Ep 004 – How to Make Your Winter Solstice Magical and Meaningful – An Interview with Witch Magazine Founder, Carolyn Elliott

There truly is magic in the air!

When I think about magic, one of the definitions that I use for it is active participation in synchronicity.” – Carolyn Elliott

Carolyn Elliott, the founder of WITCH magazine, is one of those souls that hum with allure, mystery, and a beautiful way of looking at the darkest of shadows.

In today’s episode Amanda, Donna, and Carolyn speak about how important it is to engage with imagination this time of year.

“…each of us is a character in an unfolding unique drama. Hopefully a comedy, not a tragedy… if we think of ourselves in purely mundane terms, just paying the bills…. there’s a danger that our lives can lose meaning—meaning comes from a connection with our ancestors and from the rich, imaginative mythological traditions of the past.” – Carolyn Elliott

Whether you’re into binge-watching your favorite fantasy, as Carolyn favors, or going offline and letting your imagination run wild, as Donna tends to do, you’re actively participating in magic. And this, as Amanda notes, is delightful! Releasing yourself to your imagination is a practice that settles around the often overlooked principle that we must nurture ourselves, and in doing so, we connect with a richness deep inside of us. “When you're connected to that wonder, that delight, that magic, you're connected on a heart level and a soul level with the people around you…” – Donna Woodwell

But how should we honor the Winter Solstice? Donna’s advice should have us all using our imagination as we plan for a new chapter. “This is the time you plant the seeds you're going to carry into next year. And next year is gonna start off like a rocket.”

Once you’ve tapped into your imagination, set and fantasized your resolutions what should you do? Ever heard of celebrating in an Elizabethan style? Tune In for this awesome idea and so much more!

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