The Astrological Symbolism in A Christmas Carol w/ Astrologer Christopher Renstrom

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Astrologer Russ Von Ohlhausen talks about the untold story of Christ in the stars.

On this episode, you’ll learn…

🌑 About the profound connections between astrology and Christianity, as well as other world religions, through the exploration of scriptures and the turning of the ages.

🌓 How Russell von Ohlhausen interprets the spiritual significance of biblical stories and characters, integrating astrological knowledge, including the parallel between the 12 apostles and the 12 zodiac signs.

🌕 The concept of Christ Consciousness and its relation to the Age of Aquarius, exploring the potential for a mass awakening to divine nature, and an announcement of a free Christmas webinar decoding the secret codes of the Bible with astrological interpretations.

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[00:00:00] Hi there, astrology lover. Today, prepare to have your mind blown. This episode is perfect for anyone curious and interested in the connection between astrology, Christianity, world religions, the Bible, the Torah, the turning of the ages, and so much more. In just a few minutes, Our guest, Russell von Ohlhausen, who is an ontological researcher, writer, lecturer, and astrologer, is here to take us on a thrilling and deeply profound journey.

Here's why Russell is the perfect cosmic navigator for this journey. He has spent over 40 years studying the Bible, plus over 25 years of study and research to establish links between astrological influences and multiple scientific and spiritual disciplines. He's an etymologist and has studied and written in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Sanskrit dialects, as well as studied [00:01:00] Latin based languages including Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, Arabic, Sumerian, and more.

Wow. I'm telling you this because this unique background enables him to synthesize seemingly disparate information between astrology, religious texts, Cosmology and consciousness, as well as get to the root of sacred texts. Due to his understanding of their originating languages, which enables us to connect dots that can sometimes seem really disconnected.

On top of all of this, Russell's just a beautiful human being dedicated to helping us all reach our potential in this lifetime. This episode is for you. If you love the more esoteric aspects of life and astrology, if you love traveling into consciousness, expanding territories. It's especially for you if you love astrology and have a Christian background and have ever wondered what the Bible [00:02:00] really says about astrology.

Russell uncovers so much in this episode, including the intriguing parallels between the 12 apostles and the 12 zodiac signs. He also defines the true meaning of the word Apostle. This one really blew my mind. And we discussed the sometimes elusive concept of Christ consciousness and its unique resonance with astrology, the language of light.

Russell explains why students of astrology may possess a distinctive vantage point to embody the profound Christ consciousness. And he explains what the Bible says about the age of Aquarius and what your role is in this great time of transition between the age of Pisces and the age of Aquarius. I highly recommend that you stay until the end because Russell offers a reframing of one of the most common words we use in our English language.

I can't tell you how many times my jaw [00:03:00] dropped during this conversation. We could probably count. Russell is truly a genius and has so much to share. Finally, it is not too late to join our free 12 days of solstice intention setting journey.

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Just go to astrologyhub. com slash solstice to learn more and join us now. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy this light filled download from Russell Vaughan Ohlhausen.

Welcome to the astrology hub podcast. I'm Amanda Poole Walsh, founder of astrology hub and your host for our flagship show. We explore the many ways astrology can support [00:04:00] you and your relationships, career, health, and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in.

Amanda: Russell, I am so happy to be here with you. We've been talking about this behind the scenes and kind of reaming into this episode for a while now and every single time I talk to you about this topic. I get so lit up and so excited and it's always, it's always almost like, Russell, stop talking because we need to share this with everyone.

Like just pause, let's set up a time to record this and let's share it with everyone because it is so amazing what you're all going to, you're going to hear today. So Russell, welcome to this very special edition of the astrology hub podcast.

Russel: Yes, it's a fascinating journey, how we got to this point, because it feels like it sparked something [00:05:00] inside of myself, and I know it has sparked something inside of you, and I want to explore what this spark is about and what's actually happening with this, this word spark.

I mean, literally, this is a spark that we're talking about in Christ consciousness, the Christmas, the Christ mass, bringing everything together. In a new way, we're talking about the birth of Christ again, the rebirth. And so, uh, in the Christmas spirit, let's dive in and feel joy in our hearts.

Amanda: perfect, perfect.

Russel's Introduction to the Bible

Amanda: Okay. So let's start here. Why are you passionate about this? Like, what was your spark, and what is the spark that continues your, your learning? Because you have, like, immersed yourself in this, so tell us where

Russel: this comes from. Well, it comes from pretty far back, you know, I'm a Sagittarius descendant of the Mercan Gemini, and, uh, It started when I was in, um, uh, Christian school, you know, and Bible school, and I was, I was actually, uh, forced to read the Bible very, at a very young age, so six or seven years old, [00:06:00] my mind was going to town on this, and I had read it by the time I was eight, and I realized there was a mystery within, um, the words that I was supposed to unravel probably for the rest of my life, and, um, and so far, I'm, I've been right on track, um, Started out with the studying of the story of Noah.

I was told that I was, asking too many questions about, the Jonah and the whale. How did, how did Jonah survive down inside that whale? And, and, and he, without oxygen and without light. I just read the encyclopedia about, uh, desalinization.

I knew he couldn't survive on salt water. My brain was going to town at this early age. And I got thrown out into the main, auditorium to read the Bible for the next six months. And that's what I did. And, and, um, that inspired me to take a deeper journey into spirituality, um, at a very young age. Um, first of all, I realized that there was some truth in it, and I held on to that for most of my, uh, up until I was around 21, [00:07:00] and at one point I, I threw everything off, and I had studied enough, and I said, look, all of this is crap, it's, there's nothing to any of this, I'm going to call myself, An atheist.

So I called myself an atheist for about six weeks. I had to try a little everything on and then I stepped back from this and I said, um, okay, that's not working for me. I'm an agnostic. And as soon as I opened myself up to that next level, all of these mysteries started pouring in. I was shown things that I, that, that I did not, could not have imagined immediately.

It took me into an interesting journey into Tibet. Uh, I had, I had studied all the, all the, the Upanishads, the Vedas by this time, and I realized that they were all permeating with a certain truth, and this truth was astrology. So, at some point, I went back to my roots, and I started to deconstruct the Bible again, and I fell in love with Uh, the idea, uh, actually I felt challenged.

