s access to getting on your actual life path, you know, so you can get out of your head or whatever and really embrace your energy.

And then when you do, harmonics are not as above so below, because some people don’t embrace their energy, right? And so then there’s like this occlusion, there’s like this stop thing, right? But once they kind of get kind of like in alignment with their actual energy, Um, their lives just explode, blows up, full life, you know, uh, satisfaction because you’re in your energy current and you’re not, uh, blocking it for whatever societal or psychological reason or whatever.

Ooh. So it, [00:16:00] it, it’s,

Amanda Walsh: it’s a fast track out of the programming and conditioning that we experience here in this third dimension. Wow.

Clarissa Dolphin: That’s amazing.

Amanda Walsh: Okay. Thank you for explaining that. That actually, that actually, that actually was, you made some incredible points there.

Clarissa Dolphin: Uh, very compelling. Oh, another thing that I think is really important with harmonic analysis and, and, and consciousness.

If you are a human being who is comfortable with the concept that we don’t control everything, like we, like humans, right? That there are forces that create us and that affect us and that create everything else, this is your jam. because you’re able to detect the forces and experience the forces without trying to figure them out first.

So there is like a, there is a great unknown. Um, [00:17:00] and I think if you’re into that, this will appeal to you. Okay. Astrology

Amanda Walsh: can be perceived as complex enough, like just like the basics of astrology, let alone to layer on a whole nother type of astrology. So how does one approach it? Is it like, Learn all these things first and then layer in Harmonic or you can start right out the gate with Harmonic.

What do you think is the most effective approach


Clarissa Dolphin: that? Yeah, you can start right out the gate, um, really it doesn’t matter. I personally started, like many astrologers, self training, right, like I’ve been into astrology since I was a little girl, right, reading charts at, uh, when I was a teenager. Then I started my Harmonic Astrology certification program and did that after, what, 15, 20 years of learning it myself on the internet, like most of us.

Um, then I got certified with that. Then I studied, um, I became certified in Horary, [00:18:00] so I am a certified traditional astrologer as well. Um, And I think, you know, I’ve seen so often that people who are totally green to harmonic astrology that just know signs and glyphs, and they’re rocking it. And then I’ve seen, you know, super advanced astrologers who have done so many different schools of astrology, um, and they’re rocking it too.

But sometimes I think maybe being green is better because you don’t bring all this other stuff. Really, really, it is, it’s, it’s, there are lots of variables, but it really is open to everybody and every level. In your readings, do you do both?

Amanda Walsh: Or do you usually lean on Harmonic, and how do you make

Clarissa Dolphin: that decision?

I do do both, um, Harmonics are part of everything I do with astrology. Um, I, I have, and I’d love to tweak this, you know, in upcoming years, but I have a very kind of like [00:19:00] specific approach. I use horary, horary techniques with the consultation chart. I use all the Harmonics. Period. Um, I use harmonics for forecasting.

I also use harmonics, harmonics with solar arc. Um, what I don’t do is, and what I would advise never to do, is to put a harmonic next to a natal chart. Don’t do it. Just look at the harmonic. Um, there are like specific things like it sounds, I think harmonic astrology could potentially sound like, oh my god.

Or like, I’m stunting in some capacity, like, just like super crazy. But you know, my approach. To kind of like bringing people in and teaching students. It’s just very, it’s very simple. There are the basic harmonics, 8, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13. Get those down, you get everything down. There are direct midpoint structures and then [00:20:00] the planetary currents.

So once you start training with, you know, these three kinds of things, and you learn a little bit about the rules and the systems and you just keep practicing, it just starts to flow. Hmm. There is an entry point.

Amanda Walsh: Do you use aspects

Clarissa Dolphin: in Harmonic Astrology? Absolutely. And, and, and this is, this is actually an advanced concept, but aspects are harmonics.

Period. Hmm. Um, yeah. So

Amanda Walsh: aspects are harmonics, meaning the interplay between the planets themselves and the angles that they make is creating a vibration. It is creating a vibratory field. Yes. So like an opposition or a square, they’re, they’re actually creating a harmonic ripple. And so when we talk about aspects, we’re already talking about harmonics, but perhaps in harmonics, do you learn more aspects than what you might learn in traditional or modern

Clarissa Dolphin: astrology?[00:21:00]

Absolutely. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, um, it’s. So

back to like the symmetry, right? Like just the shapes, right? Like, so for example, the, the aspect that you just mentioned, the opposition and the square, they’re actually visually more in my opinion, easy to detect. If you have something 180 degrees, just there in the natal chart, you can see it. Boom, boom, boom.

Right. It’s not as easy to detect the 11th harmonic when you have. Whatever number or point, whatever, between distant, the planets and all that kind of stuff, but it exists, it still exists, and then you can put any other number, so aspects are, aspects are divisions of a circle, 360 degrees, right, so basically in Harmonic Astrology, conceptually and philosophically and in [00:22:00] application and application.

You can, there is a 47th harmonic asked, there is a 53, right? It doesn’t have to fit into, you know, these things that are easily divisible, like a 180, etc. So, in like, in, and so like, back to your, another part of your question, so when we’re talking about the opposition in the natal chart, which is the first harmonic, and the square, right?

Like, so the planets that are, Square in the first harmonic will be conjunct in the fourth harmonic the planets that are opposition In the first harmonic will be conjunct in the second. So Obviously an opposition is one half of a circle so really the the the the denominator Of every fraction of an aspect that is the harmonic Um, so anyway, so now let’s [00:23:00] let’s actually so we see 180 degree aspect in the first harmonic We go into the second harmonic Those are going to be conjunct but they’re definitely probably going to be other squares there There’s the typically when you see a harmonic um, we As Harmonic Astrologers, we read visible aspects and invisible aspects, which I’ll get to in a second, but basically, long story short.

