Mars and Venus join Mercury, Pluto, and the Sun in the zodiac sign of Aquarius this week.

Usually, this would signal a time for everyone to put aside their differences and interlock arms for the greater good, but that won’t be happening because of the dark planet in the room.

Pluto is a lot like the 13th fairy that nobody wants to invite for fear that she’ll spoil the party. Unfortunately, disasters often result from NOT inviting said fairy. This could materialize as a situation where you have to make a Faustian bargain, forge an unholy alliance, or bend the knee to someone you know is undeserving.

Do it. It may feel like you’re betraying everything you stand for, but sometimes you have to welcome the unwelcome characters into your life. They may start off as repugnant, but over time you may begin to see them in a new light.

In fact, they could prove to be truer friends than the people you thought were.

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