I fell in love with the idea of deconstructing the Bible because I had seen other people, uh, studying the Gematria. They had been doing it numerically and I had, I had, I had [00:08:00] understood that Jesus was the fish. Okay, let's start there. Let's start with Jesus as the fish. And we're going to work backwards and see how this works in the frame of things and, uh, that just that one symbol that Jesus was the Pisces fish, I took that and I developed a whole series of, but what you, what you saw previously with, breaking down the procession of the ages and whatnot.

So what I realized is this speaks to where we are in our dimensional space time what's happening now. is nature in conscious evolution, and that sparks my attention because it's a lot of crap going on out in the world. But this is, this is what is, this knowledge that's hidden in the stars, it's right there in front of, in front of you, in the bible, in every sacred text, is telling us.

The awakening is happening now, and this is, this is how it unfolds. And you have to, the only, the astrologers, only the sages, only the wises are the ones who [00:09:00] can actually do this deconstructing. So this is what inspires me because, um, I feel like that, uh, we are astrologer priests and sages if we know how to know how to interpret.

And we'll get to that, that theory in a minute, interpretation the Bible. Wow.

Astrology as the Universal Thread

Amanda: So basically you just said. That astrology is sort of like the unifying universal mechanism behind all of the world religions that And I'm with you, like, it's, there's always been that kernel of truth, there's always been that place where I could find, like you, I've been on this search for like, what is the truth?

Where is the truth? Because there were kernels of truth for me in Catholicism, I had 13 years of Catholic school. But then it would get human and rules and things and I'd be like, ah, but that part, that doesn't resonate. Like if God is loving and good and then then why that, you know, [00:10:00] and then I would get to that point in pretty much every religion that I would explore the part where it's like, wow, yes, I resonate with that, you know, Buddhism, um, even Hinduism, you know, all like I would, I would learn about them and I go, yes, yes, yes.

And then it always gets like. A point where I'm like, but that doesn't feel true. That doesn't seem aligned. And what you're saying now, but what love is the thing that always felt like it always came back to love, like somewhere there was love. And that was the part where I was like, that makes sense. But you're kind of saying something about astrology being some overarching force or, or, or mechanism behind all of it.


Russel: the pattern. Yeah, so it's it. We're saying astrology and I don't mean horoscopic astrology. I mean, the grand scheme astrology that that is which beyond the procession of the ages, the forces that drive the 12 archetypes that we're talking about the fundamental nature of the cosmos, which divides at an atomic level, [00:11:00] and it expands at a galactic level.

So we're not talking about something that's just applies to Earth itself. We're talking about the scalar mechanism some. , and, and you cannot label anything like this good or bad. Um, uh, and, and this is what people get hung up on. You know, it's that we are part of a natural process. You have to keep reminding yourself of that because the world is trying to keep, uh, denying that.

That we're, you're separate and apart, you're distinct. Your ego gets lost in that. And then that's part of the challenge of Christ's consciousness is to return to the understanding that you are a part of a natural process. Everything around you is part of you. Everything that you're seeing is, is, is an expansion of one consciousness.

And, and we say these words, but then we, we deny them ourselves to ourselves. Like, wait a minute, we're one consciousness, but this is happening and, and you get lot and you keep getting. Bang, bang, bang, random paradox that, you know, back in duality, you forget.

Duality of God

Russel: So on that note, I wanted to start this out with reading of Isaiah 45, verse 7.

And this is a summation of, of, uh, where we are today [00:12:00] with, as God being the author of both sides of the duality, God is both good and evil. Um, In, uh yah. 45 7. And I'll read this in, uh, uh, from the OOJB, which is the Orthodox Jewish Bible first, and I form aura and, and create kohe. I, I make shalom and I create raw.

I Hashem worketh all these things. I'll read the same verse in, uh, from the 1599 Geneva Bible, um, Isaiah 45 verse seven. I form the light, I create darkness. I make peace. I create evil. I, the Lord, do all of these things. Right there in Isaiah 45, he says he's both the left and the right hand. He does both good and evil, and it is just the one form of the name God, Hashem.

He reveals the truth right there. We just don't want to see it. So what we see happening with Palestine and Israel, these are both parts of the left and the right hand of God. And [00:13:00] we forget that. And if we can start off with a dialogue remembering that right off the bat, we can get somewhere with deconstructing where we're going.

Because we need to know where we've been. And whose hands that play underneath it all and this goes beyond this. This is the astrological truth that people don't want to understand that really, we've kind of deluded ourselves. We've told ourselves that God says we're not supposed to know these things.

Christianity has deemed itself and that is again in misinterpretation. of what the verses are. This is one of the first questions we get, we talk about when we get, when we come into the Christianity. Is it okay for Christians to think this way? And it's like, yes, actually, you're supposed to think this way.

If you know how to read the Bible properly, it tells very clearly that, that you are supposed to be astrologers of the self.

Understanding the Core of Astrology

Russel: Russell,

Amanda: before we go further, because, because I know that most people Don't really know what astrology is. And you, you absolutely started to go [00:14:00] there and start to explain the difference.

You're not talking about the horoscope and the newspaper. You're not talking about, you know, your personality. When you're, when you're saying the Bible says you need to know astrology, what do you

Russel: mean by that?

So, um, part of this is, um, you need to understand yourself and you are God. You have to know this. You are a part of God. If you understand that from the beginning, that everything is you, that you are God. Um, this will, this will be just a, a, a, a kind of a place of par for us to start having a real conversation about what astrology means.

All the fractured prac parts of God are the, the primary divisions are the 12 archetypes. God nature divides himself into 12 different parts. And goes into a mystery and part of that mystery is to deny the [00:15:00] individual self and to return back to god's source It's a very simple plan It's like the hero's journey where god is taking a hero's journey divides itself into infinite reality And then teaches itself a path of consciousness to come back to into that true nature of source and part of that is the kali yuga cycle the the The procession of the equinoxes.

This is what we're this is what we're coming out of is this The dark age, we're emerging into this new twilight. This age of Aquarius is an acceleration of this knowledge, this information. And that is what this Christ awareness is about. So, um, so again, this, it, when you look at astrology, we're talking about something that, that, uh, I did a piece on atomic astrology, that every atom has an age, have an, has an astrological, uh, uh, precept behind it, that it, that the forces around it can be divided into 12, uh, primary functions.

