This astrology forecast is a sneak-peek into Astrology Hub’s Cosmic Curriculum Podcast, coming December 3, 2018, to speakers near you!

Dreaming and Soul

“I meant what I said and I said what I meant.”

….Or did I?

After chatting with Donna about this upcoming week the voice of Dr. Seuss is swimming through my head. Mars, our drive, slips into dreamy Pisces the day before his cosmic lover Venus decides it’s time to move forward *throws confetti*.

Finally, calm clarity… right? Not so much. Mercury, ever the curious trickster, moves into retrograde the next day.

I know what you’re thinking… does this mean I need another new plan?

The best thing to do when your drive, heart, and mind feel out of sync?

Tune in to Donna Woodwell… it’s what I do.

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This forecast is a sneak-peek into the Cosmic Curriculum Podcast, coming December 3, 2018, to speakers near you! Join Astrologer, Donna Woodwell and Astrology Hub CEO, Amanda Pua Walsh, on a journey through the Cosmic Curriculum… and learn how astrology can help you live your life with more passion, purpose and grace.  

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