An Interview with Astrologer-Psychotherapist & Inner Circle Guide, Gisele Terry

“People in the world right now are so anxious and in need of help and spiritual guidance.” – Gisele Terry

Gisele Terry is a beacon of inspiration to those yearning to help heal or be healed. As an astrologer and psychotherapist her insight steps into the shadows that can be overlooked, but are at the core of what begs for intervention and natural remedy. One of Gisele’s tools is Vibrational Astrology, more specifically, the harmonics within all of us.

Tune In to hear how Astrology is breaking new ground with one of its most ancient understandings.

Most memorable quote(s) from the show:

“Having astrology as a way of looking at people gives me an extra empathic approach to people that they would not ordinarily receive if they were not working with an astrologer.” Gisele Terry

“One of the things I love about astrology is it enables us to get away from the one size fits all approaches to spirituality, healing, or therapy…” Amanda Walsh

“People in the world right now are so anxious and in need of help and spiritual guidance.”  Gisele Terry

“It's exciting to talk about astrology's healing potential. From my experience working with astrology students, that's one of the biggest questions that come up.” Donna Woodwell

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Links and tools mentioned in the Show:

Timestamps for segments:

  • Guest introduction
  • 10:30: Vibrational Astrology
  • 15:00: Healing with Astrology
  • 28:00: Choosing an Astrologer

GUESTS: Gisele Terry
HOSTS: Amanda ‘Pua Walsh and Donna Woodwell

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