And, and the electromagnetic field actually creates. And if, and I am listening to rabbis now that are having this level of conversation, [00:16:00] and this is why I feel like astrologers need to open up and have another level of conscious awareness of what's happening. Because if rabbis can talk astrology and quantum physics.

And then understand the nature of the soul, then we astrologers need to be doing the same thing. Because this, this is the core of Christianity. This is the core of Judaism. This is the core of Islam. This is what we see happening on, uh, out on the big screen today. And, and, and we can, the only way we can find our way through it is to reconstruct how the Godhead got into this shape in the first place.

And then to put itself back together, and the only mechanism to do that is to understand light. And that light comes from the stars, the heavens, and the planets. So when we get that down, um, we'll be able to move ahead in consciousness and into a true Aquarian nature, the true holding your hands, kumbaya, such and so forth.

Wow. Okay. Okay.

What is Christ Consciousness?

Amanda: Let's go into, you mentioned, first of all, we're talking about the untold story of [00:17:00] Christ in the Bible.

Russel: Okay. There's a lot of those stories.

Amanda: What does Christ and the Bible and astrology have to do with each other?


Russel: Well, first of all, we have to understand that Jesus and the Christ are not quite the same thing.

Um, the story, uh, the story of Christmas, for example, we're going to talk about this. So the story of Christmas has really to do with a descendance of higher consciousness, Christos consciousness, down into Jesus. Jesus is, is the man, is the physical form Christ Consciousness descends and he is born.

And, and this starts his 33 years on the planet. So, um, that's the birth cycle of the descendants of Christ Consciousness emergence with man as Jesus. And I don't, I don't want to place into any, um, We all have our own beliefs on whether this is symbolism or whether this actually existed. And I believe it didn't, that [00:18:00] Jesus actually existed in many, many forms.

Like the Christ consciousness is achievable, you know, and it has been achievable. The, the, the thing is with, with the Christ consciousness that we get now is distorted. And it's coming back online. The rebirth of Christ consciousness is what the Aquarian Age is really about. The loss of Christ consciousness.

The last part of Christ consciousness is the birth of Jesus. He's a, he's, he's, he represents the last of the age of Aries, the consciousness of the previous ancient ages. His consciousness is, becomes the blood and the lamb of God. He then transfers himself into the two fish, the Pisces. And you see this in the story.

So, so this, this seed of consciousness is, is what is lost. Through the last two thousand years only kept in in the Lost ark represents that so the lost ark of the covenant represents the lost christ consciousness Which has been divided and protected and within secret societies and so forth [00:19:00] and that's that's the hidden knowledge, um the loss of the Go ahead.

Amanda: I'm, sorry to interrupt you, but I just let's see if you could define christ consciousness here because oh christ conscious Maybe people don't know what you mean by christ consciousness Like why would Why would the lost ark be Christ consciousness? And why would these secret societies be protecting Christ consciousness?

What is

Russel: Christ consciousness? So Christ consciousness, wait, let's get down to the word Christ. I love words and the word Christ is not what you think. So Christ is really an epithet meaning someone who's anointed, the Christed one, a Christikos. I mentioned this a moment ago. So, uh, this comes from sacred anointing process.

It is an inner and an outer process. When you anoint someone with oil, you show that they have been anointed with Christ consciousness. But this Christ consciousness is something that actually happens to us. This is the raising of the kundalini energy within the body. So, um, we'll, we'll spin off over into this.

So hopefully the people can keep up [00:20:00] with all these little stories. So Christ consciousness is, um, told in, in, in many, I love meta. Meta speak and and the bible is all about meta speak. So christ consciousness, uh has to do with our own uh, or any any conscious awareness awakening process, so you see the um, the 33 years of christ Uh are also represented as the 33 vertebrae of the spine.

I don't know if you were aware of that So this spinal column we'll get into some christian traditions the spinal column Where the kundalini energy rises is the expression of christ christ consciousness each year the first five are fused the first five, uh vertebrae are fused and then each vertebrae represents a year of christ and by the time it reaches the The pineal Grand gland Christ consciousness is, is awakened within us.

So, um, this is a metaphor. It is written out in the Bible. Let's get that point clear. So, uh, [00:21:00] the, the, this process of awakening happens metaphorically with Jesus. It happened metaphorically with a Jesus of the time and with Krishna and with Buddha, and with. Everyone else who came before, who was, who was Christed, who was, who was awakened through Christ's awareness.

And Christed consciousness is essentially a collective awareness. It is awareness that you are one with God, that you are one with others, that you are one with nature. That's the core of Christ consciousness. And we speak about these things, but, but we have to embody these things. We have to realize that Christ consciousness is indwelling inside every atom of our being and it is awakening.

This is a process that it, it is natural to happen. Um, and it is corrupted right now because of, um, certain things happening in, in our, in our, um, our field, you know, our environment, everything is frequency, energy, and vibration. And so, uh, if we don't keep our inner, Uh, frequencies clear, we can't achieve Christ Consciousness.

If we don't, if we don't keep our outer environments clear, we can't achieve Christ [00:22:00] Consciousness. If we don't purify our vessel. So that, that Christmas is about purifying the vessel so that you, you can use the gifts to achieve Christ Consciousness. And the Christmas tree also represents the spinal column.

And, and the top of that star is the Awakens Christ Consciousness. So Christ Consciousness is all around you in the Christmas story. So hopefully that gives some example of what it is. It

Amanda: does. So, so you're saying Jesus is 33 years on the planet represent a progression that we have access to as well that enables the Christ consciousness, which is the awareness, but not only awareness in our mind awareness in our bodies awareness in the way we live our lives that we are all one that we are expressions of God.

That we are connected to all that is and so what you're saying is the blueprint or the instruction manual for how to actually do that is written within the metaphor of [00:23:00] Jesus's life. Yes, but it's also written in the metaphor of other. Uh, awakened beings who have have either literally been on this planet or their stories have been passed through as a metaphor for us to embody and that this is all available to us now.

And you're saying that it's it's actually coming online now. And I have a question about

Russel: that before you jump on there. So this is also the Assyrian Assyrian mysteries, the serious The connection star. So the Egyptians, these are just the same exact mythologies that came down from Egypt. So that, that, you know, you have to remember the cycles within cycles, within cycle, Christ has come many times.

