Can You Hear Me Now?

The November 2018 Full Moon in Gemini promises quite the gabfest.

How and what we communicate takes center stage under the Gemini Full Moon.”

My forecast

What you see (or hear) may not be what you get, though.

“it is a perplexed mix of aimless energy and exaggeration.”

Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology

Appropriate for Gemini, sign of the Twins, this Moon has a decided streak of duality.

It’s a difficult Moon due to the contrasting energies — bold, enthusiastic, dreamy actions/decisions versus the need to think twice and ask questions.”

Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology

Let’s look at how astrologers around the Web are sizing up this chatty Moon.

Gemini Full Moon

A Full Moon occurs when the Moon reaches her monthly opposition to the Sun. Life hits a point of culmination and harvest, which leads to emotional expression.

This month, this occurs even in the intellectual sign of Gemini, which is inclined to talk things out, over, through… and just plain talk.

The Farmer’s Almanac calls this the Beaver Moon, because that animal is becoming active now to prepare for winter.

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Trains, Planes & Automobiles…And Talk

Gemini is the chattiest sign in the sky. It’s also known for flexibility, fluidity and juggling (activities, interests, people). All of which are up for review now.

“Gemini is the sign of multiple choices and information, so this culmination may feature a flurry of options and words.”

Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology

“Gemini carries within it the duality, night and day, give and take, within itself it is two ideas, two ways of being, that somehow co-exist in the same body. The appearance or charm is never what it truly means within, maybe there is more love to be shared and to shy to admit it.”

–  Nicole O’ Byrne, Inner Doorways

The Full Moon it’s hosting coincides with the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. For many people that spells social gatherings and Black Friday shopping.

We’ll be feeling it. Notes Elsa Elsa:

“We’re talking cars, phones, conversation, commuting, computers. Just think about an emphasis on these things taking place on one of the busiest shopping days of the year!”

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Alpha & Omega

The Gemini vibe is at its rawest, with the Moon occurring at the very beginning of the sign. Arik Xander parses the Moon’s position at 0 Gemini:

“A zero degree represents the deepest, or seed level energy of the outcome. Like a real seed, it contains the entire tree. The only thing that keeps us from seeing the tree is time. With time, and supportive circumstances, the tree will mature, providing shelter, nourishment, and shade for those who need it.

“The Full Moon represents a time when we can remove obstacles that may have arisen since the New Moon. When the Full Moon occurs at the seed level of a sign, we are presented with a remarkable opportunity to remove future obstacles that may arise in regards to the [sign] the Full Moon occurs in.”

He applies that potential to the sign’s ability to communicate and synergize with others:

“The power of synthesis, ruled by Gemini, allows us to work with others and create a solution that is exciting, effective, and uplifts everyone involved….

“When we explore all the options, and wholeheartedly sacrifice our desire, the sacrifice graduates into a synthesis the moment we choose to use the energy we had reserved to fulfill our desire to collaborate….This Full Moon is giving us the opportunity to release ourselves from sacrifices we have made so that we can recontextualize our contribution to our relationships. This will make us happier and has the potential to heal relationships that have gone down this road for too long. It can also set the foundation for a healthy attitude going forward in new relations, personal or professional.”

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Mercury Retrograde

The Moon’s ruler is Mercury, messenger of the gods and overseer of communication and transportation. He is Sagittarius, a sign that provides the freedom of movement he prefers. Yet he’s not up to his usual free-flying ways, because he is currently retrograde (November 15 – December 1 in Sagittarius, then in Scorpio till he stations direct on December 6).

When Mercury is retrograde, his domain tends to go other than expected. Wires cross; messages go astray or become garbled; information may be incomplete or misunderstood. Technology falters; traffic snarls. Decisions may require reworking later. Conversely, old matters may come up for another look.

Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology, considers the retrograde’s impact on the Full Moon:

“This at its best makes thoughts to turn introspective. We try to find our inner truth and contemplate on matters silently.

“At its worst, its placement in the Sign of Sagittarius makes us highly opinionated. Judgmental and sticking to doctrine. We think that our truth is the only truth and we tend to express it.”

Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology, elaborates:

“This means the details of the story will have to be carefully examined. You’ll want to run faster/accelerate further, but the information will be in flux. And you may even be returning to something from the past.”

