Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and higher purpose, comes out of retrograde on December 30th, and this, as you might imagine, is a good thing.

Many people think of Jupiter as the Santa Claus planet in Astrology, and they're right; Jupiter brings boons and blessings like Santa delivers toys to girls and boys. And like Santa, Jupiter also keeps track of who's been naughty and who's been nice because Jupiter symbolizes – at its very core – the moral compass in your horoscope.

So, if you wake up on December 30th to a lucky break or a fortuitous turn of events, then you know that you've passed muster with the Divine Judge; however, if you wake up to find that there's coal in your stocking – in the form of a rebuke or a penalty – then you should take that as a sign that you can do better.

The wonderful thing about Jupiter is that it will always make a point to reach out to those who have fallen short or gone astray. Commit to doing good in the world, and Jupiter will do good by you.

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