Christ is a form of Jesus came 2000 years ago. Christ is coming again as the messianic figure. That's what the messianic age is about. So I didn't want to jump in. These cycles happen over again and are embedded in religion, uh, even long before our current, uh, ideas

Amanda: So, wow. Okay.

Current Awakening of Christ Consciousness

Amanda: You also said that we, that the Christ consciousness is awakening right now [00:24:00] in mass on this planet.

I would love to know how you know that. Like, why do you, where are you

Russel: getting that from? Oh, that's a good question. Uh, how do we know that? Well, from my own personal awareness, I've had some interesting processes lately, and, uh, I'm channeling Hebrew at night sometimes, and I don't speak Hebrew, so that's an interesting thing, so it tells me that something's happening in my consciousness, it's awakening, and, uh, because the more I study these mysteries, I'm reading The, the looking for the, the signs, um, the answers are coming.

I'm pulling them in. So something's happening with consciousness. Um, we're able to read each other's minds. Um, may I relay this interesting story that happened to us recently? Um, so Christ's consciousness can come in many forms and they, and in many of the rabbis speak of people being able to read each other's minds.

This is one of the mess, the, um, Masonic traditions that you can actually pass information into the field and read each other's minds. So, um, it was, uh, right around the time of the eclipse. Uh, we had, uh, um, [00:25:00] an interesting, uh, happening that occurred with my death of my cat, uh, we, our cat was hit. It was a very negative experience.

I suffered for 24 hours. My, uh, died in my arms, um, crawled to me the last hour. I petted her and kept hearing, and I was like, Oh, I'm so sad. And a lot of things that was just like, that was representative of the eclipse. You know, I was like, Oh, ripping, ripping my heart open. So many other negative things were happening.

And, and I was in a, uh, the next day we went to the ballpark and, uh, I was sitting up in the stands and Shannon and I were, we're sitting up there. I was just having a moment. I was feeling the elements on my face. I was connecting into the light and, uh, Shannon had left. And, um, Shannon Gill's my partner, by the way.

So, uh, I should mention that. Um, so yeah, she had left and, and I was, I was just feeling the presence of nature and God, and, and suddenly the woman below me turned around and looked up. at me and I saw the representation, [00:26:00] the archetype of my mother looking through her eyes. I was like, wow, is that really my mother?

And she stared at me for like 30 seconds and it looked, I'm adopted. I haven't seen my mother since I was nine years old. Um, I only had two photographs and, and so I looked at this woman and I, I, okay, this, this is, that is my mother's face. And I, I opened the Mike, I happen to have my computer. I opened my computer up.

I found the two photos I had. I looked at them, stared at them for five or 10 minutes and I closed them and I went into contemplation. I'm sitting there in this very hard expanded space. Having been through a lot of trauma this week, Shannon walks up and she says, is that woman remind you of your mother?

And she got up in the stands. I didn't say a word. I turned my computer around and I opened it up and showed her the two photos that I had just pulled up of my mother and I said, how did you know that I was feeling the presence of my mother? You've never met my mother. I haven't seen my mother in 40 years.

[00:27:00] So that tells me the force is strong. That is a true story that just happened at the at the eclipse just recently. So, yeah. I have personal experience. I feel that Christ's consciousness is, is within us all, and it is awakening within us all, and we're hungry for it. We don't even know exactly what it is.

The religions have a taste of what it is, but we're, we're hungry for this awareness that we do want to find oneness. We want all this nonsense to go away, and, and I think that that's what the story and the traditions of Christmas are really meant to hold and keep, uh, keep us, uh, keep that ember alive in each one of us, that it is coming

Amanda: said that were that the beginning of the age of Pisces was heralding sort of the beginning of a dark age for us, potentially. Like, and again, I don't want to put words in your mouth. This is what I understood. And that the age of Aquarius is, is opening up or [00:28:00] accelerating our access to this price consciousness.

Russel: Correct. Yeah. So the dark, the two dark ages, the darkest of the ages, the Kali Yuga, the lead ages would have been, uh, Aries and Pisces. Now we're coming out of the age of Pisces. Basically we're realigning with the star Sirius, uh, in a binary system. So, uh,

Amanda: You just said something. I can't let you gloss over that.

Sorry. We're realigning with the star Sirius in a binary star system is what you just said. What does

Russel: that mean? Yes, we're, we're in a, we're in a binary system with, uh, we talk about this a lot. I forget that maybe you're Audience may not quite be aware of the larger scope beyond the just the local astrology There's a there's a little cosmic astrology happening to it.

We are in alignment with the star Sirius This is what the Egyptians were so caught up about like why are we like they made the pyramids they pointed them at Sirius and said Hey you there's an awakening gonna happen when these things start, you know coming online again, and here we are So we're realigning, [00:29:00] um, with, uh, with the star serious, uh, in a, it's hard to describe, but we're coming out of a shadow, literally the valley of the shadow of death.

It's the very center of the system. And as we, as we come out of this, uh, this, um. We change from an opposition more to the, um, into 150 degree angle with Sirius. And, and we are, we're no longer blocked by this shadow, this gravity, gravity. Well,

so, uh, yeah, so this, all this relates to science as well. So as, as we move away, our, our overall star system, our solar system becomes charged again, and the sun becomes enlivened. Our sun is actually not functioning at its highest state right now. It's at its lowest state. All the planets in our system are functioning at a lower state.

All beings are functioning at a lower state of consciousness. And as we come into this resonance with the star Sirius again, our, the whole entire solar system will begin to resonate at a higher frequency. That's what's happening. And our dimensional awareness will shift. This is part of Christ [00:30:00] consciousness.

Why Sirius? Oh, Sirius is, um, our, uh, it's our locally most affected star. We're, we're, we're quite close to it. uh, essentially, uh, it is the biggest, uh, effector in our, in our local field. Um, of, and somehow I guess when you're in a higher conscious state like the Egyptians and Lemurians and all the past cultures were, they just knew this.

It was a given. It's only when you fall into the dark age was forgotten. And that's why it was all this stuff is important to be made sacred. It doesn't matter if it's a Vedic text or handed down by an aboriginal, you know, uh, traditional, uh, storytelling. It's, it's all, uh, it's all written into the sky by one conscious mind.

So that it wouldn't be lost. You know, when you can begin to see it this way, it makes sense why it all, why it all is. We were all connected. The Bible even tells us we had we spoke one language before the for the Tower of Babel, you know, so, um, and it was a really just a mental language, a conscious language.

