Perhaps the most telling feature of 2024 will be the prolonged stations of Neptune and Pluto at the 29th degree of their respective signs Pisces and Capricorn.

Neptune will be at 29 degrees Pisces from May 4th to September 3rd while Pluto will be at 29 degrees Capricorn from September 3rd to November 20th. The 29th degree is called the “anaretic degree” in Astrology, and it often signals things coming to a close because the 29th degree is the last degree of any zodiac sign.

For some astrological signs, this will signal a definitive parting of the ways, while others may experience this energy as the end of an obligation, the fulfillment of a long-delayed promise, or a quiet release from a situation that was holding them back.

How we end something has a strong impact on the beginning of anything new, so be mindful of the way you wind up your affairs. How you conclude matters in 2024 determines whether you will start 2025 on the right foot or take a stumble that you could have a hard time recovering from.

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