We’re in the 2nd harmonic, there are squares, there are pipes, you know, there are crazy things that are rare in the 1st harmonic, like, um, cardinal crosses, like cock, pipes, like cradle aspect. Those show you how strong the harmonic is. Um, so basically, like another thing to consider here too, because, Like, it’s better to just read the harmonic, right?

Like, even when you’re beginning or whatever, [00:24:00] like, don’t necessarily just stay in the first harmonic and just, you know, like, hey, let’s put it the septile and, you know, etc. Because you’re only gonna see the conjunctions. You’re not gonna see what’s forming a square in the septile or whatever. Just go to the seventh harmonic.

Um. Yeah. And there the invisible aspects, just really quickly that I was referring to are things like, is subra, things like, which are trapezoids, um, like for example, uh, Arabic parts are, is trapezoids. That’s why they’re so strong, because they have four planet resonances that are buzzing. Yeah. So you’re talking about like the part of

Amanda Walsh: fortune and the part of those, okay.

Yeah. Okay. What do you see is the biggest benefit?

Clarissa Dolphin: Tell us about the mastery

Amanda Walsh: class that you’re teaching. [00:25:00] Where are you? What’s the entry point for the inner circle expand members? How are they gonna, how are they going to get in and start this harmonic astrology exploration?

Clarissa Dolphin: Okay, well, uh, first of all, thank you for having me.

I’m so excited about this. Teaching is my favorite thing to do. Um, my, basically the endpoints are going to be the luminations, right? We all experience new moons and full moons. Um, my, it’s a very immersive and experiential experience. Um, we’re going to learn the basic harmonics. We’re going to learn planetary patterns with the sun and the moon and what the sun and the moon kind of mean and how they’re experienced in harmonics.

Um, and so basically we’ve got, we’ve got natal analysis going on. Um, we’ve got forecasting analysis going on with harmonics and we also have, you know, the, the, an entry point for any level of astrologer with it, beginner, intermediate and or [00:26:00] advanced. Like. Um, basically what I’m going to, to, to, to do beyond what I just said is really kind of introduce how to read them.

Also, what you’re going to walk away with is knowing what your highest harmonics are, at least initially, right? Because I have like these crazy harmonic softwares and calculators or whatever, but there is a way Where if, if you know what your highest harmonic in the bass six are, that’s gonna be, like, your passport to so much opening up in the world.

So that’s quite, that’s a little bit of, uh, what, you know, we’re all gonna Dive in together with amazing. So

Amanda Walsh: students will get an understanding of their strongest harmonic. They’re going to get a basic understanding of what the different harmonics are and how to interpret them. And then they’re going to get an [00:27:00] understanding of how to apply that.

that harmonic understanding to the lunar cycle is what I’m hearing too. So the harmonic and then how that actually will interplay with their own harmonic potentially, and that it’s good for all levels, which is very exciting because we do have a lot of different levels of of astrology student in our inner circle expand group.

So that’s great. There’s going to be something for everyone. Okay. Clarissa, is there anything else you’d want to

Clarissa Dolphin: say to

Amanda Walsh: people that are intrigued, but maybe intimidated or, or curious? What would you say to them? in terms of the best place to start to just begin exploring this realm

Clarissa Dolphin: of harmonic astrology.

The best place to start, good old AstroBeats, you know, go look at your, just look at it, like that’s the harmonic analysis. is not rational. It is. [00:28:00] We’re going through Pluto and Aquarius right now. So I think we’re all really kind of in some capacity. Maybe many of us are really starting to understand that existence isn’t rational.

And so a lot of it is, right? Like, so I think, you know, to start literally just stare at your harmonic charts and start in with the basics. So 8, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, you don’t need to do 2, 3, blah, blah, blah, that’s not really gonna, like, help. And then just identify. I really do feel like, you know, the start of harmonics and really kind of mastering it.

Is maneuvering, and, and visual, like it’s very synesthetic, so just get yourself, um, you know, literate in being able to see what planets are connecting where. And that’s it!

Amanda Walsh: Okay. You [00:29:00] know, it’s interesting. I’ve heard recently that, and it was in our inner circle community, someone sharing that they’re now starting to have dreams, like geometric dreams, like they’re starting to see sacred geometry and shapes.

And it sounds to me like looking at your harmonic chart may open up this. level of understanding beyond, like you said, the rational mind and open you up to more levels of yourself, which, which we’re continually discovering aspects of ourselves. And that’s one of the most beautiful things about astrology is just like layer upon layer upon layer of ourselves and the universe at the same time.

It’s all unfolding. Yes. Okay, Clarissa, thank you so much for being here. This has been such a pleasure. If you love this podcast, make sure you subscribe. Leave us a comment. Clarissa will be in, uh, responding to your feedback, your questions. So leave [00:30:00] questions, leave comments, leave insights. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. If you’re interested in joining to Circle, expand group in order to get access to this mastery class from Clarissa. Go ahead and check it out at Astrology Hub.

We’ll, the link in the description of this episode, you can jump in, experience this mastery class and start to dive into your studies of Harmonic now. So check it. Thank you again, Carissa, for being here. You’re such a pleasure as always. Thank you for blowing our minds and expanding what’s possible.

Really appreciate you and take care of everyone. We, we will see you on the next episode.


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