It's like an animalistic, higher human mammalian, uh, precept. [00:31:00] We, we, we honed our skills in the ancient world and we've just lost it, but it's not dead. It's we can do it. I just, you asked me that question. It's like, that's how I know we can connect to these conscious because it's happening more and more.

Yeah. I'm watching people all the time do things I never thought were possible. And it's because there's an energy that's awakening, uh, on a level that more and more people are going to be used to. Um, and I think we need more training, like we need more Jedi training out there on astrology. So yeah.


Amanda: I want to ask the community a question right now, anybody who's tuning in. Are you also experiencing things like what Russell described with the resonance of his mom coming through that woman's eyes and are you also experiencing things like that? Are you, like, feeling more connected to people and able to experience their thoughts or tune into what they're thinking or even [00:32:00] anticipate certain things in your life.

Just, I'm just curious. I think it would be interesting to see in the chat in the comments, if you're experiencing things like this too, because I know absolutely I am as well. And there can be like the, well, maybe you're just special Russell. Like maybe, maybe you're just, you know, maybe it's just you, but I, I, I also have many stories like what you're saying and again, I'd love to hear from our community to hear what they're experiencing as well.

Russel: Yeah, I think many, many people are experiencing these things and I'm running into around here. A lot of people that are having these reflections and some people more open than I am. So when, when you, when you encounter someone who's like, yeah, I, I've gone into my psyche. This happened. I know this is real.

Like, like, I can't explain this any other way. And now you're getting into detail and nuance of how these things happen. Like that, the story that I told you that does three way confirmation. Like I had the experience and then it was confirmed that I was having that experience by my partner. Who's my twin flame.

So like, okay, so we're connected. We're we're definitely are. And I've done this with other people. I've done it. I've been able to just pick, [00:33:00] read people's minds. And it's not special that people are able to do, or you're able to do this. And I think that's more of our natural state. And that's what the Bible is really about.

The loss of this higher natural state, the primal state of Adam. Um, you know, and down through the Christ consciousness is the, is the loss of that state, you know, when we, when we see the death of Christ and the reawakening is the rebirth in the Aquarian age. So this, this explains the cycle of the procession through the Bible.

Zodiacal Ages

Russel: If you look at it to just jump into that, and we didn't mention that, but the age of Leo is essentially, um, God alone, and then with Adam and, uh, Eve in, in the Garden of Eden. And when Adam is cast out with Eve. That is the transference of the age of Leo into the age of cancer. So the age of cancer is that God is referred to as El Shaddai.

I'll just really reveal that secret there. So Shaddai means the breasted one. It's right there in the Bible. She's got to know how to look at it. So that particular age goes from, um, from. Uh, Adam to Noah. So Noah [00:34:00] takes the animals two by two and puts them in the ark and transfers that into the age of Gemini.

That, of course, the duality they're represented by the animals. And that age goes into, it ends in, at the age, uh, you see this, um, with Jacob and Esau, the twins. Uh, so the twins in the age, that's, that's your Gemini, that age right there. Uh, and then the birth of, uh, Taurus. Uh, comes after that. So, uh, we see the age of Taurus represented by the Egyptian culture.

You know, that was the high, the peak of, um, Taurus is Egypt. Um, and that is transferred through the Torah, the seed of the Toran, Torian age into that law of Abraham and Moses, you know, through, and it's stored in the Ark of the Covenant. So that is the age of Aries. And then we could transfer it through Jesus, the lamb of the Aries.

And it transfers that energy transmutates that energy into Pisces, and that is where we are now, that that's that's the entire wrap up of those [00:35:00] ages, in a nutshell.

Astrology Clear Presense in the Bible

Russel: What's

Amanda: next.

Russel: So if you know we have a relation to the

Amanda: age of Aquarius so give us a little bit more about the aquarium archetype, and also what you feel is heralding the shifted so we had.

We had Adam and Eve. We had Noah. We had Abraham. Is that right?

Russel: Abraham, Abraham is also just throw this out there. A lot of people don't know this. When you ask a rabbi the question, who is the greatest astrology? He knows right away. It was Abraham. So Abraham is from the Ur of Chaldees and his father, uh, Tara, uh, were him.

I were both as they were both astrologers. Um, they, they were learned in the Babylonian tradition. So when you get the word. Kaldi's where we get the word calendar from. Um, this, they, they used to refer to astrologers and Hebrew is still referred to as the kde or the, uh, comes from the same word of kaldi's.

Um, ref [00:36:00] astrologers are referred to as, as the kde. So in ancient world, that was one of the terms for astrologers was where Abraham came from. And he is the father of the Abrahamic traditions and he is the, the leading astrologer of Christianity. I hate to tell the Christians that don't believe that. So, well, so if

Amanda: you're, if, if someone's out there and like, well, how do we know this?

Like, how do you know this? And, and

Russel: ask her, ask any capitalistic Rabbi, the priest, your most Protestants won't know this, you know? So your Bible. You know, your Bible in the Protestant version is 39 books, but your Bible in the Jewish version that's called the Tanakh is 24 books, which is 12, twice is 24 hours of the day.

It has to do with cycles of the Fibonacci sequence. They understood it. So they understood like the, the Kabbalists cannot deny rabbis who study under the Kabbalistic truth. You can't, they cannot deny that astrology permeates every word of it. Because it's there. So when you ask anyone in the know, if it's astral, they'll tell you that the whole world is based on this [00:37:00] principle.

That this cosmological unfolding of God is, this pattern that is, you know, we see as the zodiac. Um, But most Christians have completely lost all of that knowing. Um, and I, this is why deconstructing every word, going back to truth, looking for what, why, why we think the things we, when did these things come about?

The way we think that, you know, so history is replete with. You know, uh people doing things for reasons to gain control and power and that's part of the piscean age is that that had to happen and now the part of the awakening is the reversal of that. So you can't hold anyone, you know, at fault. It's just like we went to sleep, we wake up and this is how it looks.

So let's wake up, you know.

What the Bible Says About Astrology

Russel: Okay,

Amanda: do you have any passages from the bible that you can share with us that kind of help? Like that first passage you gave us in the beginning where it talked about the light. Is there anything else that makes it like it's clear as day that astrology is [00:38:00] is embedded into the words, into the passages, into the ideas that are present

Russel: in the Bible.

