The Cosmic Connection with Master Astrologer Rick Levine

where we explore the order and the beauty of the cosmos and your connection to it all

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About the Show:

Internationally renowned astrologer, Rick Levine, provides weekly astrological guidance as we explore the beauty and order of the cosmos and your connection to it all. Rick’s extraordinary ability to merge history, symbology, quantum physics, etymology, psychology and astrology (and his ability to deliver his insights with humor) make him a treasure trove for astrology scholars worldwide. Amanda and Rick Levine make a dynamic team on the Cosmic Connection astrology podcast. She asks questions any astrology student might have and synthesizes Rick’s complex ideas so you can walk away with the highlights to apply in your personal life and astrological practice.




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Featured Contributor: Rick Levine


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Meet the Host

Amanda 'Pua' Walsh, M.S., is the CEO & Co-Founder of Astrology Hub.

Inspired by the profound gifts Astrology has provided for her in navigating major life transitions, parenting, relationship dynamics, and personal growth, Amanda is now honored to offer the Astrology Hub as a platform for the tools that Astrology offers to be shared with the world. She brings her extensive background in business, psychology, media, and internet marketing to the world of Astrology with the intention of making the wisdom accessible, tangible and applicable for those interested in living a purposeful, passionate and harmonious life.

Amanda is the former Producer/Host of the online television show, PeleMa TV and radio show, Sacred Commerce. She was the Co-Host of the Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference and is the upcoming Host of the Servant Leadership Conference.

​​​​​​​Amanda has her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Psychology and is Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition. She lives on the island of Maui, Hawaii with her two daughters, Madeline and Sophia.

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We want to make the show as helpful to you as possible, so we regularly feature questions from our community as key topics for our episodes. If you'd like to be considered for this segment of our show, please be sure to ask a concise question about parenting, provide birth information when applicable, and make sure to note if you'd be open to joining us on the show live.

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