Ep 020 – Dramatic Stories of Transformation through Astrology – Conversations with Astrology Hub Community Members

Tune In Today to hear intimate interviews with those who have survived the “Dark Night of the Soul.” Find out how astrology helped them find their way to purpose & meaning…

“I’ve learned to understand that my soul or my soul’s purpose and maybe my life’s purpose as I’m listening even now to kind of where we are in astrology hub, “oh, is this myself purpose or life purpose or both?” You know, I’m asking that question today. You know, I mean, it’s really about that I do know and that I have the stars. The placement of some of my more major planets are in positions that feel really right to what’s happened in my life and times and that I can with faith and confidence say this is who I am and all this other stuff I’ve done & been was all well and good, but this is not my contribution. This is not why I’m here. And maybe it’s been where I needed to be to get to here…


Your Soul purpose March 1512

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“Is this really all there is for me?” 💭

“How am I supposed to make a difference in the world?”

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Most memorable quote(s) from the show:

“I remember my first session with her was so such a relief because she, but she said, this is what I heard was Natalie, people with a chart like yours lean towards mental illness or mental instability. And that’s what I heard. And it was actually such a relief because I was like, “Oh my God, okay. It’s not me. It IS the chart I have. But it’s not my fault. Like this is part of who I am & that’s a relief. It was like nothing I was doing was wrong. Like, okay, you have blue eyes. Okay, you have a lot of water in your chart and it’s really hard for you to find funding and you need support… 


“I would absolutely encourage anyone to join… to embark on that journey. It’s totally amazing and especially collectively. I was really fascinated by how much material, how much resources are available with astrology hub. And I love the collective consciousness, the energy, the rituals. It’s really taking away a lot of work because just through those people who are already so much in it, so much joyfully present to the magical, astrology giving you the over. It’s almost like just sitting in a movie theater and just being downloaded all these amazing energies and the information and, and there is also like a lot of opportunities to study it for the left minds. So that’s an amazing source with so many amazing tools and people. I would encourage everybody.”



HOST: Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh

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