The Sun and Mars both enter the exuberant sign of Sagittarius this week. This turns up the heat on your zeal and enthusiasm and makes you feel like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish as long as this fiery energy is coursing through your horoscope.

Unfortunately both planets will immediately square Saturn in Pisces on November 23d and 25th respectively. This is bound to knock the wind out of you and leave you feeling flattened and inert.

Now given a few days your spirits will revive, but Saturn squares tend to hit a raw nerve that runs deeper than what we’re willing to acknowledge. It asks penetrating questions like: are you really in this for the long haul and what is your true motive?

This is a sore point you’ll return to again and again in the weeks ahead and every time you do there will be a different answer. And this is a good thing because it means you’re examining an issue from different perspectives.

There’s nothing wrong with mixing a little doubt with your faith. The world is an ambivalent place and this keeps you both conscious and conscientious.

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