Amanda: Because I want to ask this question. What does the Bible actually say about astrology? Why does, why does Christianity think that it's evil or that it's like, you know, you

Russel: shouldn't go there. Yeah. So on that question, um, I, I, I have the luxury of having answered that for you, um, a few months ago.

So you, I went into deep detail over every verse that you sent me, you sent me a list of verse. I don't remember, remember that. And I, I don't know if you ever got a chance to read it. It was a little over the top. But I broke down every verse that addresses the negative association with astrology, um, because I had never done so before.

And I broke down every word of every verse in Hebrew and Aramaic to see what we were looking at. And what we're looking at is, what I said earlier is really a complete reversal of how we should be thinking of astrology, that astrology is the the voice [00:39:00] of God is light. And, uh, Jesus even says, I am the truth, the way, and the light.

So when you can begin to think that, uh, that what we're decoding is the messages of light, you understand that the, the, the light comes from the stars, from the heavens and the planets. Um, and that's what we always say as astrologers, as so, so, you know, the light within and the other reflections of that, which are without the light without.

So, Just having that basic knowledge, you can, you can begin to see how, all, all of this, um, all this relates. Um, and the, the biggest part that, um, let me just, let me just read this for you right off the bat. So the short answer to your question is that nowhere in biblical source material does it say that the knowledge of astrology is forbidden, nor that astrology is false or, nor evil, nor you should not understand or try to study it.

Not in Latin, it doesn't say it in Greek, it doesn't say in Aramaic. It doesn't say it in Hebrew, it does not say it in the Torah, the Talmud, the Koran, nor Koran, nor in the [00:40:00] apocryphal metic text. Nor does it make reference to being evil or false in any accident. Egyptian text or Babylonian text or Chaldean text.

Nowhere in any culture does it say astrology is evil. It's only in our own time has it been interpreted this Um, so this all boils down to, basically King James having a problem with astrology. And, uh, so anything right after that astrology is thrown into the category of divination. Now, the reason we, we should not look at, divinatory practices, and I hate to say anyone who's practicing tarot too much, or they go too much, too deep into horoscopic astrology to answer every question.

question. You're, you're doing exactly the opposite of what you should be doing with astrology. You should be expanding your mind so you can see the collective association to astrology and to, to the everything around us that connects, um, connects our environment and our world. And so we get lost in that.

So, so the, one of the words for astrology is Akum.[00:41:00] For astrologers, the, the Akum is a term that has, um, uh, several meanings, but the primary distinction of the word Akum is that you are a worshiper of the stars, the heavens and the Zodiac, but you're not supposed to worship the stars and heavens of the Zodiac.

It's, it's sort of like the relationship between a parishioner and a priest. A parishioner worships. something. A priest communicates and interprets something. And astrologers are more like priests. We are the sages. That's why we're at the top of that chain. And so the things in the Bible that are told for certain, Levites, for example, are told to do certain things that the Gentiles are not, or different tribes of the Bible are told not to do.

So the priests can, can access these things where It says very specifically, the parishioners should not, the parishioners should not, you don't have the awareness to activate, to, to go into this knowledge, to, to see what's happening. You, you, you, you need to let someone else take, take that. And this is, [00:42:00] this happens at the age of Aries because we're going into the age of darkness.

That's why these instructions are given to priests, because not everyone will have access to this knowledge. Um, that's part of the loss of consciousness in, in some. So that, so that, so that it will be not entirely lost. It is encoded. It isn't. It is embedded and given to traditions that will keep that. It doesn't matter if it's the Hebrew tradition, the Christian tradition, there is an ember of consciousness and all of these teachings, all the sacred teachings.

So, um, yeah. Always recall that, uh, that these embers of consciousness are reflections of the higher mind of, of, of actual astrological dialogue with the planets, then you cannot discount that, that, that, um, that it, that is the, uh, it is what God wants you to know. If, if, if the Bible is astrology, he's putting it in front of you so you will not lose this knowledge.

Make it sacred. It's only our misinterpretation. Conjuring of different meanings of words, which has created this problem. We have to,[00:43:00] reverse that procedure again. We have to like, see what, what was really meant by the ancients when they wrote these things, you

Amanda: know, and I've shared this many times.

So after all that searching the, the 13 years of Catholic school, the taking world religions in college, that, you know, even trying different religions on and like, you know, really going down the path and asking a lot of questions and I kind of, I didn't go atheist like you, like there, there was always that, like, no, there's something there.

Yeah. I don't know what it is. I never went atheist, but agnostic for sure. Uh, it wasn't until my first astrology reading that I literally was like, I've been looking for evidence of God this whole time, and this is my first tangible evidence of God. I, to, to have, to have a perfect stranger giving voice to what is, was alive in me, but I couldn't articulate, to know details [00:44:00] about intimate.

details of my soul and like that stirring that voice that calling again that I couldn't articulate but when she spoke it it was like oh my god yes that's me I mean I couldn't stop from crying and it was my I walked away going There's, there's God, there's divine intelligence, there's something so beautiful and, and amazing that, that just happened.

And, and, and that has been the kernel, the spark for me of like, this is why I want to share this with people. This is why I'm so excited. And the more I learn, the more it's like, Oh, whoa, I didn't even know, I had no idea like how deep and incredible this is, but I often say Russell that what we're doing when we're studying astrology.

Is we're studying the language of light, literally, it's light. When you think about where does light come from? It comes from the sun. It comes from the stars. Because it's, that's where it comes from. And we're, [00:45:00] we're immersing ourselves in the translation of that language of light codes. And it can sound so like out there.

Like, you know, if you just, if you just heard me say that as like a little soundbite, it's like, Oh my God, this girl's like, you know, she's not on the ground, but it is. It is on the ground and especially now. And then I hear what you're saying.

The Age of Aquarius

Amanda: Okay. I want to go back to the question age of Aquarius. So we've had these markers of ages shifting and maybe we don't know yet because we don't have enough of an advantage point for the age of Aquarius.

But what do you think is the, the herald? The birth of Price was the beginning of Pisces. What's the beginning of the Age of Aquarius? Do we know yet?

Russel: Well, uh, I, I pin that date to the same date a lot of people do, the December 12th, 2012 as the Apex Day. This is based on the of course. I believe that there's a lot of evidence that they had, a deeper understanding of the cycles and, just like, when you look [00:46:00] at the Egyptian, and the, um, that, that which has been preserved by the Hebrew understanding of the, of the lunar calendar as well, that, uh, there's larger cycles of these millennial changes and that, um, we, we have entered one, um.