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Fog Advisory

Adding to the retrograde feel, Mercury is squaring Neptune, lord of transcendence and illusion. My forecast explains the effect on the Full Moon’s outpourings:

“The two of them clashing creates a sensation of retrograde on steroids (or mind-altering drugs). The impact activates the cosmic fog machine, sending burst after burst of mists that envelope thoughts, words and messages with … well, we can’t be sure what. The impact escalates the spread of lies, delusions and misunderstandings. Some come out into the open. Some simply come out.

“The clash may also soften us and call for compassion, gentleness and forgiveness. But even that is likely to be diffuse, vague, out of time, even surreal.”

Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology, sounds a foghorn:

“Judgment is clouded. A foggy mist lingers on the tracks of the unceasing train of thoughts. We cannot think clearly, the mind detaches and loses its objective footholds, sliding to fantasy land, daydreaming.

“Under this hazy landscape, we ourselves may be the victims of misconceptions or be deceived. We have to be very careful in all matters that require precision of thought and clear judgment and it is better to avoid decisions till later.”

Back Up & Push

Further escalating the hubbub, Mercury is also squaring Mars, the warrior god and ruler of our drive. Says Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology:

“Disagreements and confrontations may rise out of us not taking action! Others may interpret our waiting inactivity as something negative. Misjudgments and cloudy thinking may make us angered with ourselves and the project this to relations and important others.”

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Turning it Up to 11

But wait! There’s more, more, more! Mercury is also conjunct Jupiter, king of the gods and force of boundlessness.

My forecast looks at their teamwork:

“Expansive Jupiter is conjunct Mercury (and between him and the Sun), amplifying the fog, the lies, the confusion and vagueness. The advocate for more is also upping the noise level, the atmosphere of running every which way and juggling a daunting number of conversations, issues, tasks… (You may test your browser’s capacity for handling multiple open tabs.)

“Jupiter is but a fortnight into his home sign of Sagittarius. He rules the Sun and is opposing the Moon, heightening indulgence and frenzy all the more. Prepare to see concepts such as #fakenews and Orwellian explode exponentially.”

Introspection may go overboard, says Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology:

“The mind reels in its inward thinking process, contemplating so many things, strives to assimilate all into an objective truth forming overstatements and exaggerations.”

And add to all this Mercury’s position opposite the Moon he now rules – as my forecast notes, “dodging, just out of reach, obscuring, obfuscating…”

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Have Some More?

Further exaggerating the proceedings: The Gemini Moon is opposite expansive Jupiter. The stand-off heightens the inner journey, notes Arik Xander:

“We are beginning a new journey of finding the guru within. When in opposition to this Full Moon in Gemini, we are reflecting upon our ability to perceive the multitudes of options that are available to us.”

Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology, catalogs other forms of increase:

“Though the first aspect brings optimism, generosity and enthusiasm the opposition with the Moon, especially now the moon is full, a polarity that highlights our emotional needs, brings overwhelming sentimentality.

“Remember that under a Full Moon emotions are always tense. The Jupiter conjunct Sun enthusiasm in its heart entails an overestimated confidence in ourselves and our abilities, a faith that with this full moon may turn out to be the result of cloudy judgment (Mercury Rx) and may make us not know where to stop.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King, sees an impact on emotional expression:

“Moon opposite Jupiter is likely to cause lack self-control and unwanted attention. It can make you less guarded about your feelings and private life, which can leave you vulnerable to interfering mothers, moral crusaders and even the public. This full moon will be more problematic if you already have difficulty with self-control or addiction. You may react to other people’s possessive or jealous behavior by subconsciously falling into negative habits and behaviors.”

Watch out for see-sawing and going overboard, warns Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology:

“At this time we can swing between the two extremes; spending money on luxuries one week and then having to live very frugally the next. Bulimia is also an example of this archetype, feasting, then fasting. Moon is habits, so with Jupiter, it can also cause addictions; Too much sex or too much gambling for example. Jupiter with the Moon has a huge appetite, not just for edible things but also for love, money or success. Those touched by this Full Moon may inflate and exaggerate their emotions for fear of not being noticed if they don’t. At the same time, others may feel embarrassed by those who show excess emotions, deriding them as drama queens or attention seekers. This aspect amplifies, even more, the polarity of the twins in a battle with their shadow.”

