Ep 021 – Can You Transcend Your Astrology Chart? An Interview with Astrologer, AstroLada

“When you meet the right partner both of your energy vibrations raise because you love each other. This high vibration causes both of you to start succeeding in life. Even without knowing astrology, this is a sign you can look for in your partners.” – AstroLada


One of the most popular questions astrologers are asked by their clients are about relationships—AstroLada, today’s guest, speaks brilliantly about the most important one, the one with yourself.

If you’re a fan of Astrolada, then you already know how her motivating, soulful insight fills the room. If she’s new to you-you’re in for a treat! Tune in and fall in love with the path of relationships & how beautifully the cosmos work through them to teach us.

Most memorable quote(s) from the show:

“You’ve made your map when you were only a soul. You want to experience something. Why would you want to escape from that? And also, when you experienced what you’re meant to experience at the highest level, that’s when you feel joy. If your true talent is to be a garden, but you want to be a billionaire, and you become a billionaire, you’re going to be so miserable that you’re going to leave everything and become a gardener because that was the path of highest happiness and fulfillment… 


“I think one of the interesting gifts of astrology is it gives us the option, or the choice to start moving in that direction. It’s like, “Okay, how much more of this do I have to take? How much more of this do I want to bring upon myself? How much energy am I wasting right now? What if I had that energy and I could use it and channel it in a whole new way?” I really do think that astrology is an amazing tool that shines a spotlight and says, “there–that’s your pattern. You have a choice here. You’re not stuck.” I love how you say that life has been training, not testing us, but training us.

Amanda Pua Walsh


GUEST: AstroLada
HOST: Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh

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  1. Tina Riley on April 12, 2019 at 8:10 am

    Loving the podcasts Amanda – just having a catch up with a few and listening to the lady who was an opera singer (can’t remember her name!) and Astrolada – feel like I’m coming back home. I’m so busy that I sometimes don’t have time to listen to stuff but I’m so enriched emotionally and in every way when I do take the time to make the time for me and find my ‘home’ with astrology again and you of course. I love what you have done here Amanda – Astrology Hub is amazing! The lady who was the opera singer made me think when she told the story about the astrologer who’d told her she shouldn’t/couldn’t be an astrologer. I too think I couldn’t do it professionally though others think I’m so good at it when I discuss their charts with them. I’ve been with astrology since I was 16 – I’m now 63 – but I’ve never had the courage (or the time it seems) to ‘really’ be an astrologer. Here’s my story of how I found astrology or it found me! I was 16 and in a nightclub (yes underage!) with my sister who was even younger when this guy came up to dance with me. He was chatting away when he said, ‘my friend over there studies astrology and he can tell by looking at people what sign they are’. Astrology was not something I’d ever looked at though I had always been interested in anything ‘other’. Anyway, fired by curiosity I asked him to go and ask his friend what sign he thought I was and he came back and told me that he thought I was Cancerian which I am. Well, I was immediately hooked! How did he do that? That started my life long journey with astrology but it’s been Astrology Hub which has really engaged me – with you and all of the lovely and brilliant teachers here in this amazing community of like souls. You’ve created something wonderful here. I love your authenticity and willingness to be open about your own life journey and how astrology has helped you too. You are an inspiration – thank you so much.

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