You know, I, I was skeptical at first. I always second guessed myself, you know, and so I had to start checking in with a larger sphere, and when I hear other people of religions openly begin to say that we have entered the messianic age, that Christ is coming, uh, people I would never, and this is, this is not just, um, like I'm taking on, I'm just kind of taking a sampling, I'm just taking a sampling.

I believe this happening on specific dates based on astrological knowledge and what I'm seeing reflected out there is that the religious, the spiritual also say something different is happening. There's an awakening and a destruction and a creation. All these forces are coming to bear on us now, and they're calling it this, this pro, this part of this [00:47:00] Messianic P process.

So if you don't, if you may understand, messianic is the Messiah. Jesus is often referred to as the Messiah. This is why he was crucified, is because he had, you know, he didn't, he claimed to be. the messiah or a messiah and that that that was blasphemy to the jewish people and of course they crucified him for that so that claim that he was he held the christ consciousness and of that which he knew of that which was to come he was connected to god and spoke on behalf of god Um, is what led him to the cross.

Now, you can say that every one of us has that. If you're awakening to Christ Consciousness, you're probably going to get crucified. That's what you were saying a minute ago. So, every one of us has a little Jesus and Christ's going to happen after this. Because it's not, it's not, it's difficult times right now to say, Hey, something's happening to me and it's different.

It's waking up in me. Well, that's Christ Consciousness. No, that's blasphemy. You can't say that. Well, I think it's God talking through me. Oh, that's even worse. You can't say that. [00:48:00] So, uh, you know, this is what's happening to a lot of people. You're sort of getting caught in the ego. And it's like, no, it's not ego.

This is the way things really used to be and really are. And we can talk about that in a, in a, just a passive sense. Oh, I'm part of God consciousness. That what do you think?

Finding God in Language

Russel: Hello actually means hello. It comes from the Elohim. Aloha. All these, all these words, hello, comes from God. You're saying, hello, God.

Hi, God. You're Elohim. Alo. This, this is, this is, these words all relate to recognizing God. Just like namaste means I see God within you. So when we greet someone, you're not, we just forgot that. We're always saying hello to God within us, and we're always saying it back. So, you know, when we can get to this level and have these communi levels of communications, that's when we're really going to make things change.

That's when the parallel reality, uh, will start to reveal itself. And that is what, what the messianic age is about, or the building of the third temple, with the third temple is what the messianic, uh, [00:49:00] jewish principle of the coming age is about the return of Temple life god and living hashem living in Full presence on the earth again, and we this is the parusha principle This is the awakening of the one mind return.

All of these cultures are saying the same So, um, Yeah, that's what excites me about is that that everyone knows it's coming. We just we just We lost and we got to stop denying ourselves when we see it happening.

Amanda: Well, and it's, it's, it's one of the reasons it's probably the reason we're all here at this particular point in time, especially those of you listening, going like, this is, this is exciting to me.

This is. You know, I'm, I'm activated or awakened just by listening to what Russell sharing, which I know for me, I'm just, I like, you can see my face. I'm going crazy because, because you're just bringing in Aloha and the Elohim and the namaste and, and, and the, and I've always said. Because I learned this from a kahuna that I worked with in the very [00:50:00] beginning of moving to the Big Island of Hawaii.

She said that the Hawaiian language was architected very consciously to make aloha be the number one word that is used in the language because of the frequency, because it is We are one. I am one. We are connected by breath. It's, it's so multifaceted, it's faceted what that word means, just like namaste and all those ones.

But I didn't know hello had the same thing. I, I, I, I, I did

Russel: not know that. Hello. Hello. It's spelled A L O in French. Hello. And it comes from Elohim. You're saying, hello, God. What does Elohim mean? Elohim? Elohim means the Elohim or the plural of God. It's the higher, it's like the first fractal of God becomes the Elohim.

Um, and this, and you may not like Elon Musk, but his name actually means, Elon is another word in Hebrew for God. So, um, but anyway, it's all around [00:51:00] us. We say it to each other when we say hi. It's

Amanda: beautiful. It will change the entire way I say hello. It's, it's so good, Russell.

Breakdown of the Word Astrology

Amanda: can you break down the word astrology? Like, what is astrology? I know it's astrologos, but like, what does that mean?

Russel: Do you know? Well, well if you, let me look at it from a Vedic point of view.

So the word astrology, Yeah, it's a compound, of course, in the Latin for meaning, uh, to know the stars, essentially, the study of the stars. It also means the stars and the words of the stars. Logos also means word in Greek, not just knowledge or thinking or mind, it also means word. So the logos, are the words of the stars.

The Astra or the Astro is actually, uh, connected to the Veda concept where we get our, we get the name of our, um, website, our school Astrum and Astra is a weapon of knowledge from the heavens. This is, this is understood [00:52:00] like Indra's bolt is an electrified weapon of knowledge to strike down ignorance from, from humanity.

And I attach the M to that, you make that an Astrum, that's where the name of our work, uh, name of our school is. But, um, the Astrum, Astro, um, Is connected through, um, meaning stars. You see this as part of the word disaster. I think you're aware of that disaster, meaning against the stars. And you see it in the religious concept of Zoroaster.

He is a priest of the stars. Um, you, what, I'll throw this at you. You probably don't know. I got this channel just recently. Um, in, in the Bible, Jesus, um, has his 12 apostles. And the word apostle in Greek is apostelo, and a stelo also means stars. It means connecting groups of stars, right? But, if you take it back to the Proto Indo European, astro and stelo are related.

It's a corruption of the [00:53:00] R and the L. So the stelos and astros, the constellations, the stelliums, are connected directly to the word astro, the stars. So when you see this, like, wait a minute, how is that possible? Now, if you take that forward and they understood in the Greek that a pastello meant, uh, we were, we corrupt that into English apostle, the knowledge was from the stars, the 12 apostles are representatives are representative archetypes of stellar knowledge is my point with that.

So, yes, um. Astro has a lot of meanings, um, not just star, it represents higher divine light knowledge.

Amanda: Thank you. Oh, just thank you

Opportunities for Further Learning

Amanda: So for people that are like, God, I want to know more like this because I know I know you and I know this is like The very tiny snippet piece top of the iceberg.