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Push Comes to Shove

Enough activity for you yet? No? The Full Moon is forming a T-square to Mars. This dynamic configuration pushes for action. My forecast explains:

“The Moon’s lineup carries a demand for clarity, for cutting through the fog and the (insert your euphemism of choice) and for establishing/enforcing boundaries. The Full Moon is in a T-square to first responder and aggressor Mars, ruler of action and our drive. He’s only recently entered the waters of Pisces and is under the command of that Neptune square. He prefers modes that allow expression of his fiery, go-getter nature, which is not consistent with moving through water – especially water that connects us to all of humanity. Talk and information (Gemini) and beliefs and laws (Sagittarius) are pushing on him equally, and the pressure is dumping out into the early degrees of discerning, improvement-oriented Virgo. Watch political rhetoric over immigrants (Sagittarius) and refugees (Pisces) require clear-headedness and an approach of healing. Or … enforced borders.”

Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology, distills the Moon/Mars square:

“We may be oversensitive and easily hurt adopting the role of the martyr. On its assertive way, the aspect may bring anger that results from a sense of self-righteousness.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King, takes the assertive potential further:

“Full Moon square Mars brings simmering anger to the surface so take care to avoid being hurt or causing harm. There is danger when taking risks or acting impulsively. However, holding in anger and frustration is not healthy either. Repressed anger can manifest physically as pain in your body, accidents, aggressive reactions in others, or as conflict in your home. There will probably be some degree of emotional discomfort in close relationships, especially with women.”

Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology, looks at the T-square’s impact on the Sun:

“We may act impulsively, assert our ego ten times more than necessary fueled by zeal and intolerance. On its passive expression with this aspect we may adopt an impasse ‘Laissez faire, laissez passer’ inertia.”

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Man Overboard

Further fueling the noise and frenzy, Mars is squaring Jupiter.

“Impulsive actions, carelessness or recklessness due to overconfidence. On its passive expression blunders and waste of energy. Spiritual and philosophical disagreements. Awkward sexuality infused with semi-romanticism and hesitance.”

Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology

“A Mars/Jupiter square is about big actions — bold, exaggerated, optimistic, risky. Even more so because Jupiter is at full strength in the sign it rules, and Mars is in fluid Pisces (no boundaries). There’s a sense of a massive push that can result in things going much further than anticipated. Mars in Pisces can drift into strange, distant waters.”

Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology

“Mars square Jupiter can make you feel energetic and sexy but can also make you impulsive and tactless. It gives the courage to take on adversaries if you feel threatened, but a defensive approach is best. This is not a good full moon for going on the attack, especially without provocation. Without forethought and strategy, rash actions could lead to embarrassment, accidents or injuries. Finally, moderate your energy output to avoid physical or emotional exhaustion.”

Jamie Partridge, Astrology King

Other considerations

The heavens are vast, and so are the techniques astrologers have used to explore them. Let’s look at how some of these add meaning, nuance and depth to the Full Moon in Gemini.

Fixed Stars

The Moon is conjunct Alcyone, in the constellation of the Pleiades. Fixed star maven Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology, describes it:

“Alcyone is the main star of the Pleiades; this mysterious star cluster has beguiled us for thousands of years. Their role is supposed to help humanity evolve by purifying our astral and etheric bodies in order to receive higher wisdom. The Pleiades are supposed to dissolve away … our dirty devils, rather like Perseus’s mission to slay the demon Medusa. We find most of Perseus the constellation in this decan too. Our hero risked life and limb to rescue his love Andromeda, so very chivalrous and noble. Or was he really after her father King Cepheus’ kingdom..?

“Somehow it all seems too good to be true, which is why Gemini decan 1 can get the reputation of being a cad. Alcyone can also be a bit sleazy too! Some keywords are ‘vain, venerated, indulgent, spoilt, easily flattered, flirty, beautiful, poetic, talented, theatrical, ravishing, handsome, designer, dandy.’ The stars of the Pleiades, like the Gemini archetype as a whole, are a mass of contradictions; they can be the good twin or the evil twin.

“One twin is constantly at war with its shadow and they are constantly on the verge of becoming the very ‘darkness’ they are trying to eliminate. Many astrologers have written about the Pleiades and it all seems very paradoxical, with great success and then ‘violent death’, charming to say the least… Ever cheerful Robson says “Alcyone causes love, eminence, blindness from fevers, smallpox, and accidents to the face. They are said to make their natives wanton, ambitious, turbulent, optimistic and peaceful; to give many journeys and voyages, success in agriculture and through active intelligence; and to cause blindness, disgrace and a violent death. Their influence is distinctly evil.”


