Astrology Hub’s Podcast Horoscope for the Week of April 8th – April 14th

Donna Woodwell’s Major Theme/ Suggestion for the Week: Integrity (in honor of this week)

 There are several opportunities this week to stop and consider if you feel like the actions that you’re taking in your life right now are aligned with your values. ~ Donna Woodwell

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Week of April 8th – April 14th

Saturn’s gift is grounding-presence, & Jupiter’s is the uplift-connection to the divine. Together, they’re continually breathing in spirit & breathing down the physical manifestation… this is the lesson they teach when they’re working in harmony.  – Donna Woodwell

A quiet (long Void of Course Moon) start to the week that ends with a fire trine? Sounds lovely! But, what’s the catch? Jupiter turning retrograde is the highlight of the week. However, the First Quarter Moon could bring friction…

Tune in to hear Donna & Amanda’s advice on how to find “gifts” in recovery, and what you can do to move in rhythm with the upcoming week.

Advice from Amanda & Donna

“I love what you’re highlighting there about what integrity actually means. With my 13 years of Catholic school, and all my Saturn and my propensity towards guilt – the word integrity for me always meant that someone else was going to tell me if I was ‘in’ like it was some external measurement. What you’re highlighting here is that integrity is actually, “are YOUR actions in life aligned with YOUR values?” The more we study our charts, the more we understand who we are we understand that our value system is unique to us. You know if you’re in integrity with what you value .”

– Amanda Pua Walsh

“Astrology enables you to create, or honor that sort of “witness perspective.” If you meditate a lot, you begin to realize there’s kind of a space between the thoughts that you’re having in your head and who is experiencing the thoughts that you’re thinking and that’s what gives a sense of serenity, and mindfulness. Astrology has the capacity to do that same thing for us by giving labels and titles to these shifting energies that we experience on the astral plane we can detach ourselves a little bit from them. .”

– Donna Woodwell


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*IC Cosmic Update 4.9* Venus conjunct Neptune at 17 Pisces @8:12 pm EST

Lush, romantic sentiments send aromas of escapist fantasy. Over Idealism and projections can bring disappointment in a relationship, better channeled through a ritual of mystical union with your beloved—read each other poetry, dreamshare, partner dance, bathe together, offer tantric massage, create channeled art, and indulge in a visionary film. -VerDarLuz.

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