You are just like this wellspring of knowledge and amazingness. Um, how can they go [00:54:00] further? Like what would they, what would be

Russel: their next step? Well, uh, when it comes to what we're going to do next with this, we're, we're going to do this, uh, the secret codes. We're going to break this down into a three part series.


Insert Link Here

Russel: First, I'm going to give you a little taste. I'll do an hour for you for free, and we're going to talk a little bit about what we just talked about and break down the Christmas story a little bit deeper for Christmas webinar. Yeah, I'll just do a little presentation and we're already kind of started working on it.

So we're going and that's going to be a freebie. And then we're going to do a three part series, which we can. Hopefully, build up to for January the 20th. I believe I said something about that so we can have the first one We're to release one a month. Um, and uh, can we can we get it done? And then we'll see where we go from there because there's so much to be told about this.

The bible is very Dense with astrological knowledge i've written i've written so much already on this Um, and a lot of this is channeled knowledge. So some of the stuff I share with you today I don't think anyone probably knows so, um, and And once you realize is it's like this is [00:55:00] happening with other people.

The, the, the, the awakening is part of be, uh, being, a seeker and looking for consciousness and decoding it. That's part of this process. And, and that each of us have this ability. So, um, yeah, and, and, and the secret codes of the Bible, we already have the basic premise. We can, if we can understand what's being written in our own.

Lineage our own heritage is like most of us have read the bible brought up and not not everybody But we already have a jewish tradition or an islamic tradition We've had some exposure to religion and we can say hey that makes sense to me now in a different way um That's what the secret codes will be about Okay, so if

Amanda: they want to join the free webinar, you guys will put the link to that in the description of this episode So if you want to join the free webinar, that'd be an awesome next step And then if you want to go deeper and deeper then wrestle is creating a pathway for you to do that it's just fascinating.

And what I love about this wrestle is I feel like for those of us who were raised in a religious context [00:56:00] or not, either way, there's something, and I've always said this about astrology. I have felt that astrology is the great unifier when done correct. You know, not, not all astrology that we see out there, but it has the potential to truly unify us.

In principles that are eternal, that are infinite, that are accessible to all of us, and that astrology is literally living through us, as us.

And you're going to be doing an event in April for the eclipse.

Russel: Yeah. Yes. Uh, so anyone who is interested in the eclipse, no matter where you are, we're having the total eclipse of the heart at just, uh, west of Austin outside of dripping Springs. We are in the 100 percent path of totality. , we'll be doing the symposium.

This will be. April 5th through the 8th and the eclipse ceremony will be at 1 34 p. m on the 8th Texas time. So hopefully you can join us at some point, uh, along the way. If you can make it for the whole thing, that'd be great. If you can make it just the day, that's fine anyway. So [00:57:00] I'm going to be there.

You are going to be there. Yes. And so as a Gemini, Brett is going to be there too. So, and we have a few other locals and other astrologers around that may be there and it's going to be a, it's going to be a hoot. So come join us.

Amanda: Thank you. Oh, just thank you. I, Russell, I'm so grateful that you have followed this spark of, of interest and curiosity in you I'm just so grateful that you are here, that you're willing to share it, that you're excited to share it. Um, and that you've shared it here with us on Christmas day, 2023.

And whenever you're tuning into this episode, it doesn't matter. This is, the seed of this is being. Shared with the world, um, on December 25th, 2023. So, Russell, thank you.

Closing Thoughts from Russell

Amanda: Is there anything else you want to leave us with? Is there anything you

Russel: didn't get to say? I will part with two things, and if you'll let me read them, if that's okay.

So, um, on the note of Jesus, I'd like to read this. And this is by Alvin Boyd [00:58:00] Kuhn. And he wrote this in, uh, The Root of All The historical Jesus, as a civilizing influence, has now been tried for nearly two centuries with a weird irony. Not only has it not, in large measure, elevated humanity in the West above an earlier barbarism, but it has, in fact, been used as a cloak for the worst atrocities in the humanities that history records.

The foulest cruelties were perpetrated in the very name of the gentle Nazarene. It will be whose humanity in the West now to try the concept of the indwelling Christ. That is the hope for our future glory. So that is saying we have to awaken. He's saying right there we have to open to our indwelling Christ because the gentle Nazarene is not about what you see on the screen.

The last thing I will say is from William Wadsworth. Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting. The soul that rises with us, our life star, hath had elsewhere its setting, and cometh from afar, [00:59:00] not in entire forgetfulness, and not in utter nakedness, but trailing clouds of glory do we come from God, who is our home.

So that's the whole point, is we've come here. We've been born, we're awake, and we go back home to God.

Know, next time. Well, in the in the codes will bring in some science because I and we touched on it a little bit here and there, but it's like, yeah, that's where my true passion is.

And you can verify all this, spiritual stuff with science stuff, which did. You know, that's what they made their religion about verifying the 2 distinct worlds basically. So there was no distinction in there. And how they saw it the math was religious, you know, and you know, their art was spiritual So, you know that when you have a whole culture based on that We we've made we've chopped them up and made these things distinct and now we're coming back to that awareness And we get to talk we get to talk about it all at once all the face all the disciplines and how they're interrelated and it's really it's just it's [01:00:00] just talking about a natural state of consciousness um And I think people are ready for this dialogue and they're ready to get out of this trap and what we're seeing happening on the hologram is making people get ready to get out of this trap

Amanda: thank you so much. And thanks to all of you who've tuned in, who've hung in there with us the entire time. It, it built for

me, you


Amanda: it like it started and just like kept building and building and building.

So I hope you've had a similar experience. Would love to hear from

in the

Amanda: comments. So please go ahead and leave your comments. Thank you so much for being a part of our community. Thank you

following your

Amanda: curiosity

to start to

Amanda: decode this language, both how it lives within you as an individual and how it's expressed out in the world


Amanda: all of us as a collective.

This is really, really amazing work, I guess, but it's way more fun than what most people think of with work. It's just an incredible exploration. And I'm so grateful to be on the journey with you. So thank you for being with us [01:01:00] and Russell. I can't wait to tune into your free webinar and your, your upcoming course and, and follow this pathway with you because it's very exciting.

Okay, everybody take care and we will look forward to connecting with you on the next episode.

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