Each astrological sign can be divided into three sections, known as decans (10-degree divisions of the Zodiac). This Moon is in Gemini decan 1, which is ruled by Jupiter and Mercury.

Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology, explores a lunation in this decan:

“The Full Moon can emphasize the very darkest aspects of Gemini decan 1. This is because the Moon represents the unconscious and this decan especially deals with having to face one’s shadow. The problem here is that it is very hard to see shadows in the dark, and it is much more likely that the collective at this time will project the bogeymen onto others. Another problem is running away from intimacy. The full Moon in this decan is very uncomfortable with really deep emotions.”

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Sabian Symbols

Over the years, astrologers have devised systems to assign meaning to each degree of the Zodiac. The most popular of the past century has been the Sabian Symbols, proposed by Marc Edmund Jones.

The Sabian Symbol for the first degree of Gemini is: “A Glass-Bottomed Boat Reveals Undersea Wonders.”

In his commentary on the Symbol, astrologer Dane Rudhyar gave its keynote as,“The revelation of unconscious energies and submerged psychic structures.”

Lunar Mansion

Everyone’s familiar with the 12-sign solar Zodiac. But did you know there’s a far older 28-sign lunar Zodiac, which Western astrology refers to as the Lunar Mansions.

The Moon falls in Lunar Mansion 5, which the Arab astrologers called Al Hak’ah (The White Spot). Donna Woodwell of Donna Philosophica nicknamed it “The Crown.”

The mansion’s purpose is for applying your creativity and intelligence.

Donna advises: “Solve problems. Seek a job or a raise. Engage in intellectual pursuits. Make wishes and set intentions. But don’t follow the crowd or seek to convince someone else to do your work for you.”

Summing It Up

The Gemini Full Moon promises to be high energy, whipping the Thanksgiving weekend into a whirlwind of chatter and activity. And probably confusion (or worse).

Resistance, however, may not be futile. It may instead be the preferred response.

Fight the tide, counsels Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology:

“This Full Moon in Gemini is calling us to accept that there is inner tension and that the better way to handle it is to try and ease our temper, act with moderation instead of exaggeration, rely on patience and self-control, and double check our own, as well as others’ words, intentions and promises.”

And cool your heels, says Nadia Gilchrist, Ruby Slipper Astrology:

Best advice is slow down if you can. Look very carefully at the choices in front of you, before you leap. There may be a grand opportunity, but there’s a risk of missing a key detail or acting before you know the full story. Remember that things can change once Mercury stations direct (Dec. 6, 2018).”

Lunaria Datebook

Last Moon Phase: November New Moon in Scorpio
Next Moon Phase: December New Moon in Sagittarius

November 2018 Full Moon in Gemini Times and Dates:

San Francisco: Thursday, November 22, 9:39 p.m. PDT
New York: Friday, November 23, 12:39 a.m.  EDT
São Paulo: Friday, November 23, 3:39 a.m. BRST
London: Friday, November 23, 5:39 a.m. BST
Istanbul: Friday, November 23, 8:39 a.m. TRT
Mumbai: Friday, November 23, 11:09 a.m. IST
Tokyo: Friday, November 23, 2:39 p.m. JST
Sydney: Friday, November 23,  4:39 p.m. AEST

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  1. Joyce mcfarlane on November 22, 2018 at 9:58 pm

    Thanking you Amanda and Amazing team for so much info on this full moon ,
    So much appreciated , fore warning is fore armed needed these words of wisdom from all .
    A touchy time for me at present I will be very mindful of my Words and actions.
    Speaking of which it’s time for me to really put my self out into reading Astro charts , many are lost and unsure of how to handle energies of what is happening outside of them selfs , time to use my Gift of Astrology and share to the best of my knowledge , which has been enriched so so much listening to Astrology Hub Amazing teachers ( favourite Donna Woodwell) and Amanda

  2. Jerome on November 23, 2018 at 2:59 am

    Thank you, nice assessment. This type of Moon and hard aspects are exactly what assists me in perception. No stress, no complications, no troubling emotions. I AM in my little boat enjoying the calm waters of the ocean and watching the many shapes as they form in the fog of things that were, things that are and some things that are yet to be. Even retrograde allows a period of stasis, of timelessness. I AM calm. I have much to investigate tonight in meditation and some deep thoughts that are now coming into clarity. Just wanted to let you know, there are some that thrive during these types of aspects.

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